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Denise Jobe, of the alleged Superbrawl?

Caleb Gallion. How did he get that black eye? You'll be interested to find out!

Briannah Davis

Bigamy? That's bigga YOU!

Laura Alverth

Rick Snyder & spouse

Posted by on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 @ 7:58 pm.

Here we are with another back-to-back, every-three-week issue, packed with colossal information that YOU are going to want to read…and what better way to find out what’s in the print edition than THIS MONTH’S PRINT HEADLINES!

Print headlines also give you a link in each headline straight to the article here at the e-Edition, where, if you’re an online member, you have access to the article right here at the comfort of your computer or mobile device! If you’re not an e-Edition subscriber, give it a try! A couple of mouse clicks, a PayPal or credit/debit account, and you’re set for a day pass (24 hours) for only $2.99, or a full month for only $5.99!

Print headlines are presented in order of appearance in the paper: Front page, back page (which is our second front page), pages 2 and 3, Egypt, Heartland, Central, features in the center section if there are any this issue, and Op-Ed. They are presented by dateline (where the material in the article took place), headline, and a brief synopsis. And now, without further ado, here are THIS MONTH’S PRINT HEADLINES.


Jonathan Trout

Jonathan Trout

HAMILTON CO.—Conservation citations lead to multiple felonies: The Earp/Trout group, known affectionately around the offices as the Urps, might be a criminal family, but they are journalism’s gift that keeps on giving. If they had ANY idea how good they were for clicks for us, they’d stop all their criminal activities overnight and start wearing robes and haloes. As it is, that’s not gonna happen any time soon. Welcome to a multi-county story that doesn’t stay just in Hamilton, but crosses into Saline, Richland, and even into another state: Kentucky. THANKS, Boyz!!

Denise Jobe, of the alleged Superbrawl?

Denise Jobe, of the alleged Superbrawl?

CRAWFORD CO.—Treasurer charged: What’s a Superbowl weekend without a little bit of a brawl? We wouldn’t know, but Robinson’s city treasurer might; ask her.

GALLATIN CO.—Takes gun to Dollar General: The backstory to the situation where a Kentucky criminal walked into Shawneetown Dollar General, engaged in words with someone, and ultimately was alleged to have had somebody else’s gun in their car, which he’d conveniently tooled up to the DG in. Oh, what a twisted set of circumstances. Read it and see.

FLORA—Severe injuries in accident: Two gals were horsing around in Flora; one was old enough to know better, but unfortunately, she got the rougher end of the deal.

Caleb Gallion. How did he get that black eye? You'll be interested to find out!

Caleb Gallion. How did he get that black eye? You’ll be interested to find out!

LAWRENCE CO.—Teen runaways captured: Our first effort at using the e-Edition Xtra to promote a big story in the paper, and deliver it online. We’re waiting on formal charges to be filed against one Caleb Dane Gallion; when they are, you’ll read it here, complete with backstory that NO ONE else will have.


SALINE CO.—Alleged shooter in custody at IYC: Xzavier Gibbs made front-page headlines last issue; now, he’s on the back page but no less headline-y. See what the latest is with this gangsta wannabe.

SALINE CO.—‘Stay at home mom, mother of two’ charged with having sex with teenage boy: We always hope that maybe there’s a misunderstanding of sorts with this kind of thing…maybe someone’s falsely accusing (that goes on a lot more than people realize); maybe there’s a serious miscommunication. But unfortunately this gal is charged in two counties…so in this case, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

JASPER CO.—Authorities mum about deputy’s bad behavior: A follow up to the major front-pager in last issue, with no resolution in sight for the big brouhaha that developed in rural Ste. Marie back in November involving Jasper County Deputy Eric Lamb. You’ll only read it in print version or e-Edition, so get clicking or get out and pick one up!


SALINE CO.—‘Lurking’ Peoria man busted with needles; Harrisburg teen charged with huffing: Saline County dope report is a WEIRD one…and needed its own spot on Page 2.

GALLATIN CO.—Violence, marijuana and a stolen hat featured in crim report: When we’re not following what’s happening at the DG in Shawneetown, there’s plenty of other crimes against people and property to report out of GallCo.

SALINE CO.—Church sued for negligence after trip-and-fall: Like the lead says: Some people don’t pay any attention to certain passages of the Bible. Find out which one is being ignored in Saline County by reading this report.


HARDIN CO.—Elizabethtown Village Clerk under fire; is she keeping minutes from village meetings?: After 13 years in publication, you’d think that public officials would get the idea that we REALLY detest being denied a FOIA. What are we going to do about it? Our options are laid out in this article; read it and tell us what course of action YOU think we should take.


equality map

EQUALITY—Property dispute over illicit cannabis grow up?: It just so happened that there were a couple of guys recently sentenced over a pot grow-op in the federal court system, all of them from GallCo. Were they the ones we were told about in 2012 who were slipping across property lines and using up some good volcanic soil for their cannabis in the Ridgway area?…and have we inadvertently stumbled upon WHERE?

Briannah Davis

Briannah Davis

HARDIN CO.—Among last to see Chrissy Williams alive–Davis served eviction in Rosiclare: Little Briannah Davis can’t seem to stay out of trouble every so many months, in particular, the month of December. See what she’s accused of doing recently in this report.

SALINE CO.—Scumbags charged with stealing vehicle, arrest leads to weapons, drug charges: The crimes against property report in Saline, expanded.

GALLATIN CO.—Texting leads to ditch, ditch to jail after alcohol found: An interesting little tidbit that needed its own headline out of GallCo.

SALINE CO.—Prison time for Ridgway meth cook: It’s not all pot over in Ridgway and GallCo…the problem with this one is that he traipsed over into Saline County and got busted there.

Jeff Nolen mugshot, from December 2013

Jeff Nolen mugshot, from December 2013

SALINE CO.—Dueling OPs in Nolen household: A sad commentary on what may or may not have been going on in the Nolen household was made all the more sad by the alleged suicide of Herr Nolen, Jeff, this past week. There’s an allusion to what put him in the Saline County Detention Center (where he was when he met his demise) in this article; you’ll want to read it to get the bigger picture.

SALINE CO.—Man sentenced for stealing from senior citizen center: More crimes against property in Saline; and you’ll be amazed at the brazenness of this one.

HARDIN CO.—Tara Wallace not afraid of bigamists: Tara Wallace, Hardin County state’s attorney, may not be inclined to follow through on violence, dope or DUI in her county…but she’s sure not afraid of those big bad bigamists!! (I’ll resist the temptation to descend into a Groucho Marx joke right here…)

Bigamy? That's bigga YOU!

Bigamy? That’s bigga YOU!

SALINE CO.—Charged with attacking elderly woman in her bed: Yet another crimes against persons report in Saline that needed its own headline…because seriously, these people seem to be getting desperate. Those of you in Harrisburg will understand.

SALINE CO.—Pressuring witness to lie on the stand backfires on defendant: In an ongoing criminal case, you can’t intimidate or harass a witness who might take the stand against you. This guy found that out the hard way.

SALINE CO.—Crims target Walmart for laptop and airlift pistol complete with accoutrements: Crimes against property report in Saline.

HARDIN CO.—Prosecutor’s charges running 3-4 months behind: When she’s not going after those terrible bigamists, Tara Wallace is running three to four months behind on everything else. We’ve been telling you about it for years; now, here’s proof.

GALLATIN CO.—Suspected drunk hits police cruiser: Another GallCo crime against property that needed its own headline because, well…read it and see.


noose 1

MARION—Threats issued as city learns of $46 mil debt: Fortunately for Ann Colburn, mayoral candidate for the city of Marion, she’s no stranger to threats. Unfortunately for the city, the “noose incident” serves only to underscore the fact that there’s a lot more going on in the city…like $46 million in debt. Gads.


CRAWFORD CO.—Bank says former Crawford deputy from Flat Rock has defaulted on multiple loans: Civil court in Crawford County hasn’t been a pleasant venue for a former deputy. See who, and how, by reading this.

Flaky Frankie Frye

Flaky Frankie Frye

CRAWFORD CO.—Flaky Frankie Frye subject of no-contact order after alleged phone threats: Just when you thought the general public was safe from Frankie Frye after that stupid stunt with the lotto in late 2012, up he pops in a Crawford County OP report. Can we just be done away with this guy…? Please…?

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.24.25 PMEFFINGHAM CO.—Karate instructor charged with child abduction: Material for those who prefer the print product regarding the massive coverage of end-of-January alleged abduction of a 13-year-old from the Effingham area. What’s REALLY going on with this…?

EDGAR CO.—Burno’s quest could end mid-February: Craycray Jan Burno (Payton…Mills…whatever) is going to get her answer here about mid-month as to whether she can continue her futile pursuit against people who’ve made her butthurt on topix.com. She’s not going to like it either way…the judge is either going to tell her she hasn’t been slandered nor defamed, or he’s going to tell her she has and the person/people who’ve done it must reveal his/her identity/identities…in which case she isn’t going to like it because it’s not US, like she thinks it is. But we’ll giggle either way. Read this to keep up on it, before the big reveal…or non-reveal, whatever.

CRAWFORD CO.—Meth delivery and DUI charged: Crawford County drug report.

CRAWFORD CO.—Hair care products, mobile home axle and a scooter among stolen items in Crawford: Crawford County crimes against persons/property report…and it’s laugh-inducing.

X-TRA: CRAWFORD CO.—Close call for man who pointed air gun at police: We over-wrote on Heartland this month, so here’s the first in a series of reports you’re only going to get if you’re an e-Edition online member!

X-TRA: CRAWFORD CO.—Crawford sex offender charged with burglary: Second such report, see above!

X-TRA: JASPER CO.—Newton man charged with pot and pills: Third such report, see above!

X-TRA: CRAWFORD CO.—Alabama hunters make up lion’s share of hunting citations: Fourth such report…but I can’t even imagine why people from Alabama would come to Illinois just to HUNT. There are plenty of deer down there.



Laura Alverth

Laura Alverth, of do-it-yourself-castration fame

HAMILTON CO.—‘Banding’ debacle expands; neighbor charged: Did you think the dog-castration story in the last issue was the end of it in Hamilton County? Not by a long shot. There’s more, and here it is.

Rick Snyder & spouse

Rick Snyder & spouse

WHITE CO.—Local man claims to be in California, but viewing young girls in Carmi: One of the creepiest things we’ve seen come out of White County in a long time. We’re hoping someone takes some steps to stop this kind of thing…because this is how worse crimes start.

RICHLAND CO.—Illegal village mayor files legal paperwork against village tenants to whom he rents: There’s a little codicil at the end of this article that everyone who might take offense needs to read VERY CAREFULLY…we’ve given everybody in the mix ample opportunity to clear it up and they haven’t, so you get what you get, Shamrock-boy.

WABASH CO.—Punch in the mouth, arson and stolen cigars in Wabash: A combined crimes against person/property report out of Wabash, where things are starting to…heh…”heat up”…?

CLAY CO.—Mr. Eastin can’t stay out of the headlines; wants custody of his kids: Remember Topper Eastin? No? Surely you remember his Momma? Well, Topper returns (LOL)…and he has a very viable petition in civil court right now in Clay County.

CLAY CO.—Portrait of a drug-fueled meltdown?–Or just another domestic?: There are a lot of repeat crim type of articles coming out of Clay County this month…and for those of you who’ve followed us for years, you’ll understand why this one is important.

RICHLAND CO.—Strangulation and a punch from Villa Grove reported: The Richland County crimes against persons report.

WHITE CO.—Sex offender charged with arranging to meet child at library: And see…? this kind of thing happens (reference the White County article above)…you seriously can’t be too careful with these online creeps. This article shows why.

RICHLAND CO.—Richland County prosecutor struggles with dangling things and four pounds of weed: Well, the weed-man’s gonna be late, peeps…best get out and get your Medical Marijuana certification; it might take less time.

HAMILTON CO.—Former Eldorado doper charged with delivery in Hamilton Co.: Another crossover piece, this one from Saline to HamCo, and having to do with dope.

HAMILTON CO.—Conservation citations issued for illegal deer hunting: No, not the Urps. Yet another set of conservation violations in HamCo, where there are apparently very busy conservation police.

CLAY CO.—Felons charged with guns and dope in Clay Co.: The dope report coming in out of Clay County.

LAWRENCE CO.—Convicted Bridgeport meth doper leads arrest report: Not a lot of big news out of Lawrence these past three weeks, but what there is is fairly interesting, per this report.

CLAY CO.—Four charged in latest state police alcohol sting: Those 20.75-year-olds with full beards and a few lines on their faces have infiltrated booze sellers in Clay; here’s the report on that.

WHITE CO.—Elderly man caught in latest meth roundup: Dope isn’t just for the young; it’s for the young at heart, as well, apparently.

CLAY CO.—Flora man charged with using large burning candle and truck as weapons: Hey. When you can’t carry concealed, you have to use SOMETHING, right?


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE (Jack): For the love of gardening and for the scooters

ICY (Ang): Examining your shrinking water options

MINKUS INK (Bubba): Columnist placed in solitary confinements for exposing the truth—Letter writer who opposed column concerning cushy prison digs appears to be a sex offender


BACK OVER YOUR TALES: From the pages of the February/March 2010 edition, including coverage of Tim Monroe’s cocaine trial in Harrisburg, and Shannon Wilfong’s nightmare at the hand of her ex, Mike Chekevdia, Raymond Martin’s Jackson County mess, and much, much more!!

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