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If Jordan McGuire weren’t locked up in Wyoming, we’d think he was in MISSOURI

Posted by on Friday, January 2nd, 2015 @ 11:20 am.

We came across this piece yesterday in our news feed, and really had to look at the dateline twice.

That's because the headline, "Illinois man charged in Dunklin County with sodomy and kidnapping," really was an attention-grabber...especially those in south counties who are familiar with Jordan Lee McGuire.

It's Dunklin County, Missouri, however....and it's not Jordan. It's another guy, by the name of Michael Dean. And he's not a young punk like McGuire, at 27, is; he's an old dude, age 56.

Yet he appears to share some of the same proclivities McGuire is alleged to have.

From the Daily Dunklin:

Charges of sodomy and kidnapping have been filed in Dunklin County against an Illinois man, stemming from a series of incidents occurring in the summers of 2011 and 2012. Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Sokoloff announced Monday that he has charged Michael Dean, 56, of Kampsville, Ill., with three counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of kidnapping. 

According to Sokoloff, Dean is charged with drugging three young men on different occasions, handcuffing them, stripping them, and having anal intercourse with them, while they were unconscious. The victims were all from the Kampsville area and traveled to Kennett with Dean to assist him in his produce business. The young men were 29, 26, and 22 years old, respectively.

Those are a little old for McGuire, but...we get the sentiment.


The matter came to light earlier this year, when another victim was able to contact family before passing out, Sokoloff reported. Dean was apprehended in Normal, Ill., and among other items, a camera was located, with nude photos of numerous young men, handcuffed and unconscious. When police were able to identify some of them, they made contact and got confirmation that the men had traveled to Kennett with Dean, gone out for drinks after work, and had no memories of the evening, other than waking up in the motel, naked, and with anal pain.

We tell you this because McGuire is the front page lead article in the current issue of Disclosure, January 2015, on stands right now and ready for you to pick up...and if you're a resident of Saline, Williamson and Jackson counties in Illinois or Vanderburgh County, Indiana, you're going to want to read this one...and here, as a preview, is your noontime Read the Lead, Charged with sex crime out west.


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 6.12.54 PMLARAMIE, Wyo.—A former Saline/Williamson County-area man is jailed on a high bond after another sexual assault allegation has been leveled against him.

Jordan Lee McGuire, 27, faces a fourth such allegation since 2007, this one in Laramie, Wyoming. The difference this time, however, is that there are witnesses, and DNA evidence is being processed…and as well, the bond holding McGuire in detention at Wyoming’s Albany County facility is so huge—$100,000 cash, as jail staff advised Disclosure on December 28—that even his well-to-do Illinois relatives might have trouble paying for both that and for his defense.

And McGuire is apparently going to need the latter.

McGuire, who was in graduate school at the University of Wyoming at the time of his arrest, is accused of raping a fellow student at an off-campus party on November 21.

This follows several such accusations of similar conduct in the area dating back to nearly eight years ago when McGuire, a native of Carterville, was 20 and was in school at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg.

At that time, machinations by his high-end attorney (afforded by his grandparents), coupled by reluctance on the part of the alleged victim, all worked to get McGuire out of that situation relatively unscathed.

What McGuire went on to do, however, has prompted public concern; and the November incident, which resulted in charges Dec. 5, 2014, has caused hope that maybe, this time, McGuire can finally be stopped.

Blacked out, then assaulted

Court documents out of Albany County, Wyoming, outline McGuire’s actions on the evening of Nov. 21, 2014.

McGuire, who is a perpetual student of music and theatre (having traveled all over the world to be so, including a 2011 stint in Australia), began graduate studies at the university in the fall of 2014.

Another university student, identified only in court documents as “MB,” advised that he arrived at the party, being held at McGuire’s residence, “already feeling drunk.”

MB told authorities that McGuire handed him a “cherry-flavored vodka drink” from a punchbowl in McGuire’s kitchen and told MB it would “make him feel better.” However, instead, MB apparently had a bit too much, became sick, and actually “blacked out” for a period of time; he told investigating authorities that he didn’t know for how long the blackout period was.

When he came to, MB reported, he was “in a bathroom with Jordan McGuire…and McGuire was sexually assaulting him,” this while MB was kneeling over the toilet.


To read the rest of this article, if you have an online membership to the e-Edition, simply click the headline link above the excerpt. But, if you don't have a membership, click this link here to get started on yours today! Or, if you prefer to hold a newspaper in your hands, visit any one of our many vendors throughout southern Illinois; you can find them at this link! Don't miss this one...the print product/e-Edition is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT NEWS PRODUCT than the website or any of our social networking sites, so if you're not reading it, you're not fully informed! Get a copy today...and hurry, this one is only on stands for THREE WEEKS!

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