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Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

Posted by on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 @ 3:26 pm.

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

MARION, Ill.-- Many who have followed our coverage of the rampant corruption in Marion over the past couple of years might remember the mention of the name "Attorney Ron Osman" in much of that coverage.

Osmon was the one behind the surreptitious "sale" by way of mortgage payout of Ann Colborn's trailer rental in Marion a few years back. He's also been linked, via a Florida case in the federal court system down there, to a Marion doctor who lost his hand in an explosion in 2013.

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad

A couple of years ago, he attempted to take over a situation that involved a Marion eye doctor, Maqbool Ahmad, founder of the well-known and well-respected Marion Eye Centers. In brief, Osman subverted Ahmad's intent to purchase controlling interest of the Surgical Center of Southern Illinois by entering into a contract with them after Ahmad had issued a letter of intent (Ahmad and his eye surgeons performed the majority of their surgeries at the center.) Ahmad, in 2011, asked a judge to issue an opinion on whether this was legal for Osman, who is not a physician, to do, and whether or not the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board had erred in supporting Osman's maneuver.

The judge ruled in favor of Osman, naturally, and Ahmad appealed it to the Fifth Appellate Court in Mt. Vernon. They upheld the decision in 2013.

However, the partnership that held Surgical Associates as a corporation was held in Jackson County, not in Williamson, which is in Marion. So Ahmad filed to dissolve the partnership in 2011 in Jackson. Over a much-heated four years, the battle was fought there.

It was over this week when the judge in the case entered his ruling: dissolution. Meaning Ahmad had won.

Of course, the people of southern Illinois have lost a medical facility; however, they need to realize who cost them that--Osman, in his insatiable greed to run over anyone and everyone who won't give him what he wants.

A press release briefly outlines the entire matter; this was issued by Ahmad's attorney, John Womick:

Dr. Maqbool Ahmad, President of Marion Eye Centers, announced today that the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Illinois, entered an Order dissolving the partnership which operates the Surgery Center of Southern Illinois on April 21, 2015.

Attorney Ron Osman sought to have control of the Surgery Center transferred to him in 2011. Dr. Ahmad, Dr. mana and Dr. Ortiz, who work with Dr. Ahmad and who are limited partners, opposed the transfer.  The Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board received 115 letters in support of the transfer of the ownership to Osman and 1600 letters in opposition. Nevertheless, the Board approved the transfer of control to Osman.

After Osman took control the Surgery Center continued its downward spiral, and the Court found that the partnership had failed to operate at a profit for a period of at least the last four consecutive years, and based upon that, and other matters, the Court ordered that the partnership be dissolved.

This is not a good day for Southern Illinois.  Dr. Ahmad and others knew that Mr. Osman could not properly operate the facility.  Mr. Osman was able to convince the Board he would have ophthalmologists on the staff as well as OB/GYNs and promised the Board that it would continue the excellent services that the Surgery Center had been providing.

To the contrary, the Surgery Center went broke.

Southern Illinois does not have enough health care facilities, and the loss of one like this is not anything about which to be happy.

Yet, with Osman out of the picture Dr. Ahmad hopes and believes that other competent health care providers will fill the void.

We'll have much, much more on this very important decision in the upcoming June Special Edition issue, on stands May 27. Look for it...this matter has far-reaching ramifications across southern Illinois.

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  1. Groucho

    Not to mention that Osman is a major Butler donor according to the campaign’s financial report……And the sleaze goes on……..

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