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WAYNE COUNTY: Boy on probation for Clay County felony hemmed up in altercation

Posted by on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 @ 8:25 pm.

Michael Keyser, Clay County mug

WAYNE CO., Ill. - We called it again.

Back in December, we gave this coverage of Michael Keyser, 18, of Cisne, who was placed on probation (as a first-time offender) after an egregious incident in Clay City in October 2016 that involved dope, guns, money and a crashed car.

His well-heeled family in Wayne County, which we outlined in this article at the e-Edition of the late December 2016 issue, raised all kinds of fuss with us over what a good boy lil Mikey was and how he "just made a mistake."

Looks like he made one this past Friday, too.

Published reports indicate that Keyser was among three people who, on February 10, were involved in allegedly unlawfully restraining, threatening and beating another guy, this time in Fairfield. Also involved were Michael Dirden, 20 and already a felon dating back to 2015, and Jamie Church, age not given but if it's the one we know of, he's 40 and doesn't have any business hanging out with kids, in an incident in which David Hudgens, 19, was offered a ride by Church, then subsequently punched, toted to a residence on Water Street, and restrained by the bunch, this according to authorities.

There's been no indication that this was dope-related like the incident in October was...but let's not make any bets against it, as we'd likely lose.

Hudgens was able to get away, and the three were charged: Keyser with Unlawful Restraint; Dirden with Unlawful Restraint and Possession of a Controlled Substance (he was dumb enough to have had a pipe of some sort with residue in it on his person when he was taken to the county jail) and Church with Unlawful Restraint, Battery and Kidnapping.

Since Keyser is so well-connected in Wayne, their do-nothing prosecutor Kevin Kakac will likely give him a pass. Therefore it's up to the new state's attorney in Clay, Joel Powless, to do something meaningful to the boy, since he remains on probation...for four years. We predicted that he wouldn't last six months. He barely lasted six WEEKS. So lesson for the Keysers: Don't make yourself look the fool. You know all about farm subsidies and how to collect them because that's what you do. We know all about crims because writing about them is what WE do. Smack your boay upside the head, stop coddling and taking up for him, and tell him to dry out...or he's looking at doing a lil more than getting selfies taken in his IDOC stint.

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