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Problem is...the wrong people are committing suicide over it.

An empty Illinois Centre Mall

At the Cave-in-Rock Fire Department fundraiser

Kim Meyers. She doesn't look happy.

Posted by on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 @ 7:07 pm.

December is upon us, and welcoming you to the first day of it is This Month's Print Headlines!

We'll be having TWO issues in December, so you'll have to be sure and get out and buy both of them so you can keep up with what is undoubtedly one of the hottest series we've ever produced, which leads the front page this issue as well as the last one (November 2015). Print headlines lays it all out for you: What's in this issue, where, and what it's about. Print headlines are presented by dateline (where the material featured in the article took place), headline, and a brief synopsis of what the article is about, in our own snarky Disclosure style. They are presented by Front Page, Back Page (second front page), pages 2 and 3, Features if any, Egypt, Heartland and Central, then Op-Ed. Each headline links back to the e-Edition version of the article for those of you who have an online membership, for ease of reading. If you don't have one, get one! Otherwise, here's our vendor list!

So thank you for waiting patiently for us to produce THIS MONTH'S PRINT HEADLINES...without further ado, here they are!



What is this, you ask...? Where did it come from...?

What is this, you ask...? Where did it come from...? There are a lot of people hoping you're not going to ask...because WE'RE going to give an answer.

SALINE CO. - Information pours in on "gentlemen's club": This is the series, and it's just getting started. What is this place? Where is it? Who goes there? What goes on there? We have some of the answers for you...and yet, there's so much more.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.11.34 PM

RICHLAND CO. - Missing girl may have been with felon twice her age: The bizarre situation with accused Olney meth crim Tammy Phipps' kids just gets increasingly strange...then she wonders why authorities aren't necessarily interested in helping her. Four years ago it was her 13-year-old getting knocked up. Now, it's her 15-year-old running off with a man twice her age. Monkey see, monkey do, as many are opining...

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.49.20 PM

Ronald Yarber

SALINE CO. - Over 250 sex cime counts charged: A horrific tale of alleged sex abuse that began back in 2005 and didn't end until recently...and it happened within a foster family. You've got to read the allegations to believe it. Oh and also...Rick White got in trouble for leaking this to "his" media outlet, the Fairfield radio outlet. Just pointing that out.

WILLIAMSON CO. - Illinois Centre Mall sells once again for back taxes: Not like this beleaguered place hasn't asked for - and received - its own share of troubles...now, Barrett Rochman has inserted his grimy hands into it. And you'd think he might be a little more discreet.

An empty Illinois Centre Mall

An empty Illinois Centre Mall


At the Cave-in-Rock Fire Department fundraiser

At the Cave-in-Rock Fire Department fundraiser

HARDIN CO. - Cave-in-Rock FD holds annual holiday feed: Coverage of a wonderful fundraise held by the fire department in beautiful Cave.

SALINE CO. - State's attorney to seek third term: Mike Henshaw is running again, and there are some butts puckering because of it. Read the article to find out who, but...we're betting you already know.

FLORA - Allegations of police wrongdoing surface in Flora: Hot on the heels of the last massive story coming out of the city of Flora about its police department, here's another sure to stoke SOMEBODY'S fires....


Kim Meyers. She doesn't look happy.

Kim Meyers. She doesn't look happy.

MARION - Auditor is auditing her own work...and getting taxpayer money to do it: Just when you think there can't be any more scurrilous doings coming out of Williamson County....? Along comes this story. And you know what...? This crap is leaching over into one of our home communities of Harrisburg, too.


SALINE CO. - Forensic shrink says meth-induced psychosis lead to stabbing in 2011: You regular readers will recall the strange tale of Charles Ryan, who stabbed his stepfather to death on December 23, 2011. And you know...upon the outcome of his bench trial, we learned that it's even stranger than you could have imagined. And with meth involved, why WOULDN'T it be...?


harbory, bruce banner strain

MARION, Ill. - Disclosure gets an exclusive inside look at Harbory Medical Cannabis Dispensary: How is that, you ask? Because someone on staff has a medical cannabis card, that's how. You should try getting one. The more demand, the more they state will support it. The more the state supports it, the more doctors they'll bring in. The more doctors they bring in, the more people will apply. The more applicants, the more money the state makes. And if anything in the world is a truism, it's this: The only thing that talks in Illinois is money, because our pathetic state is BROKE.


SALINE CO. - Incident, arrest at McDonald's raises questions about young Harrisburg man: Lots of people wondering how Mikey (aka "Billy") Cummins is able to drive that big Hummer, since he has no visible means of support. Maybe what was found in it during the big bust last month will shed some light on things.

HARDIN CO. - Brawling Williams-Shaffer family comes to blows during incident in Rosiclare: Tina Williams isn't the only offensive heifer in her family...nor the only criminally-inclined, as we've seen with her punk kid Alyse. Now, Jamie Nicole joins in on the hideous lack of self-control...and gets yet another charge that Tara Wallace will dismiss.

GALLATIN CO. - Local bat-manufacturing company sued of alleged unpaid amount on order: Weird little civil suit coming out of Gallatin County about one of their only viable businesses.

SALINE CO. - Gunfight suspect charged with violence: Remember Byron Godsey...? All hemmed up in that early September gunfight on Towle Street in Harrisburg, but no charges at all? Well. He screwed up again.

GALLATIN CO. - Numerous misdemeanors in Gallatin: The petty crims have been up to no good in GallCo, and here are some charges to show what we mean.

SALINE CO. - Eldorado domestic lands husband behind bars after wife says he smacked her in the face: What's a paper without a domestic battery...?

SALINE CO. - Teens charged with using minors to steal: Yes, it's as bad as the headline makes it sound.

SALINE/GALLATIN COs. - Bad Shawneetown boy getting around; arrested in Saline Co.: Is anyone else getting just flat sick of Tyler Patton...?

SALINE CO. - One charged in inmate fight...which seems to be becoming the norm at SCDC: There have been accusations, in our letters section this month in particular, of fights and abuse going on at Saline County Detention Center. This article, with bona fide charges, seems to support that claim.

SALINE CO. - Man charged with stealing disabled elderly woman's power chair: You've got to read this story to believe it. And even then...you probably won't believe it. People are just dumb these days; criminals even dumber. And we never did find out the all-important question: WHY....

SALINE CO. - Simpsons in financial trouble again: One of the most-commented-on articles of this issue, according to our texts, emails and messaging. Everybody hates the Simpsons. Read this, and you'll understand why.

SALINE CO. - Man claims Satan was going to burn down his Harrisburg home on Hazel Street: It was a twisted take on "the devil made me do it" defense. It didn't work.

SALINE CO. - Sticky-fingered chick could send drug convict back to prison: The theft report out of Saline County.

SALINE CO. - Harrisburg woman sued by credit card company; felony case working through court: The sad, sad tale of L'Erin Ragon...from whom we distanced ourselves when she started requesting Ambient and Xanax on her Facebook page.


JASPER CO. - Jasper meth conspiracy reaches even dozen: On deadline for the last issue, we learned that there were six more people busted on meth conspiracy over the first six, seen here. We didn't get those second six in due to space and time restraints. Here they are.

JASPER CO. - Police say man faked being unconscious: This guy learned a valuable lesson: Never, ever fake being ill, no matter what the stupid cause, busted up relationship, drama queenness, hypochondriac, appeasing parents, etc. These days, EVERYTHING is a crime.

CRAWFORD CO. - Third financial suit filed against former deputy: Poor former deputy Troy Love. And we do mean poor.

JASPER CO. - Newton's Smithery suspected of being meth cook: Another meth arrest, this time not related to the big conspiracy, apparently.

CRAWFORD CO. - Palestine chief attacked by crim: Poor Jeff Besing can't get a break.

JASPER CO. - Wheeler man fights with police officer: Always a bad idea. Apparently this is one crim who simply doesn't pay attention to the news.

JASPER CO. - Ste. Marie man faces charge of sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl: Way too much of this kind of stuff going on these days...

CRAWFORD CO. - 'Hitter pipe' lands one behind bars: The alleged dope report out of Crawford County

CRAWFORD CO. - Sticky finger syndrome ends in jail: The alleged theft report out of Crawford County.


RICHLAND CO. - Eight charged with DUI out of Richland: Last month, it was massive meth busts. This month...oh my word the DUIs. When people can't smoke their poison, they drink it, I guess.

WHITE CO. - Crossville chronic crim charged in fitness crime: Steal a bike? Probably not a good idea to do such a thing in White County.

Russ McKamey and one of his canine friends

Russ McKamey and one of his canine friends

HAMILTON CO. - 'Haunt' artist sued in Hamilton County small claims case: No McKamey Manor. In fact, no McKamey. Until he's called to court, to answer to the Irvins, who filed suit against him. See what they're asking for in this article.

Jessica Aten

Jessica Aten

WABASH/EDWARDS COs. - High-speed chase ends Lawrence flee-ers across Wabash County and into Edwards: That infamous duo, Jessica Aten and Austin Wiggins.

CLAY CO. - Prince comes down from Cook, accused in stabbing: We just know there's more to this story than what's in police and court reports...we're just waiting for someone to fill us in.

LAWRENCE CO. - Alleged dope-dealing county employee has fan club: Who would have thought that the girl who at least WAS double-dipping the the taxpayers (by having a job at the tax office, as well as living in housing) would have such a vociferous - yet ridiculous - fan club? But...she does.

HAMILTON CO.. - McLeansboro sex offender charged with not reporting: Because...they do that, you know. You'd think they'd just report and get it over with.

RICHLAND CO. - Female officer kicked in the crotch during arrest: Just one thing to say about this: ouch.

WHITE CO. - Parole compliance check leads cops to meth: And what an awesome day THAT probably was!

CLAY CO. - Flora man charged with cruelty to animals after slamming puppy on concrete: If anyone's going to abuse animals, they might as well just go to Clay County. We've never seen the like of the abused animals there...seriously.

WHITE CO. - Carmi suspect accused of beating handicapped man: Of all the low-down, despicable things to be accused of doing to a person...

WHITE CO. - Traffic stop for speeding leads to DUI alcohol: Of course it does.

RICHLAND CO. - Drug busts not slowing down in Richland: We know you're thrilled to hear this, even though we don't have any of them on the front page. Rest assured, they'll be back.


jack at millstone bluff

SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack): Climbing rocks can be a pain in the neck: Yes. But...I get the added benefit of a massage with cocoa butter and tea tree oil from my lovely wife...so I'll take that pain!

Problem is...the wrong people are committing suicide over it.

Problem is...the wrong people are committing suicide over it.

ICY (Ang): The complicated life of a beer-and-music snob: Yes. She is. And she's not apologetic. So...yall are just gonna have to get a grip. At least we drink good beer and listen to good music at the same time...
MINKUS INK (Bubba): 'Re-training' cops may mean 'de-training' cops: Bubba has been watching the news, now...
VOICE OF THE PEOPLE (letters): Complaints about city of Carmi meetings; complaints about a yard barn in the city of Carmi; no transparency in Benton; wth is it with all these fights in Saline County Detention Center?

BACK OVER YOUR TALES: From the December 2010 edition of Disclosure, including Todd Fort, ChickenBob, Poor Boys fights, Raymond Martin, you name it, we got it!

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