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Say WHAT…??? $200k lifeguards & Highly Compensated City Bosses??

Posted by on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 @ 2:58 pm.

“In a city – and nation – that’s underwater, it just may be the ‘first responder’
lifeguards in Newport Beach, CA who are earning their pay.”

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By Adam Andrzejewski
August 25, 2015

It’s a great town… the lifeguards make up to $211,912; secretaries to the city bosses make nearly $100,000; refuse workers make three times the national median wage; and 31 city employees out-earn every governor.

Newport Beach, CA Lifeguard training (AP Photo)
We all missed the memo in high school – that job posting for the City of Newport Beach California.
Locally, in California, the lifeguards are viewed more as first responders and as such are handsomely compensated.  In the past five years, lifeguard pay and perks have ranged from $101,000 up to $211,000!
But in the wealthy enclave of Newport Beach, it isn’t just lifeguards who are highly compensated. It pays its 1,180 employees very, very well…

According to the data posted at OpenTheBooks.com:

  • The City Manager has a comp package of $248,891 plus another $63,000 plus in benefit costs – we assume that job doesn’t involve rescuing swimmers in dangerous surf.
  •  In 2013, 31 city employees earned more than any governor in the nation – including the Deputy City Manager ($207,658), Municipal Operations Director ($237,351), City Attorney ($241,081), Assistant City Manager ($198,707), Public Works Director ($189,417), and Community Development Director ($189,417), Recreation & Senior Service Director ($180,549), and many other bureaucratic positions.
  • A fire division chief – one of many ‘fire division chiefs’ – cost taxpayers $263,189.
And then there are the highly compensated rank-and-file workers: secretaries, ‘permit technicians,’ ‘animal control officers’ and many more…

Read our editorial today at Forbes, The The Wonderful Life of Being a Lifeguard in the City of Newport Beach, California  

Newport Beach, CA has a $273 million underfunded city pension fund. But, the employees still think they are under-paid.

How can this be?  Read our editorial today at Forbes, The The Wonderful Life of Being a Lifeguard in the City of Newport Beach, California 

Then, see your local salaries in California or across America in 34,000 municipalities – download our free ‘Open The Books’ mobile app for Apple and Android.

Start searching today.


Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director

Adam Andrzejewski (say: Angie-f-ski)
Chairman, American Transparency

“Open The Books is doing the work I envisioned… putting
sunlight through a magnifying glass.”  
U.S. Senator (retired) Dr. Tom Coburn
Honorary Chairman of American Transparency

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