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RICHLAND COUNTY: No forward movement in Ramey’s case Thursday

Posted by on Friday, March 17th, 2017 @ 11:54 am.


RICHLAND CO., Ill. - As in the past couple of court settings for accused murderer /rapist Glenn Ramey, nothing happened yesterday in his hearing except to set the matter over for an April date.

Ramey, 53, most recently of Olney but originally from Johnson County, is the man accused of the murder and sexual assault of Sabrina Stauffenberg, 8, of Olney, back in November 2016.

He has been progressing through the court system very slowly since that time, the majority of the low speed attributed to a mid-December claim by the defense that the man wasn't quite with it and needed a psychological exam to determine whether Ramey was capable of standing trial and assisting in his own defense. This was predicted by members of his family as well as pretty much everyone who knows him, as he's gotten out of serious charges in the past by doing this very thing - claiming he's "mentally deficient" and didn't know what he was doing at the time the crime was committed. Psych evals do take a long time, and the last one he had sent him off to Choate in Anna for a couple of years. Unfortunately, they didn't keep him long enough, and due to the commitment, the crime he was under investigation for at the time - a theft in Crawford County - was dismissed, so he didn't go to DOC, either. Had he gone, he might not have been around in November 2016 when it's alleged he killed Sabrina.

There's still a little issue of the fact that he was "sane" enough to know what he was doing about five hours before Sabrina's death, since he was in court representing himself in a Small Claims case against former Olney mayor Tommie Fehrenbacher. Ramey claims he cut down ten trees for Fehrenbacher and didn't get paid for the job. So he had enough wherewithall to accomplish that appearance, argue his case against Fehrenbacher's attorney, current Olney mayor Ray Vaughn, and ask for money. What happened between that point in time at about 11 in the morning and what is alleged to have happened at around 5 p.m. later that day when Sabrina was abducted and then killed near the vinegar plant in Olney is probably something the defense is in the process of creating an excuse for, as, if he's not good at anything else, Ramey's REALLY good at creating excuses and blaming everyone around him for his own actions or lack thereof.

The case has been set for another status on April 6.


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