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Posted by on Monday, May 4th, 2015 @ 1:49 pm.

HARDIN CO., Ill.--An Illinois corporation is seeking a permit to do another set of core drills at Hardin County's unexploded volcano, Hicks Dome.

The "dome" atop Hicks is actually a bulge that was created long ago by volcanic gases and/or magma pushing up through the vent below the extinct volcano, and for whatever reason, at that time it didn't blow but became dormant, this according to those who've studied the land feature extensively.

Hicks Dome, Hardin County

Hicks Dome, Hardin County

Core drills have been done over the years at the place, situated in northwestern Hardin County not far from the southeastern corner of Pope. Samples of some of the drills (core pieces) can still be found around the extinct volcano; Disclosure staff has one we found in 2004 while tooling around the northeast base of the bulge. It is shot through with crystals and shiny metallic substances, and is extraordinarily heavy for the cylindrical rock that it is. Sources in the area advise that silver, as well as precious gemstones such as sapphire and semi-precious, like amethyst, can be found in the core drills dating back to the 50s.

However, the latest item those interested in what's beneath the dome are after seems to be something else entirely: Thorium.

Hicks Dome LLC, as it turns out, seems to be looking for that "latest item," as in their published statements last week wherein they're teaming up with Shawnee National Forest officials to invite the public to comment on a proposed permit to prospect, indicate they "want to look for rare earth minerals that are used in making electronics and magnets, like those used in wind turbines."

They also want to look for fluorite, of which the Hicks Dome area in southern Illinois is one of the only on the planet that has that mineral in such heavy deposits.

All of this is a result of volcanic activity, according to geologists who've studied the reasons extensively.

That's supported by Hicks Dome LLC's proposal to drill three holes in the Dome to "prospect for igneous rock in about 1,450 acres of the National Forest System."

According to information posted on Shawnee National Forest's website, the public has 30 days from the date of that posting (April 19) to comment in writing:

• via mail to: Shawnee National Forest, Attn: Hicks Dome, 50 Illinois 145 South, Harrisburg, Ill., 62946;

• by fax to 618-253-1060 (with Hicks Dome in the subject line); or

• by email to comments-eastern-shawnee@fs.fed.us.

There is also a comments section online at the forest service's website.

The likelihood that the core drills will have any impact on the volcano is slim. However, the likelihood that the volcano 'vent' underneath the dome will have an impact on the drills is very good, as the last batch of people drilling at the dome (about the late 70s) continued to lose their cores after they punched into the vent...which was estimated, at that time, to be bottomless.

That's what volcanoes do and are, whether they're active or extinct.

Mt. St. Helens, no further explanation needed

Mt. St. Helens, no further explanation needed

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