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One suspect involved in Eldorado vandalism spree has now been identified

Posted by on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 @ 7:32 pm.

Eldorado, IL - The identity of one suspect in the vandalism spree last week in Eldorado has now been confirmed.

Jordan Dunning, 22, of Eldorado was apprehended by police after a foot chase in Eldorado last Thursday, November 7th.

Several suspects were chased down Eldorado streets after reports came in to police about car windshields being smashed out by a group of thugs. Officers found the thugs near the Eldorado Middle School, after the crew had smashed out the windshield of the schools van, and the glass of a door to the school. The officers were only able to apprehend Dunning, and the other suspects are still on the run.

Dunning has been charged with three counts of Criminal Damage to Property, and one count of Resisting or Obstructing Police Officers.

Anyone with information on the other individuals involved in the incident is being encourage to contact the Eldorado Police Department. Anonymous tips are welcome.


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3 Comments for “One suspect involved in Eldorado vandalism spree has now been identified”

  1. Quick 7

    From what I have heard he is spilling his guts like the little bitch he is. I bet there will be many more arrest including his girlfriend real soon. Edorado PD is doing a great job of ending this problem from our town. Soon there will be a lot less of this trash rooming our streets. Well that is if the Judges and State’s Attorney do their job and make sure they are sent off without just a slap on the wrist and putting them back out on to the our streets like they have so many times in the past. I bet if any of this happened to them or their property they would make sure they went away for their crimes. Remember Saline Co. Voters and Property Owners are watching these cases real close. So do your jobs or next election you will need to look for a new job.

  2. Top Cat

    I bet he has told on the others when they busted him.

  3. HoosierDaddy

    Forget locking them up. Put their asses to work so they can pay for the damage. Punks.

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