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Posted by on Friday, June 12th, 2015 @ 11:13 am.

Molly Young

Molly Young

JACKSON CO., Ill.--It was three years ago this month that we published our first article about the 2012 death of Carbondale girl Molly Young.

Disclosure was among the first to produce the truth about how screwed up the investigation into Young's death really was...and to intimate that the prime suspect was her ex-boyfriend, the socially-repulsive Richie Minton.

Now, more is coming out about Minton's condition and demeanor in the hours following the discovery of Molly's body in his bedroom, dead of a gunshot wound to the left side of her head by a bullet from a gun Minton owned and kept in a locked box.

Authorities said it was suicide, although a coroner's jury disagreed two and a half years ago. Minton called it in as a "drug overdose." Hours, by the way, after she was actually dead. The bullet entered on the left side of her head. Molly was right-handed and had never handled firearms.

Minton was never taken into custody for questioning. He still hasn't been, to this day. He claimed that he tried to give Molly CPR...and that resulted in the scratched you see here on his disgusting back.

Does a corpse scratch a person while that person's giving CPR?

Or does a live person scratch a person when that person is standing on her foot, holding her still while a weapon is being pointed at various places on her head, leaving circular indentations from the barrel being pressed into her forehead...?

Because that's what Molly had.

Decide for yourselves. Jackson County's prosecutor apparently can't.


minton's back


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  1. Chas131

    Why? Why did Amber Pelligrini, dispatcher at CPD who spoke to MInton, delete her text message trail to him ? Why couldn’t ISP get info from Richie’s phone, like they could from Molly’s? (it was altered to not communicate with an extraction device). Why was evidence left at scene, later removed, and ISP doesn’t know ? Basically, they decided at the outset what the outcome was.
    Shooter Scott Rice has a lot to answer for.

  2. Chas131

    Oh, one more thing….I understand Richie works at K Mart in West Frankfort.
    Close to daddy, who taught him all he needs to know. Disgusting.

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