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If Zuckerberg wants to “give away” money, he should maybe start with his staff…

Chuck Arnold...the real sheriff in question

Posted by on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 @ 4:33 pm.

...because there sure have been a lot of screwups at Facebook lately, and it would appear someone is in need of some quality employees.

The one today that caught our attention was the "trending" topic slugged "Gibson County, Indiana: 12 people facing indictment after investigation of sheriff's department."

gibson co ind?

Since we cover Gibson County peripherally (in another lifetime we had a lot of coverage in Gibson, but that's waned; Ang's book has a lot of support there, however), that one caught our eye. I've known a lot of the law enforcement agents there, including sheriffs and police chiefs, dating back a couple of decades. They're always very helpful, including when the tragedy struck in August of 2014 with the abduction and shooting death of a rural GibCo woman (Sandra K. Burkhardt) occurred. So I was wondering which sheriff the Facebook trending topic was talking about.

However, there was no link. It was just a "top story" and was followed below by OTHER stories that didn't have anything to do with a sheriff's department, indictments, or anything illegal.

So I went to the Princeton Daily Clarion's website and didn't see anything. I went to (*shudder*) the Evansville paper's site; also nothing.

So I googled it, and here's what I found:

jackson sun

Here's the link if you'd like to read the rest of it.

This also happened one day last week; I shared a story ostensibly out of Champaign County, Illinois, about a bad car wreck. I'm familiar with Champaign-Urbana, as we've been spending time up there in recent months. I didn't recognize the highway where the accident took place, but figured it was just a road I was unfamiliar with. No. That wasn't it. It was another of these situations whereby Fecesbook had gotten the hashtag wrong and had somehow listed the wrong STATE: It was Champaign County, OHIO, not Illinois. I didn't catch it, but some of my readers did. But by that time, I was the one looking foolish.

Our love-hate relationship with Fecesbook has become legendary after five years. And in the past couple of days, young entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the abomination, has announced that he's going to "give away" to charity much of his bazillions made on the backs of the hopelessly narcissistic, this following the birth of his first offspring, God help us all. We personally believe that if ol Mark wants to be magnanimous, he should start with the godawful glitches in his website...and while he's at it, stop limiting the "reach" of popular pages like ours and a few others of conservative slant, so that the people who "like" us can...well...READ us.

At least then, they can get to figuring out that the one presented here is an article about Tennessee...not Indiana.

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