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READ THE LEAD: Small victory for embattled realtor in Marion

Posted by on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 @ 12:10 pm.

There's nothing more frightening than to think that someone can come along and wipe out your land holdings merely by paying off your mortgage.

Ann Colborn

Ann Colborn

Yet that's pretty much what happened to a Marion woman over the past year: the mortgage note to Ann Colborn's property was purchased out from under her not long after she had renegotiated repayments, ostensibly because it was in default, despite the fact that Colborn hadn't missed any payments, and despite the fact that the man who made the purchase had done so without benefit of being a licensed debt collector and had therefore done so allegedly illegally.

Fortunately for Colborn, the chinks in Bradley's armor are beginning to show signs of strain, especially with the revelation that his purchase of the note, and subsequent demand of her for repayment, may have all been not only highly irregular, but potentially criminal. And a court victory for her in the battle she's engaged in with Bradley, of Marion Heights LLC, while small, is still significant. Here now is the next front-page Read the Lead offering, "Small victory in land-grab case":


WILLIAMSON CO.—A significant land-grab attempt in Marion has suffered a blow in Williamson County court as of mid-October.

It was on Oct. 15 that the woman at the heart of a fight for control of her own property, Ann Colborn, acting as her own legal counsel, was granted a Motion for Summary Judgment to be entered into the record of a case against her by none other than the land-grabber himself, Doug Bradley, of Marion Heights LLC.

The decision seemed to stun Bradley and his counsel, Ron Osmon, and at one point, according to witnesses and Disclosure’s correspondent, rendered Osmon literally gibbering on the courtroom floor in protest.

The situation originated with the attempted (and thus far, successful) land-grab Bradley affected when he purchased a mortgage note belonging to Colborn in July of 2012, by crossing state lines and misrepresenting himself as someone who could rightfully make such a purchase.

It was at that time that Bradley went to Regions Bank in Indianapolis and effectively bought the mortgage out from under Colborn without her knowledge or consent, this after she refused to sell him the small piece of property in question west and south of the I-57 interchange, where Bradley is developing Marion in a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District under Marion Heights LLC.


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