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The man identified by McCracken County, Ky., as Devin Hopkins

From Devin Hankins' Facebook page.

Posted by on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 @ 4:55 pm.

McCRACKEN CO., Ky.—A man who might’ve been misidentified in Kentucky—but whose Illinois friends recognized his booking mugshot—has been arrested as part of a prostitution sting in McCracken County.

Published reports indicated that one Devin Hopkins, 44, of Harrisburg, was one of 13 men arrested and charged with Solicitation of Prostitution. The arrest came after the McCracken County sheriff’s department placed an online ad offering “escort services” and a female deputy posed as the prostitute on the other end of the listed phone number. A couple of the guys who were so busted were also busted for Possession of Marijuana.

The man identified by McCracken County, Ky., as Devin Hopkins

The man identified by McCracken County, Ky., as Devin Hopkins

However, the problem Harrisburg people have been pointing out since the news broke last night is that the guy bearing the name “Devin Hopkins” in the arrest information/mugshot sure does look a lot like Harrisburg resident Devin Hankins.

And according to many of our sources here in tha burg, that would be because it IS Devin Hankins.

Those who know Hankins know him to be a local businessman who likes to sing. He’s regularly called upon to perform at functions including fundraisers and other charitable events.

However, what he was doing down in Paducah isn’t exactly known…and further, why his name is listed incorrectly is a big mystery.

Disclosure called McCracken County earlier this afternoon and pointed out the strange situation. McCracken County agreed that it was indeed strange, and promised to look into it, as regards whether it was a typo, a misidentification, someone working with multiple IDs, or someone deliberately attempting to ensure that police don’t find out who he is.

The deputy who called back stated they’d have an answer for us one way or another by mid-week this week, so look for it to appear in the next print version of Disclosure (October 2014) on stands beginning a week from Tuesday.

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  1. RandalC

    Last month, the local MSM misidentified Timothy Highsmith as Timothey Hightower and his brother Shane Highsmith as Shane Hightower. This was after Timothey Highsmith hit a woman head on while driving intoxicated in Clay County on US 50. I wonder how this kind of thing happens???

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