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Scene of the shooting this past Saturday in Harrisburg

Zak Yarber

Posted by on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 @ 8:59 pm.

Hey errbody....we're at Volume 14, Issue 12, and you know what that means....well, okay, maybe you don't. What that means is that this is the last issue of our 14th year...and the next issue will be the first of our 15th year. Didn't think we'd last this long, didja? We did, though, and that's what counts for the thousands of those who still read us per issue...and that's what this post is for, to tell you what's in this one. This is THIS MONTH'S PRINT HEADLINES for March 2017!

Print Headline posts are a way for you to see what's in this issue, providing a hotlink directly to the article if you have an online membership to the e-Edition. They are presented in order of appearance in the paper: Front Page, Back Page (second front page), Pages 2 and 3, Features if any (usually presented on pages 12 and 13), Egypt, Heartland, Central, and Op-Ed ( a little out of place, but only so as not to distract from the news). They are presented here by dateline first (where the material in each article originated/took place), Headline with link to e-Edition, and a brief synopsis in our own snarky Disclosure style. And so now, without further ado, we present to you, THIS ISSUE'S PRINT HEADLINES.


CLAY/EDWARDS/RICHLAND COs. - Multi-county thefts charged: The story (as best we could get it without answers to our FOIAs, at any rate) of what's happened with the area's premier alleged thief, Nathan Harmon...and how it plays into the mess that one Olney man found himself in when he allegedly shot Harmon for DOING THE EXACT THING HIS CARCASS IS SITTING IN JAIL FOR. Bonus at the end: Harmon's brother has been indicted by the feds for activity in Clay and Marion counties.

Scene of the shooting this past Saturday in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG - Northside shooting dubbed gang-related: Too many witnesses involved in this one...and they're all talking. If only the authorities would listen. We need to get rid of the gangsta-wannabe element in Harrisburg, because they're sure not getting rid of EACH OTHER.

Brandon Garecht

LAWRENCE CO. - Sex assault filed: This is probably one of the strangest stories we've ever produced. The guy on the front page, in the IDOC shots...? He's not the alleged perp. He's the alleged VICTIM. And while this whole thing might be easily explained (we give alternative possibilities at the end of the article), it's nevertheless very, very strange...no matter WHICH way it goes.

HARDIN CO. - Juvenile being held in shooting death: There's more to the story of the 12-year-old child toted off in handcuffs a couple of weeks ago after the shooting death of his dad's girlfriend. We've got it.


Zac Leaf

RICHLAND/CLAY COs. - Accused child molester tries new ID: As if things couldn't get any weirder with shyster and accused sex perv Zac Leaf, now he's apparently going by another name on Fecesbook (where a lot of his alleged perv activity has gone on) and the authorities have figured that out and added that name to his Richland County charges. And for those who are apparently confused by some of the wording of the article, cmon....we found out this stuff at the very last minute and the information was so fresh and coming in so quickly, we put it together FAST...if it reads clumsily, that's why. But read carefully. This could get really big, really fast.

Robert “Radar” Patton

GALLATIN CO. - Former Shawneetown police chief dies: Our tribute to Radar Patton, who was instrumental in helping us get about uncovering Raymond Martin's bad doings, all the way back to 2006. A lot of people didn't know that. And that's actually to our credit...if you look at the "about" page, you'll see how we reference our sources, stating that "if you knew who they were, you'd crap." Radar was one of them. Get to crapping...because you could be sitting next to an official source for us and may never know until they're gone ^_^

CLAY CO. - Clay County death reported as suicide: Aside from two people in Clay County naming their criminal sons "Jesse Carpenter" which resulted in a mugshot mix up, we're the only ones who are telling about Carpenter's suicide. We'll correct the pic as soon as we can...can't do anything about what's in the hard copy though.


Jason L. Frederick and Kayla Kimberlin

RICHLAND CO. - Dysfunction abounds: Crims battle over kid in OP: We've figured out why there are entire generations of criminals traipsing through the court system in southern Illinois. This would be it.


Kevin Ray Frutiger

Briefs from around the Disclosure area: A very popular way to give updates on cases in short presentations, and from all over the place. Don't miss this one.



SALINE CO. - Bra stash leads to drug charges and jail for ID theft suspect: Clothing is so tight these days, where ELSE ya gonna put yer stash?

GALLATIN CO. - Contention continues in 'child kidnapping' in Gallatin County: Crazy crap like this going on is why we need new laws in Illinois...if the current agencies that "advocate for the child" aren't going to carry out their stated mission. And in this case, they haven't yet.

HARDIN CO. - Coal barge business files suit in Hardin Co.: Big civil case in Hardin having to do with one of the county's major industries: Moving coal.


SALINE CO. - Harrisburg child molester busted for not registering: Apparently these young offenders don't get it that they are beholden to the state government for like the REST OF THEIR LIFE....

SALINE CO. - Boyfriend drops dime over stolen credit card and sends girlfriend to jail: What a loving guy!!

GALLATIN CO. - Civil no-contact order issued after bad date and paranoia: Have I mentioned that we have a lot of weird articles in this issue?

HARDIN CO. - Elizabethtown woman gets probation for beating boyfriend's daughter: Nobody should have to put up with their significant other physically abusing their kid. This dad, to his credit, did not.

SALINE CO. - Three kiddy prison inmates charged with violence against corrections employees: It really is a dangerous job out at IYC. Not for Bill Peyton, maybe (unless you consider the sexual harassment lawsuits) but yeah...for just about everybody else.

GALLATIN CO. - Handful of misdemeanors in Gallatin, some silly: Sometimes, misdemeanors are just amusing. This would be one of those times.

Michael Bonneville

SALINE CO. - Son charged with stealing from his mom, gambling her money away: This one just left us aghast here. The public school system has done a fine job creating little drones who can't think for themselves and will be in their 30s sponging off their parents until their parents aren't around anymore....what THEIR kids are going to do, however, is a nightmare I'm kinda glad I'm not gonna be around for. Maybe.

GALLATIN CO. - Two Norris City, one Junction driver charged with DUI: Gallatin usually has quite a few DUIs; this time is no exception.

HARDIN CO. - Hardin general crim report filled with theft, weapons and DUI: The headline says it all.

GALLATIN CO. - Equality pair charged in 2016 beating case: Doug, cleaning up the reports one at a time. Now if he'd just dismiss Lisa Rodgers' charge.

SALINE CO. - Pills and needles land trio behind bars following Lovers Lane traffic stop - One a confessed morphine IV user: Opiates are alive and well and being abused in Harrisburg.

SALINE CO. - Four charged with not taking rented stuff back to Rent One: People are having to get serious on what's known locally as "deadbeats"...

Joseph Robert Carrier

SALINE CO. - Carrier Mills man charged with threatening to kill village's chief of police: He probably wasn't serious...just mad.

SALINE CO. - Charged with taking disabled woman's pills and debit card: Low-end people to do this to the disabled...and then, there are the Special Olympics candy bars.

SALINE CO. - Sonic cook busted after leaving suspected drug house: Dang. And we like Sonic, too.

Caleb Boatright. Btw, 1974 called. They want their hairstyle back.

SALINE CO. - Suspected teen drug dealer charged with coaxing 14-year-old to send him nude pics: Our opinion..? The person who takes nude pics of him- or herself should ALSO be charged, with trafficking child porn. A couple dozen of these and maybe we'll get these idiot kids to STOP IT.


SALINE CO. - Elderly woman whacks hubby in head with guitar, police say: Hey. If you're gonna whack, make it a solid whack. Just...don't ruin the instrument. (and at least, in her mug, she seems happy about it...)

SALINE CO. - Forgery looms large, along with burglary and theft in Saline general crim report: Seems like forgery ends up happening a lot about a month after the Christmas presents bills come due on the credit cards.

HARDIN CO. - County employee's ex charged with OP violation: Amber DeGrave's hubby just can't get it that he's not wanted.


Zak Yarber

JASPER CO. - Following up on major Jasper sex, violence cases: Exactly what the headline says; this is a follow up on three cases, in particular, Eric Lamb, Zakkary Yarber and Eugene Ochs.

CRAWFORD CO. - Did OP prompt plea in false report case? Melvin Christine. We'll probably be hearing from him after this case.

JASPER CO. - Oblong man charged with drunk ramping: Case covered upon ISP's issuance of info when it happened; here's the follow up.

CRAWFORD CO. - Drug felon facing meth possession charge: She just can't give it up.

Jody/Jodi/Jodie Stifle

CRAWFORD CO. - Stifle leads misdemeanor report for Crawford: Nice pic of Jody/Jodi/Jodie Stifle...from DOC, which is where he belongs.

CLARK CO. - After reversal at appellate level, park district votes to pay Watchdogs for costs of lawsuit: Not like they had a choice...but it's nice that they followed through. And now, voters had better follow through, because the Clark County Park District is a costly batch of people who don't understand the law as it applies to them.

Roberto Antonio Palacios. Here all the way from Panama City. Where he apparently left his chin.

CRAWFORD CO. - Oblong woman accused of delivering pills to Panama City man: In this article we post the question: What is Mr. Palacios doing up here from Panama City...? Has nothing to do with his hispanic name. We just think that anybody who lives in Florida is kinda nuts to move to Illinois.


David Joseph “Prozac” Przygocki

LAWRENCE CO. - Lawrence County lawmen and new prosecutor strike drug community: The return of Prozac, who, just a couple of weeks ago, was spreading around the rumor that his body had been found in the river. Don't know how that works, but...meth.

Leontorez M. Day. Back for round...202, apparently.

RICHLAND CO. - Police: Violent Olney man beats girlfriend, tosses her out the door: The violence report from the RC.

WABASH CO. - Mt. Carmel man charged by AG with $10,000 public aid fraud: More and more of this being charged...and we're glad to see it.

WABASH CO. - 143 xanax tablets seized in single Mt. Carmel drug bust: Hey, at least they're not flushing them down the toilet which ultimately gets into our water supply, right?

RICHLAND CO. - Sex offender caught near elementary school twice: Not once. Twice.

EDWARDS CO. - Grayville man nabbed for boosting drone from local Casey's store: Now that drones are affordable, every wannabe pilot has one. This guy apparently didn't find them that affordable, however.

HAMILTON CO. - McLeansboro woman facing drug charges following traffic stop: The dope report from HamCo.

WABASH CO. - Violent offender against children busted again: Did you know there was a classification for "violent offender against children"? they're labeled right up there with sex offenders. And in my opinion, there aren't enough of them being caught.

WHITE CO. - Enfield drug dealer charged with attacking woman with bottle of rum: NOT THE RUM!!!

CLAY CO. - Valentine's Day arrests lands Effingham couple behind bars: Oh, just traveling down to Clay County to beat on my spouse and destroy Valentine's Day 2017...

EDWARDS CO. - Two charged with beating Albion man: The EC violence report.

RICHLAND CO. - Salem, Olney men charged in drug dealing arrest: And the Salem worms come squirming over to Snitchland County...

WABASH CO. - BB gun armed robbery charged with felony: Well...it worked with Ryan Tennis; might's well try it with a BB-gun toter.

WHITE CO. - Kentucky man charged with separate sex crimes: And Denton Aud's doing something about it.

CLAY CO. - Flora man charged with beating/seriously injuring child: At least in Clay County, they prosecute this kind of stuff....


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack): WAR ON FREE SPEECH KICKS UP A NOTCH (You don't get to see this on e-Edition. We're sorry...but it's an internet thing. Has to do with something that's made very clear in the piece. If you want to read this, you'll have to get the print version exclusively. Blame the way things are going in this country...and understand that it's only going to get worse from here.
ICY (Ang): 'Making a better life' - cover for something?
MINKUS INK (Bubba): Campaign promises being fulfilled sparks YEOWing



And that's it! Hurry out and get this issue...on stands ONLY until March 15, when the Election Edition hits the stands!

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