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William Krup and Madonna Peach

The Bradley boys, both attorneys. Well, maybe not after Friday.

Trytton Kain Jarvis

Terrie Eichorrn

Posted by on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 @ 8:33 pm.

Here we are, as promised….the start of our every-other week run of papers, and we’re kicking it off in style, with some of the best articles we’ve had throughout the paper EVER!

After each publication hits the stands, we put up This Month’s Print Headlines, where you can learn what we’re doing in the print version of Disclosure, as well as access the e-Edition if you have an online membership to that. Print headlines are presented in this order: Front page, Back page (second front page), pages 2 and 3, features if there are any, Egypt, Heartland, Central, and Op-Ed. They are presented by dateline first (the area of the readership where the material in the article occurred), headline (with a link off this page to the actual e-Edition article) and then a brief synopsis of the article presented in our own signature style.

And now, without further ado, here are THIS ISSUE’S (as opposed to this month’s) PRINT HEADLINES!


rebel dead clr 2on4


WHITE CO.–Dog shooting response grows out of control: The hype just last week about the shooting of a pit bull over in rural Norris City grew boisterous within a matter of days, thanks to an online petition effort and one very strange young woman who used animal lovers getting outraged to the fullest extent possible. But was it all accurate? You’ve probably read everybody else’s coverage on it…now read the real story.

Jason Irvin

Jason Irvin

HAMILTON CO.–Meth bust; tip of the iceberg?: You’re probably saying to yourself, “Self, Jack said ‘Tip of the iceberg’ in the LAST issue about the guy who got stopped in Galatia…didn’t he?” Why yes, self, I did. And this is a little bit lower on the tip of the same iceberg…it’s a theme…and it’s growing exponentially. So you need to keep on buying these issues to see who’s getting popped next…and more importantly, what their connections are so that you can see who’s outing who.


Will Krup and Madonna Peach

Will Krup and Madonna Peach

WABASH CO.–Businessman, friend charged with sex assault: We have to say…even with all the crap his kid went through five years ago, and all the posturing we did on it back then, the arrest of the elder Will Krup still surprised us. The arrest of a gal who’s apparently his buddy, however–Madonna Peach–didn’t surprise us at all. She’s been trouble for a number of years, and it wouldn’t surprise us if it turned out SHE was the one who dragged him into it.

Burtis Wenzel

Burtis Wenzel

RICHLAND CO.–Inmate whines again, sues sheriff: About once a year now, criminal idiot Burt Wenzel (yes, THAT Wenzel, from THAT strain of Wenzels in South Counties, although this one claims he’s from Clay County), sitting in the Richland County Detention Center, raises a fit about something. You’re not going to believe what he’s done this time, however. Click the link to see…and read about how he can’t sue us for calling him a “criminal idiot” (Hint: That’d be because it’s TRUE, and we have the proof.)


Jodan Lee McGuire. Also, Christian Sawyer Thomas Hansen.

Jodan Lee McGuire. Also, Christian Sawyer Thomas Hansen.

JACKSON/WILLIAMSON CO.–Seeking name change in Jackson Co. court; McGuire finally gets “sexual” tagged to his battery case: Jordan Lee McGuire. Google it and you’ll see it connected to multiple sexual battery cases…but up til the end of May, no convictions. That all changed though…and so McGuire apparently thinks his NAME needs to change, too. Because he’s going to be “famous” some day, you know. He’s a big ol musician or singer or actor or whatever. Anyway, here’s his name change story, for those who have access to only the print version…with a few further details about it for those who have been reading about it online.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.12.59 PM

JASPER CO.–Order entered keeping Geier Oil Inc. operating in Newton after owner’s death: A follow up on the death of Don Geier in mid-May, which we covered at length in the last issue.

LAWRENCE CO.–Can you identify these people? This is a graphic put together by those Lawrenceville Drive-In and posted on their Facebook page; they had a break-in recently and there is video surveillance of the action, so this is a set of still photos from the video in an effort to show the public something which, hopefully, will be used to capture the crims.


Lily Abbott

Lily Abbott

WILLIAMSON CO.–Tax assessor displays serious lack of spine; complaint made with sheriff’s department: An unbelievable turn of events in the Williamson County Tax Assessor’s office situation as it stands with the person who’s turning up irregularities in that office, Lily Abbott. This article right here is one of two that are what are selling us so quickly in Our Willamson vendors. We only printed up a certain number of copies of this issue, since it’s a two-week run. We had no idea it was going to be flying off the shelves like it’s been. So if you want a hard copy, you’d better get out there quick; vendors are Hunter’s Cove Barber Shop on West DeYoung and Pit Road Racing downtown on the square.


GALLATIN CO.–Man charged after telling wife he wants to watch her die: Most of our page 2 in this issue is taken up by the extensive material obtained in the research put forth in the dead dog case from Page 1. So this GallCo crim roundup is the only article on Page 2 that isn’t a jump of the dog story from Page 1.


Whipper Johnson, at work as Police Chief of Harrisburg

Whipper Johnson, at work as Police Chief of Harrisburg

New Harrisburg Police Chief takes no nonsense, common sense approach: In the feature article for this issue that’s previewed on Page 1, we have a great background story on Whipper Johnson, who has ascended to the role of Chief of Police in Harrisburg.


The Bradley boys, both attorneys. Well, maybe not after Friday.

The Bradley boys, both attorneys. Well, maybe not after Friday.

WILLIAMSON CO.–Will Marion attorney lose law license in Attorney Registry & Disciplinary scrutiny? We’ve had other attorneys across the readership area lose their law licenses, many of them over frivolous things, or things that we grunts don’t understand, which have to do with intricacies of the law and are really just errata that much of us don’t understand. But for Josh Bradley, it’s a little more cut and dried When you pay an attorney to do a job, and they deliberately don’t do that job, hedge and put you off, and then basically lie to you and steal your money…well, that’s pretty bad. We think it calls for criminal charges, but good luck with that in Williamson if your last name is Bradley. In the interim, there’s the ARDC to fall back on…and like Kevin Kakac and George Woodcock, they can yank a law license in a heartbeat.

SALINE CO.–Eldorado man taken into custody after shooting at girlfriend over missing shoes: This article got top billing in Egypt because…you can’t believe what idiocy emerges in these court cases. And guys like this…? They NEED shamed.

Terrie Eichorrn

Terrie Eichorrn

SALINE CO.–Women of Anna Bixby Center accused of being problem tenants at Harrisburg salon: Heh. “Women of Anna Bixby Center.” Sounds like a calendar. Take a look at Terrie Eichorn, though; take a good look. Okay, that’s enough looking; you’ll damage your retinas. Yes, another lawsuit has been filed against these people accused of filching from the government in their “domestic abuse” center. Find out what it’s about by clicking the link.

HARDIN CO.–Rash of peace-breaching plaguing tiny county in National Forest: Well, we have to have at least ONE article about all the mighty work Tarable Wallace, county prosecutor, is doing down in Hardin. This would be it, now that she’s disposed of the case with the horrific bigamist. I’ll update you on that one later.

SALINE CO.–Chase lands a couple of felons behind bars on weapons charges: One of the many crim roundup articles for Saline; this one has a felonious car chase in it that a lot of people in Harrisburg had been asking about.

SALINE CO.–Teen accosted sitting on her own front porch–neighbor who helped was violently attacked: When you start reading this article, you might think to yourself, “Oh, self, the evils of booze and its negative effect on the underage!” And then, your self realizes that it’s not all about booze, and that there are WORSE things these young punks can get into…and they can tool on over to Walmart to get it and don’t even need to show ID.

SALINE CO.—Eldorado man taken into custody charged with firing assault rifle out his front door, claimed mystery man threatened to kill him: “It was the guy in the gold car!!” shouted Talkington. Until cops found evidence that, indeed, he was full of crap.

SALINE CO.–Suspected thief nabbed after trying to sell stolen ATV on Craig’s list: We’re beginning to think that Craig’s list is where all the crims hang out, just trying to do their dirties undercover of relative online anonymity. This guy, however, was found out.

SALINE CO.–Galatia man jailed after girlfriend says he beat her: This poor guy. Somehow, I feel bad for him. Read the article and see why.

SALINE CO.–Girlfriend claims she was smacked in the head after calling her boyfriend a ‘nigger’: Whether she did or she didn’t, it’s really bad form to say such a thing if you’re white and your boyfriend is black…and you’ve been seeing him for years and the differences have never bothered you up until this point.

SALINE CO.–“Butter” McGhee faces felony: In a story we missed in the last issue because the file was in possession of the judge when we went to check files, here’s Butter, with the latest thing to get her hemmed up. She CANNOT stay out of trouble…but she thinks we should just all overlook it, and not write about her. Go figure.

SALINE CO.–Went in charged with child abuse, came out convicted of attempted murder: A brilliant bit of prosecution conducted by Assistant State’s Attorney Jayson Clark has a repeat woman-beater going to prison for a LONG time starting in July. We brought you the abbreviated version a few weeks ago; here’s the full story, as promised.


Trytton Kain Jarvis

Trytton Kain Jarvis, owner of the weird name. He just LOOKS like trouble.

CRAWFORD CO.–Olney punk crosses county lines, alleged to have threatened Oblong family: This one leads Heartland’s section because…we have been telling people about this little Marching Moron for years, and he continued to get a pass in Richland County. Now, he’s jailed in Crawford, so maybe Hartrich will ensure that the kid with one of the weirdest names we’ve ever seen (Trytton…who names their kid Trytton… THIS guy’s parents, apparently…) will spend meaningful time behind bars. See what he’s done now by clicking the link.

CHICAGO–Watchdogs speak to Illinois League of Women Voters at annual convention: Adventures of the Edgar County Watchdogs, who have been on the speaking circuit for a little while, and their audiences are getting bigger, and more impactful.

CRAWFORD CO.–Robinson man charged with possession of synthetic stimulant: The Crawford County crim roundup within the dope crimes.

CLARK CO.–Tempers flare, brawl ensues at Clark County Park District; director at the center of it: Hey, is it that bad, Charity?? Apparently…and boy, she’s right in the thick of it NOW.

JASPER CO.–Olney meth-head leads list of eight charged with DUI: Last issue we had a butt ton of DUIs all over the readership area. This issue, it’s no different. What’s going ON?? And what’s with all these crossovers??

CRAWFORD CO.–Lawrence doper charged in Crawford after police chase: Yet another crossover. I mean, I know these are neighboring counties, but dang…do these crims go out-of-county to get in trouble because they think we won’t find out?

CLARK CO.–Commissioner threatens to remove commissioners over closed meetings issue: Guess what, Clark County park district? It’s NOT ILLEGAL for a commissioner to talk to people about what went on in a closed meeting. I know that’s hard to wrap your head around, but try and do it…you’re looking like jerks.


Caleb Gallion. How did he get that black eye? You'll be interested to find out!

Caleb Gallion, Texas mugshot

LAWRENCE CO.–Charge filed in the case of Lawrence County man who was considered runaway in February: After months of waiting, it appears this Lawrence punk isn’t yet back in Lawrence from where he was busted in texts…but he’s finally charged in Lawrence.

WABASH CO.–Wabash meth-head could have been stopped by prosecutor years ago: When it comes to prosecutors who trade counties every so many years, yes, some of their past mistakes will come back to bite em. With Chris Quick, this one out of Wabash looks to be one of those.

CLAY CO.–Rinard man charged with intending to delivery marijuana near a school: Well, we know there are people who deal specifically and almost strictly to kids IN school…so why not near…right? smh…

LAWRENCE CO.–Felon with violent past turned loose on recog bond: Dude from Bridgeport turned loose on the public. Too bad Lawrence Doesn’t get warned about this crap til we put out a paper.

LAWRENCE CO.–Vincennes murder suspect pleads to tractor theft: The ongoing saga of one of the guys who are charged with murder in Knox County; this marcher managed to get his butt in trouble in Lawrence and confessed, more or less, in his jail cell to the Vinny thing. Crims. Aren’t. Smart.

LAWRENCE CO.–18-year-old sink bandit brought to justice: We brought you the story when it happened. Now read the follow up.

CLAY CO.–Lawrence doper’s Clay drug trial set for August: More crossover, more dope.

WABASH CO.–Violence report includes child porn and an infant struck: Two of the most repulsive crimes on the planet are detailed in this report.

WHITE CO.–Child sex offender caught living near his victim: Another that we brought to you online first; here’s a detailed report of the socially-reprehensible Elijah James.


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack): Bringing everything you’ve learned in life
ICY (Ang): We’re in the freak show; but who are the freaks?
MINKUS INK (Bubba): Slobberfest for Billary Clintoon begins

Voice of the People (letters): Blowing your view of Lincoln out of the water; Nepotism is alive in District 348 too; Wingo was opinionated years ago, says reader

Back Over Your Tales: From the pages of the June-July 2010 edition of Disclosure…and boy we had a lot going on!


And that’ll do it…remember…hurry out and get this one…one day into it and we’re restocking already, so this is a big issue; if you missed the last one, you can still get it on the e-Edition. Two ways to subscribe to the online version: $2.99 for a 24-hour pass; $5.99 for a whole month…and starting in two weeks, there are going to be papers every other week…so it’s going to move fast, and you need to, too. Get out and get your paper!



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