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Jason Griffith

Jackson County Courthouse, Murphysboro

Posted by on Friday, January 20th, 2017 @ 10:23 pm.

Technically, this is our first issue of the new year, although we've just taken the January Special Edition (out December 28) off the stands, replacing it with the January-February 2017 issue...so think of it as your first paper under our new president.

This article is Print Headlines for those who aren't familiar with how we do things. Print Headlines gives you the rundown of what's in the current edition on stands, along with links to the e-Edition if you're astute enough to have an online membership. Print Headlines are presented in order of appearance in the paper for the most part: Front Page, Back Page (our second front page), Pages 2 and 3, Pages 12 and 13 (Features, if any), Egypt, Heartland, Central, and out of place is Op-Ed. They are shown here by dateline first (the location where the material included in the article took place), headline with link to the e-Edition, and then a brief synopsis in our own snarky Disclosure style.

And now with out further ado...here's THIS MONTH'S PRINT HEADLINES!


JASPER CO. - Willow Hill man charged with serious sex crime: It was a bad month for 67-year-old guys who may or may not have had allegations of sex abuse against children haunting them from the past. Here's the first.

SALINE CO. - Charged with multiple sex offenses: The second 67-year-old to get in trouble on a sex allegation, right around Christmas time, which we've already covered on the free side...but not this extensively. Find out what all those griping family members were worried was going to come out.



CLAY CO. - Deputy's brother arrested for dope: The second month in a row where a law enforcement officer's brother has been busted on a meth charge. There are black sheep in every family.

SALINE CO. - County clerk to be sued if she doesn't comply: Every mainstream media outlet covering this story has gotten it wrong; we, however, did not. We've been watching this county board development for about two years now. Something's going on. We're hoping the county board gets to the bottom of it.

Kinda tires of the selfies, you know...?

Kinda tires of the selfies, you know...?

RICHLAND CO. - Case filed against teen may NOT be what it appears: This is the follow-up to the front page story in the January Special Edition...and it appears there are shenanigans afoot. And the bottom line is...if those employed by the school system would TAKE CARE OF THE KIDS UNDER THEIR CARE, we wouldn't HAVE idiotic things like this happen. But noooooooo...errbody's gotta be a special snowflake.



PALESTINE - Execution of warrant leads to request for second; dope items lead to arrest of two: This one broke on deadline and because of the extensive haul by the Palestine Police Department, we opted to give it big play. GOOD JOB, GUYS!

EDGAR/SALINE COs. - RIDES MTD in Harrisburg loses round 1 in Edgar County suit: Notice this is round one. This is likely going to drag on and on and on...and it's all Chris Patrick's fault. Someone involved in this should sue HIM.



WHITE CO. - Bizarre behavior, selling items from car, prompts arrest of Carmi man: This one was so amazing, we opted to put it on the back page. I'm sure there are decent people in/around White County named Swango...but every one of them WE get to hear of, via charges or arrest reports, are, well...um. Yeah. Moving on.


CRAWFORD CO. - Small Claims in Crawford test what's in people's wallets: We're trying out something new. We've noticed there are a LOT of Small Claims filings lately, generally welching on a contract or credit card default. So we're going to start producing them per county. This one is Crawford's...which is extensive.

JASPER CO. - End of 2016/first of 2017 Small Claims filings: Jasper County: Same deal with Jasper...and there are quite a few of these, too.


David M. Parker

David M. Parker

SALINE CO. - Foil of meth spilled on floor sparks domestic violence: This article was so egregious, we opted to place it on Page 3...just for you.



WILLIAMSON/JACKSON/SALINE COs. - Plenty of reality checks for movers & shakers: Did you like playing connect-the-dots when you were a kid? You know, where you were told to follow the numbers by drawing lines between them in sequence, and it made a big picture? Well that's what we've going on here...and the picture is becoming clearer. And when you read where it starts and where it's lead to...it's going to either frighten, offend, or amaze you.



RICHLAND CO. - Memorial funds addressed; and, questions about Ramey's mom surface: Is Hannah Gilliland dead? We've not been able to find anyone who knows definitively, largely because the death was supposed to have happened outside the state. So we're covering that here in a Ramey follow up...as well as answering questions about what's been done with the massive amount of funds raised for Sabrina Stauffenberg's funeral.


SALINE CO. - Anna Bixby alleged felon gets more traffic citations; bond still not revoked: Wondering what it's gonna take to get a mugshot of Terrie Eichorn. Of course, it's entirely possible that Saline County doesn't want to take it...she might break the camera.

SALINE CO. - Barefoot escape of West Frankfort man short lived: Been a lot of Franklin County crims getting in trouble in other counties lately. Here's another.

SALINE CO. - Harrisburg 'Gypsy' facing drug charges following traffic stop: At least our cops are still MAKING traffic stops...



HARDIN CO. - Decision to be made about babydaddy in Hardin County: This one has already caused a spat here on the site. Here's the deal, folks: If you're a 20-nothing and trying to live off the taxpayer, be it by public aid or "working" for a now-defunct publicly-supported entity, and you can't figure out who your kid's father is...WE'RE GONNA WRITE ABOUT IT.

GALLATIN CO. - Harrisburg repeat drunk driver busted for DUI in Shawneetown: The drinking-and-driving report out of GallCo has a crossover. Gotta love it.

e-Edition Xtra SALINE CO. - Need for clean home may have prompted Big John's shoplifting incident: Oh yeah, did I mention we overwrote? We have a lot of e-Edition Xtras. Here's the first.

Cody Conkle

Cody Conkle

SALINE CO. - Former Rosiclare suspected drug dealer caught thieving tacos &....: Because....TACOS.

SALINE CO. - Herod man charged with cyberstalking: This is a crime that's not charged very often, but happens DAILY. Kudos to Saline for filing.

GALLATIN CO. - Boonville man gets DUI in wake of accident: Wait...I thought we already had a GallCo d-&-d report...? There's more? Yep. There's more.

SALINE CO. - Tip from Brad at Big John's lands wanted Harrisburg woman behind bars: Big John's was apparently the the place to allegedly thieve this past month.

Jason Griffith

Jason Griffith

SALINE CO. - Raleigh man charged with molesting young boys: A lot of people have been waiting for this article. There's not been a lot of material made available about it, and he'll probably end up with a plea...but here's what we know.

SALINE CO. - Married Carrier Mills man jailed for beating his girlfriend: Oh, the irony.

SALINE CO. - Forged check may have been stolen from local garage during servicing: This alleged theft...it wasn't even clever.

SALINE CO. - Thieving Broughton druggie busted boosting cosmetics: Because she wanted to look good in her mugshot, evidently.

SALINE CO. - Ex-girlfriend's refusal for sex leads to tea-throwing battle and one behind bars: This is one of those articles that we report on and we think to ourselves..."do we need to publish the documents? Because this is so unreal, nobody's gonna believe it."

SALINE CO. - Kroger thefts lands one behind bars: There's gotta be at least one a month. Kroger's a popular place.

SALINE CO. - Mills man charged with having stolen weapons stash: Lots of activity out of the Mills this past month.

SALINE CO. - Harrisburg teen charged with being drug dealer: They gotta start somewhere. Just wish they wouldn't start HERE.


Roger D. Osborn

Roger D. Osborn

CRAWFORD CO. - Lawrence convicted felon charged with molestation in Crawford County: We covered this in a press release early on when it happened. Here's a bit more information on it.

Destanee R. Collins

Destanee R. Collins

JASPER CO. - Newton woman facing charges of Public Aid fraud: These people and their Carhartt jackets...This mugshot is SO southern Illinois.

CRAWFORD CO. - Robinson pair face felony methamphetamine charge: They do this stuff in twos in Crawford County.

JASPER CO. - Willow Hill sex predator on probation charged again with not registering: There was a thread running through Willow Hill articles, apparently...

Justin Chaput, four years ago

Justin Chaput, four years ago

CRAWFORD CO. - Violent con, fresh from prison charged with battering officer: Every time we see this guy's name in the court files, we think back to four years ago and this post. LOL

CRAWFORD CO. - Hoosier pair busting for boosting at Walmart: Um. Like I said. They do this stuff in twos in Crawford County.

CRAWFORD CO. - West Union man faces felony in beating case: The crimes against persons report, Crawford.

JASPER CO. - Farina/Flora man hooked up on cocaine charge: Love those crossovers...and this guy didn't have to travel very far!

JASPER CO. - Hidalgo man charged with harassing witness: At least SOMEBODY charges people when they harass witnesses....


RICHLAND CO. - Clay County drinker jailed in Olney for meth: Top of the heap, right off the bat, right out the gate, and all those other clichés....we got a crossover in Richland.

Aaron Heath Duckworth

Aaron Heath Duckworth

WHITE CO. - Soft plea deal spits meth druggie back on the streets in time for another felony: So maybe this time, something meaningful will happen.

Brett H. Ewald

Brett H. Ewald

HAMILTON CO. - Dahlgren teen charged with sexual assault of young family member: This one has caused quite a bit of turmoil in the movers and shakers in HamCo.

WABASH CO. - Mt. Carmel drug dealer and buddy caught with meth cooking ingredients: A common occurrence in WabCo.

e-Edition Xtra WHITE CO. -  Name game makes repeat crim difficult to track: We opted to do the e-Edition Xtra on this expanded version of the previously-fronted story from the free side.

Dustin R. Mann

Dustin R. Mann

EDWARDS CO. - Albion man charged with battery: Dustin Mann makes a comeback. And boy he's looking ROUGH since we first started to cover him lo these many years ago.

e-Edition Xtra LAWRENCE CO. - Pair busted for thieving from Lawrence County Housing: Punks. Shouldn't be anywhere near LCHA.

e-Edition Xtra RICHLAND CO. - Dirt moved, farm ground flooded, mover charged:  We thought this was a great piece; we had to put it in e-Edition Xtra.

e-Edition Xtra HAMILTON CO. - Jefferson County man struggles with officer during DUI arrest: People seem to be traveling to adjacent counties to get caught doing something stupid....

e-Edition Xtra WABASH CO. - Mt. Carmel druggie sentenced in latest drug/OP violation case: WabCo dope report.

WHITE CO. - Crossville chronic cross-county crim named but not charged in head-whopping: Guess who...? Just GUESS. Yep...former Acord buddy Derek Randolph. Just ...not charged.

WABASH CO. - Lawrence Co. driver in fatal Wabash Co. crash charged with DUI-Drugs: Sad deal on something we reported last October...this guy was behind the wheel when a local girl was killed in the crash.

Young Mr. Forth

Young Mr. Forth

CLAY CO. - Effingham man gets prison in re-sentencing: SO many people in Clay County are glad to see this guy go...but why he was out and allowed to do what he did is still in question. Who failed?

HAMILTON CO. - McLeansboro man with five pending, separate criminal cases bonds with $1K: My first thought was..."HUH?" My second thought was "nark"....but that's just me.

WABASH CO. - West Salem drug felon jailed after police say he decided to beat on his girlfriend: Good ol Jerry Osmon. Hasn't changed in YEARS.

CLAY CO. - Louisville man accused of brandishing a machete: Becaues he couldn't get a FOID card, no doubt.

WABASH CO. - Grayville, Lawrenceville, Wabash Crawfish Creek drug connection being investigated: There are some things that you just can't help but catch the connection of.

WHITE CO. - Underage Carmi drinker charged with kicking his disabled mother in the head: Hey, they closed down Teen Town ages ago...these punks have nothing else to do now.

HAMILTON CO. - Springerton felon facing meth charge: Springerton, as you may know, is in White. Crossover much?

WHITE CO. - Norris City meth crim gets weekends in jail: Oh wow...at least there's a crim report from within the same county....

LAWRENCE CO. - Smacking somebody in the mouth still gets you jailed: Not EVERYBODY, but...the ones who get caught, yeah.

CLAY CO. - Suspected Olney drug dealer busted in Clay Co.: Just thought "I'll tool over to Clay from Meth-Central aka Olney"...? Yeah, that's probably exactly what happened.

WABASH CO. - Nomadic doper fits in one last drug arrest before close of 2016: And you gotta be proud of her for giving Cassandra that last felony to add to her record.

WABASH CO. - Convicted Mt. Carmel weed man sentenced in burglary: So if you were expecting your delivery...don't.

HAMILTON CO. - Franklin drug dealer charged in Hamilton: What'd I say about crossovers? What'd I say about people from Franklin County??

LAWRENCE CO. - Lawrence felon found with multiple stolen weapons: The firearms report out of Lawrence, apparently.

RICHLAND CO. - Group alleged BBQ place didn't pay food service bill: One little Small Claim that made it out of Richland County...only because the amount sought in this is kind of large for a Small Claim.

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