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LaTisha Reidelberger, from her Facebook page

LaTisha Reidelberger was pregnant but with only ONE baby, not twins

Posted by on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 @ 2:50 pm.

LaTisha Reidelberger, from her Facebook page

LaTisha Reidelberger, from her Facebook page

SALINE CO., Ill.---A man identified by authorities only as a "56-year-old male" is currently in Saline County custody as a person of interest in the stabbing death of a woman in Eldorado yesterday.

The man is currently being questioned by Illinois State Police investigators in the death of LaTisha Reidelberger, 28, who was stabbed at her apartment in housing located at 1900 Main Street, Eldorado, this occurring at around 1:30 yesterday, Friday, April 17.

LaTisha Reidelberger was pregnant but with only ONE baby, not twins

LaTisha Reidelberger was pregnant but with only ONE baby, not twins

Authorities have confirmed that Reidelberger was a few months pregnant (we've not been told exactly how many). Contrary to assertions by friends, family and others who claimed to know her, she was NOT pregnant with twins, this according to an autopsy conducted today by Regional Pathologist John Heidingsfelder.

The fetus of course also died following the stabbing. There has been no word from officials as to whether the male person of interest will be charged with the death of the fetus or not.

There have been no charges filed at all in the matter, as the investigation is only in its preliminary stages. A search warrant for the apartment where the incident occurred was issued late yesterday afternoon, and the results have not been made public.

Witnesses at the scene have issued information to Disclosure in abundance, however.

They have, to a person, identified the male in question as the father of Reidelberger's children, ages not given as well as the number of children, who were present in the apartment when the incident occurred. An eyewitness to the situation stated that Reidelberger had been attempting to have an OP issued against the male, with no success. This witness then stated that Reidelberger was unaware that the male was actually in the apartment until it was too late. Witnesses advised that the stabbing was apparently very quick, and that Reidelberger's entire torso was "covered in blood," that the children observed it, and that they were screaming for the cops.

However, the cops were another issue.

According to the witnesses, the male "walked around the apartment and outside of it" for quite a period of time before any law enforcement arrived, this because apparently Eldorado had no one on duty, or at least no one who could respond. Our inquiries into the situation involving police chief Shannon Deuel turned up that Deuel just doesn't work much anymore; our investigation into court files as of late---since about last year when the two kids faked a kidnapping and absconded with a car, later to be caught in Missouri---bear this out. We just don't see his name on official reports any more. The fact that he whined to 'rado mayor Rocky James last August about the factual report on his screwup that lead to young crim Sonny Pilgrim being able to do what he did, and James subsequently pressuring a local vendor of ours to stop carrying the paper, also bears this out. There are problems in Eldorado with police. This instant case may not have occurred the way it did, were there not.

But occur it did. Witnesses tell us that ultimately, an officer arrived from Harrisburg, as well as other officers finally converging on the area where the 56-year-old male was "just walking around" at the housing projects after the stabbing. The male took off running at that point and was hit with a TASER, twice, before he was apprehended. He was taken to Saline County Detention Center and that's where he's being held as a person of interest in Reidelberger's death until authorities say otherwise.

The male has a significant criminal history in other states, we're being told, and is in fact a convicted in felon in Saline.

Authorities in Saline are officially saying now only that we'll know more Monday.

Please check back, as this matter is developing and new information is coming in all the time.


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  1. Randy Reidelberger

    This was my sister my only sister and was taken by this monster.and there was no officers on duty at the time Harrisburg was first on scene and took a hour for the ambulance to get there this is unexeptable u get paid to do ur jobs they tried to get the op for weeks wow I want a explanation I deserve it atleast

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