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Posted by on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 @ 3:49 pm.

JACKSON CO., Ill.--Most people across at least four counties in downstate Illinois know exactly who Jordan McGuire is.

Jordan McGuire, Albany County, Wyoming, mugshot

Jordan McGuire, Albany County, Wyoming, mugshot

McGuire is the 28-year-old music-teacher-wannabe we featured last week regarding the outcome of his Laramie, Wyoming, sex assault case dating back to last November, wherein he got a person drunk at a party, then attempted to take advantage of him in the bathroom of the home where the party was being held.

He was charged with a felony sex crime upon arrest, making headlines in the South Counties coverage area of our circulation, since people in Saline (where he was charged with the same here when he was a student at Southeastern Illinois College), Gallatin (from where the family of one of his victims hailed), Williamson (just because so many people know of what's going on there) and Jackson (from where McGuire himself hails, as well as that being the location of another investigation into similar antics that never evolved into an actual charge) are familiar with him.

Jordan McGuire, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, mugshot

Jordan McGuire, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, mugshot

He's also well-known in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, where he was charged in 2012 with exactly the same thing: Getting a former student drunk, then taking advantage of him when he was passed out and couldn't give consent.

In a jury trial, he was able to get out of that charge. But it didn't slow him down, and he went on to Wyoming, where he's just returned from that conviction, to a misdemeanor (pled-down) charge (and let's be very clear here: A misdemeanor conviction is a CONVICTION of a crime. A misdemeanor is a CRIME. The level of seriousness is different than that of a felony, and the sentencing options are milder, including a probationary/conditional discharge/supervision option for sentencing; those, however, once successfully completed, don't mean you weren't CONVICTED. They simply mean that if there's a "three-strike rule" on your crime of choice that can be held against you in subsequent crimes, if you successfully complete your sentencing time, it won't be, necessarily. This is entirely up to a judge and prosecutor. But a misdemeanor conviction doesn't mean you didn't commit a crime. It certainly DOES mean you committed a crime, just a lesser one. So anyone saying it doesn't is delusional and misinformed.)

Anyway, after we reported on the return of the errant sex perv last week, we were deluged with information about what he's doing in Jackson County, and that appears to be this: He's changing his name.

That's right...apparently, when you google "Jordan McGuire," all the coverage of his across-the-country crimes comes floating up...so he wants to be known by a new name. This is it:

mcguire name change announcement

He's going to be known as Christian Sawyer Thomas Hansen. Apparently, he thinks he can then go to school and ply his tactics and no one will realize he's THE Jordan McGuire.

This isn't settling well for those who know him and know his victims:

mcguire name change fbk post

The poster here opined that the irony in this was the name of the person hosting "To Catch a Predator," Chris Hansen.

The case number, 2015MR63, is available for anyone to see it at judici. Apparently McGuire believes he's going to move on somewhere where the internet won't be an easy thing for anyone to access. That's certainly not Australia; we have a pretty big readership there.

Keep watching. This guy is destined for much bigger things here at the site.

And read the print version coverage of this situation by clicking this link here to go right to the article, featured on the back page, if you have an online membership to the e-Edition. If you don't, click it anyway...it'll take you to a sign-up page, and you can enjoy ALL articles we've produced since 2012 right here on the comfort of your computer. It's only $2.99 for a day pass; $5.99 for a month. What are you waiting for? Get clicking, and support the last independent news outlet in downstate Illinois!

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  1. nonestsupralegis

    And that my friends is some damn good investigative journalism, and the reason I visit this page daily. Nicely done.

  2. K Lara

    Does anyone else see the irony that this pedo creep is changing his name to Chris Hansen?
    He likely chose that combination of names so when he Googled all that comes up will be stuff related to Tom Sawyer or Chris Hansen

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