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Posted by on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 @ 9:14 pm.

SOMEWHERE IN KENTUCKY - This rambling Facebook post by a person calling himself Tone Cricket is making the rounds right now, and we want to bring it to you to see what YOU think of it.

Okay people I don't normally rant and raise hell but I am pissed off beyond belief my son had his prom tonight of course everybody knows that he is a special needs child and doesn't really have any friends much less a girlfriend so he ask his sister if she would go to the prom with him. A friend of mine spent $400 on my son a suit so he would look his best to go to the prom he was so excited that his sister was going with him to the prom because he had nobody else that would go with him. This was at Montgomery Central High School so everybody please post this everywhere they was told that they could not go to the prom because his sister was 24 years old the oldest they would allow would be 20 years old okay that was his own sister he was able to go in there but they escorted her out needless to say he didn't want to go to the prom by himself because he didn't know anybody this pisses me off. He was totally bullied through that whole school his whole life. They was both so happy and excited first they went out and eat and then they went shopping for a little while and then it was time to go to the prom. Needless to say there is only one prom for a student to go to and my son special needs son was totally humiliated when he was told that his sister could not go to the prom with him. So they both left in tears because he didn't want to go in there by himself and possibly be picked on or bullied like he was all through school. You can bet your ass I will call every TV station I will call every radio station every newspaper and I will let it be known what Montgomery Central High School did to my son. Everybody that knows my son loves him. But to be humiliated like he was tonight is totally unacceptable. So please everybody that is my friend if you're a true friend and love my son spread the word of what Montgomery Central High School did to my little boy. I was at a private party and was called and told instantly started crying because that was so wrong it was a friend of mine that I did the party for. I stopped everything and was crying my ass off and told everybody at the party what they did to my little boy. Even everybody at the party could not believe what they did to him. Anime crying my eyes out because I could not believe how they humiliated my son and made them both leave in tears. So Montgomery Central High School you can kiss my ass. I will make sure everybody knows what you did and I hope the principal that turned them away loses her job. What they did was totally unacceptable I'm through with my rant now. But just think if somebody did that to your child.

Here's the pic:

brother-sister prom date

Now...while that's sweet in a way...sorta....kinda...really. Is that what Prom's for? I mean, Prom is stupid to begin with. Neither of us have ever seen the point of these school dances except that long ago, they were for young kids to dress up and play pretend little ladies and gentlemen at a formal gathering. That slowly devolved into a bunch of ratty kids seeing how much trouble they could get into, how much cain they could raise, and still not get kicked out of school.

The problems became so great that in recent years, schools had to start laying down some rules. There were dress codes that were arbitrarily held up every year (ya gotta have someone violate them, or there's no point in having them, right?) At schools where there was rivalry, some kids would bring dates who were hotshots of rival-stirring, such as on sports teams, so the schools instituted a "form" a student had to fill out if they were bringing in someone from another school as a date. To keep that sleazy 16-year-old from sliding her 28-year-old boyfriend into the dance, they had to put an age limit on dates.

And that latter one, it appears, is what was violated here. But the father Tone Cricket apparently didn't know that, and how could he? Nobody expected his special needs son to attend, so nobody got the rules to him, apparently.

And then...his sister. On Prom night. In Kentucky.

Sadly, this one writes its own ribald jokes.

What happened here is not funny, not at all. It's sorrowful. But it probably wasn't the best forum to bring it to, Facebook. You're going to have the sympathizers...but you're going to have the dissenters, too. And in the end, you might find out that there might've been a little more to it than what's being presented. It is, after all, rather one-sided.

What do you think...? Is this something to be raising this kind of stink about? Tell us.

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