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Posted by on Monday, May 18th, 2015 @ 8:00 pm.

moron alert

Mychal Bush-King, Clay County Sheriff's Office mugshot

Mychal Bush-King, Clay County Sheriff’s Office mugshot

SOMEWHERE IN SUNNY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (by way of Clay Co., Ill.)–Someone claiming to be Mychal Bush-King‘s cousin has voiced his ill-informed opinion on our tipline.

We thought you might enjoy hearing from a guy who apparently has absolutely NO concept of the trouble Bush-King has caused residents of Clay County since 2007, NO concept of what it was that got Bush-King removed from the Marines, NO concept of what the term “slander” actually means, and NO concept of what a successful businessman has done with or should do with his life (that’d be me; no link necessary. Just check out the website.)

Take it from me, Marcher…you just made yourself look bad.

Here’s the moronic phone call. Enjoy. Oh, and Marcher? Thanks for keeping the story alive. There’s been little movement in the case, and when that happens, people get restless. He’s scheduled for a July jury trial, but the likelihood that this will be tended to with a plea either on that day or shortly before is greater than the trial actually going forward. No words from the feds yet on whether they intend to seek any kind of charge.

Marcher from California

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  1. blue falcon

    nothing comes up on google voice when the ‘Marcher from California’ link is followed

  2. blue falcon

    Trial happen yet?

  3. blue falcon

    hells ya, looking forward to see what he gets for a sentance.

  4. blue falcon

    So any word yet on sentencing?

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