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Robin Wangler, left, and Cristy Reed, mugshots from Tennessee authorities.

Posted by on Monday, January 12th, 2015 @ 1:41 pm.

Robin Wangler, left, and Cristy Reed, mugshots from Tennessee authorities.

Robin Wangler, left, and Cristy Reed, mugshots from Tennessee authorities.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.---Two women with criminal histories in Saline County, Illinois, have been charged with having sticky fingers in Tennessee---Nashville, to be exact.

And what an alleged haul it was.

Cristy Reed, 45, whose last known Illinois address was Harrisburg, and Robin Wangler, 30, whose last known Illinois address was in Eldorado (although she has also recently reported a Flint, Michigan, address), were caught in a Dillard's department store in Nashville last week (reportedly January 8), allegedly stuffing clothing into bags.

When authorities responded to the store report, they apprehended the women and subsequently searched their other bags (purses) as well as the vehicle they arrived in...and found over $3,000 worth of clothes from big-name stores, such as Express, Victoria's Secret, TJ Maxx, Buckle, and others.

The two had also apparently become adept at what's known in the retail world as "defeating security devices": Wire cutters and magnets to disable these devices (usually placed on garments and other items in department and mall stores) in-store so they wouldn't set off detectors at the entryways.

Not surprisingly, authorities also were said to have found prescription pills and a meth pipe in the car.

The two told the authorities that they were intent on selling the items for cash back here in Illinois. What they were going to do with the cash wasn't made readily known, but most southern Illinoisans could hazard a good guess.

As of today, both women are being held in Nashville's Metro Jail on the charges, awaiting a court appearance.

wanglersRegular readers will recall an incident from a couple of years back, when most of the rowdy bars in Harrisburg were still open, where eyewitnesses reported Wangler being involved in a beat-down in front of the public aid office after an incident at EL Shagwell's bar. After this article appeared, the Wangler contingent wailed mightily for days that the incident as reported "deedunt hayppun thayut wayyyyy" but police reports proved that it indeed did.

There's no indication of whether anyone will come to the defense of the hapless alleged pill-poppers/meth heads this time, or whether their currently-jailed status (in a location that doesn't give a damn whether they can roll on another local pill/meth head) will preclude that.

Robin Wangler had just finished her probation stint on the incident, this in October of 2014, so that might've been what emboldened her to go on her little alleged out-of-state shopping spree.

Reed, on the other hand, has no discernible Saline County history of any significance since 2004, so apparently she thought she was in pretty good shape as regards any life of crime being held against her.

More in the upcoming print edition if we get it; on stands in a little over a week (January 20/21).

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