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God didn't have anything to do with it. Believe it.

You mean to say "Whew! Got out of ANOTHER ONE!", right, Jordy?

Posted by on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 @ 8:23 am.

LARAMIE, Wyo.--Apparently, the prosecutors in Wyoming take sexual assault as seriously as those in Indiana and Illinois.

Which is to say, they don't.

Jordan McGuire

Jordan McGuire

Problem offender Jordan McGuire, the 28-year-old music teacher-wannabe who continues to lose jobs due to allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with drunken men, has been let off the hook once again, this time in Albany County, Wyoming, where he was charged last year with another count similar to what got him hemmed up in Illinois in 2007 and in Indiana in 2012: First Degree Sexual Assault.

The allegations can be read at this link in the front page article appearing in the early December 2014 edition. In short, McGuire was accused of taking sexual advantage of a drunken college student while he was in the bathroom being sick.

McGuire was charged with doing the same to a Southeastern Illinois College student in Saline County in 2007, and then with an of-age kid in Evansville in 2012. He was able to get a reduced plea to the Saline County one and narrowly avoided conviction in Evansville when a jury found that the state hadn't met its burden of proof in the Vanderburgh County one.

God didn't have anything to do with it. Believe it.

God didn't have anything to do with it. Believe it.

And so, once again, on May 20, McGuire entered a plea to a drastically-reduced charge in Laramie, and he's out and about after having been held at the local detention center on a high bond.

Many local victims were hoping this would be the final straw for the pervert; however, apparently the plea deal was agreeable to all, and he's just stuck with a misdemeanor charge of Sexual Battery. At least the word 'sexual' was attached to this one, unlike the case in Saline, where even that was dropped.

Now, officials with the University of Wyoming are debating whether to apply their zero tolerance for sexual misconduct to McGuire, and expel him from the institution, where he'd been studying since escaping the conviction in Indiana. One has to wonder what exactly the appeal is with this guy if he's able to get out of THAT punishment as well.

We'll keep an eye on it and let you know what UofW decides, likely in the next print version, on stands June 17.

You mean to say "Whew! Got out of ANOTHER ONE!", right, Jordy?

You mean to say "Whew! Got out of ANOTHER ONE!", right, Jordy?

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  1. Groucho

    I believe in redemption,as on the whateverthehecktheyare posts but like Reagan, “trust but verify” is how i’m looking at this.

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