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Posted by on Friday, March 21st, 2014 @ 9:28 pm.

HARDIN CO., Ill.---We had someone opine on our Facebook page last night that Briannah Davis, one of the last people to see Chrissy Williams alive back on December 2, 2013, "kept changing her stories."

We didn't know about that. We only knew one story, and that vaguely, about Chrissy being at the residence of Scotty Miller's parents in Rosiclare with Bree and Miller on the night she disappeared.

Last night, during one of the threads on Facebook we were using to cover the discovery of Chrissy Williams' SUV (and the subsequent discovery of Williams inside, the autopsy of which was just concluded this evening, the announcement made a little after 8 p.m....but the fact that it's "done" is meaningless, until we learn cause of death), Bree got in there and started raging against us, saying we were "lying" and all the things that clueless people say about us.

I got a little pissed and banned her from the page. We didn't need the bullshit flying when we were about ready to turn the page over to the night crew. We had enough chaos going on.

So, lil bitch took it to HER Facebook page. And here it is.

bree davis bullshit

She would like for me to tell her when she said she was in another room?

I'm happy to.

It was the release date of the January 8 special edition, the one in which we first really got into the story (stories) surrounding Chrissy's disappearance; the one in which I was given a million different tales and none of them matched. The one that hit the stands about two weeks before THIS happened:

Briannah Davis

Briannah Davis

Do you need any more specifics? I'll give you fucking specifics. I was trying to make lunch for my granddaughter while her mom and gampayman were out delivering the papers, Tuesday, January 7. You called at 11:28 a.m. It was a 34-minute conversation, according to my phone. During that conversation I specifically asked you to describe the entire incident of Chrissy coming to Scotty's parent's house. You did. We recounted it in a subsequent article. We recounted it last night. YOU TOLD ME YOU AND SCOTTY WENT TO HAVE SEX, and left Chrissy. And when you were done with your quickie, Chrissy was gone. And further to that, I'm not the only media outlet you gave that story to.

And then there's this message we received, back in mid-January:


So which is right, Bree? Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

The problem may lie in that question I asked you during that 34-minute conversation. I asked, "Are you on any pills now?" And you said you'd been clean for 10 months. I told you I could empathize; I have a daughter who's beaten a drug addiction. We had a brief conversation about how people in Hardin County couldn't let it go when you got hooked on something, then got clean. I'll bet you remember that part, huh? Stuff that's important to you, you remember. Everything else, well...it's up for grabs.

I spoke to a couple of people you talked to, Bree, after that conversation I had with you. They told me you were lying; that you'd told different people different things. I said---and this is a quote---"I can only go by what SHE tells me. I will attribute it to her. That's all we can do in this business; we can't second-guess what people tell us."

And now you say I'M lying???

You are one self-righteous bitch. Just like people were telling me. And I gave you the benefit of the doubt because YOU called ME to "set the record straight."

So to all you Marchers who are giving her post a thumbs-up: Please don't tell me there are that many stupid people in Hardin County. You can think what you want. But the woman asked for me to tell her when she said this to me, and now I've told her. If the law in Illinois weren't such that I couldn't record a phone conversation, we'd have had a recording of it, believe me.

You're being lead along, people...don't fall for it. There's scrambling going on right now; you need to ask yourselves 'why.' We need to pay attention to who's scrambling...and I seriously hope ISP is paying attention. Sadly, it's in Tara Wallace's jurisdiction to prosecute, and she just got beat by a guy representing himself in court over a possession of marijuana charge. Pot. Tara got beaten by a civilian, sans law degree, likely sans much sense. Do you really think she can handle a murder case?

That's Hardin County for you.

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