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Posted by on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 @ 6:30 pm.



Ciara DeRyke

Ciara DeRyke

EFFINGHAM CO., Ill.---A fracas in the courthouse this afternoon overshadowed the hearing going on for the mother of Willow Long on her obstruction charge.

Ciara DeRyke, 26, of various reported locations (formerly Watson, recently Effingham, presently, the county jail), attended a hearing at the Effingham County courthouse today that was marked by outbursts from her father, Dale DeRyke, following said hearing.

When media began asking State's Attorney Bryan Kibler questions about the case, the elder DeRyke was reportedly growing more and more agitated, until finally he burst out, "Let ME ask you a question!" to which Kibler responded, "You can ask me in private."

DeRyke threw his arms up in the air and stormed off, only to be pitching a fit near the elevators, doing such things as throwing his jacket, making inappropriate comments (those have not been clarified for us as yet) and shoving a friend who had come to attend the hearing with him and had made the mistake of telling him to calm down...all behaviors that would have gotten anyone else arrested, but not DeRyke. Instead, he was allowed to carry on this way, then exit the courthouse in a huff.

Disclosure has had an opportunity this evening to speak to a couple of people who know Ciara DeRyke, and the family situation there in Watson prior to Willow's death. To a person, they agree that Dale DeRyke is incensed that his daughter---his "baby," as he's already said it to them---has been arrested. The general consensus is that he'll likely post bond for her as soon as possible.

Other developments have come out of the conversations with these sources, and the material coming from this will likely appear in the upcoming print edition. Be sure you know where your vendors nearest Effingham County are: MotoMart in Salem; Newton Bottle Junction, Newton Marathon and MVP Happy Hollar in Newton; and The Gas Station in Ste. Marie...or, you can subscribe to the e-Edition by getting yourself an online membership, where you can read all the articles about the case surrounding the late Willow Long. You won't want to miss this one.

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