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Planning on going round and round a track this month “for cancer”? Don’t.

It is both stupid and irresponsible to vilify those who support hemp oil as a cancer sure. Check Rick Simpson's sites for proof.

Run From the Cure....watch it

Posted by on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 @ 11:45 am.

June and July are typically the months when most American Cancer Society fundraisers---the Relay for Life---are held.

And even in light of the reality of funds raised at the events, and how they are (or more importantly, are NOT) used, people are still participating in some of the events in droves.

If you're still helping the ACS raise money via their "signature fundraiser," the Relay for Life, you might want to do a little independent research on where the money goes. We've been doing that research since 2002, the year before we started our paper, and the ACS has held fast that because we tell the TRUTH about them, that means we're not a "reliable news source." It's frightening that something as monolithic as the ACS would even consider making such a statement...as if THEY are the ones responsible for assessing what is and isn't good reporting...but this is the hubris they carry with them as their "charity" is slowly being exposed for what it is: a distraction from what CAUSES cancer, and what CURES it.

For more information on that, we present to you your noontime Read the Lead, Ang's column, It's the most sickening tiiiiiiime of the year....read it before you go round and round and waste another minute or another dime on the ACS.


It is both stupid and irresponsible to vilify those who support hemp oil as a cancer sure. Check Rick Simpson's sites for proof.

It is both stupid and irresponsible to vilify those who support hemp oil as a cancer cure. Check Rick Simpson's sites for proof.

(Nothing in this column is to be construed as medical advice. All references in it are either my own experiences, are cited from alternative medical sources, or are simply common sense…something we’re so lacking these days that it’s become incumbent upon a columnist to start out a column with this disclaimer.)

It’s about that time of year again. The time when everybody gets geared up to form teams and erect tents and decorate sites at a location where generally, people go round and round a track or town square, all in an effort to “defeat cancer” because “cancer never sleeps.”

Yes, I’m talking about the Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society’s “signature fundraiser,” that annual event that (generally) raises more money than any three other “charities” put together.

But the reality of the show is this: The only thing about the situation that’s even remotely going to help anyone involved with “preventing” or even “treating” cancer is the fact that it’s probably the only exercise several of the participants get on an annual basis. Exercise (such as simple walking) oxygenates the cells, and oxygenation of cells helps fight the thing that really causes cancer, the thing I’m talking about this year in the annual “don’t participate in Relay for Life” column: fungus.

Because since my second bout with cancer, I’ve learned a lot about the condition (and bear in mind, this is a condition, not a ‘disease.’ Cancer is a condition that causes dis-ease in a system or organ. Look it up.) And one of the things I’ve researched hard in the past year is the FACT that cancers are caused by fungus.

Run From the Cure....watch it

Run From the Cure....watch it


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