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Photo submitted from a Facebook page of the actual bust in question

Posted by on Friday, August 9th, 2013 @ 8:12 am.

HARDIN CO.---Sources reported to us yesterday that there's been a major drug bust at The Gathering of the Juggalos in Hardin County.

We held off on the information on the off chance that we could learn the name of the individual busted, but so far, no such luck.

Our sources have indicated that Illinois State Police made the bust either late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, August 7/8.

Photo submitted from a Facebook page of the actual bust in question

Photo submitted from a Facebook page of the actual bust in question

We're interested in learning not only who the man (we at least know it was male) was, where he's from, how old, and in particular, two things: What kind of dope, and whether this occurred on the grounds of Hog Rock Campgrounds, or off. If on, then a precedent has been set where none has succeeded in past years, which is to say, someone gained access to the private property owned by Tim York and was able to stop some of the mass drug trading going on at The Gathering (which is really kicking into high gear for the weekend, with all their largely-unknown rap artists set to perform:

unknown jugg bands

Seriously. Who has ever heard of any of these wannabe thug bands?

The drug bust was preceded by a violent Jugg being taken off the grounds Wednesday before the festivities started, which we chronicled here, this Jugg having ingested the same synthetic drug the rest of the ODs (nine so far) taken off the grounds by public-supported ambulances to a public-supported hospital have. In that particular instance, as it turns out, the combative Jugg actually injured the responding EMT, cracking the orbit of his her (CORRECTED) eye, and it's reported to us that this EMT will need surgery. Guess who pays for that...? Yep, us, since the EMT was on duty, the ambulance was a publicly-supported conveyance, the public support the ambulance service gets doesn't JUST come from the county from which it originates but is also funded by state and federal tax dollars at varying times...and it's highly unlikely that the Jugg is employed and paying taxes at all, let alone has any kind of insurance that will cover his medical treatment.

We've not learned whether this drug bust has put a dent in the celebrations at the event, but then, we've not had any further reports of ODs yet, either...but keep watching today. If it happens, we'll get it.

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  1. Matisyahu Sledgerius

    If you listened to rap in the 2000’s you have heard of Lil Wyte. That’s like telling someone from the 70’s “Seriously. Who has ever heard of The Doobie Brothers”. Neck tats or not he is pretty well the shiznit…http://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_twisted.gif

  2. dhath70

    Y’all are gonna need a vacation after this weekend! Thanks for the hard work and keeping us subscribers updated on all the goings on from the jugs to dog action in `rado! Great job!

  3. RandalC

    I am starting to lean toward the idea of legalizing drugs to restrain a governent that is too invasive. Somehow, I still love seeing drug dealers busted.

  4. ben martz

    It won’t even phase it. Lol you guys know nothing about the

  5. Kenn A

    Who the hell are you to ASSUME that just because the guy that assulted the EMT is a Juggalo means that he has no job, doesn’t pay taxes, or has no insurance. I have got to say that this is the most biased and unprofessional bit of “reporting” that I have ever seen.

    • I’m the MOTHERFUCKING SITE OWNER, that’s who I am.

      If you don’t like it, leave. I’ll not be read my pedigree by someone with “hatchetjedi” as an email username.

      • Kenn A

        It’s not my username jackass. It’s my email, and who gives you the right to state publicly what my email is anyway? I don’t care if you are the motherfucking site owner or god herself, your generalization of Juggalos and your assumptions are insulting, unprofessional, and just plain bad reporting. As the site owner, you should be more responsible than that and should actually take the time to do your research instead of making broad generalizations about a group of people that you have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE OF, which is blatantly obvious by reading the articles that you have here. Why report on something at all if you’re notgoing to take the time to do some ACTUAL research on what you’re reporting on? As for your “pedigree”, your site is filled with bullshit conspiracy theories, biased and completely unethical “news” articles, and opinion stated as fact in too many articles to count. The FACT is that the majority of Juggalos are working, tax paying, and self supporting individuals that put a lot of time and effort into making this their vacation every year. There are hundreds or thousands of Juggalos that are actively trying to help in cleaning up the Gathering and change the image that has been associated with it. You may not like us, you may not like our music, you may not like having the Gathering out there, but it’s closed minded and biased people such as yourself that whats wrong with this supposedly “free” nation. Most of the people that go to the Gathering aren’t drug addicts, most people that go, are there to enjoy the music and other festivities, and to meet and spend time with people from all over the world that they only get to see this one time a year. So, “MOTHERFUCKING SITE OWNER” how about you at least give off the illusion of professionalism instead of your high and mighty, holier than thou attitude?

        • Put down the syringe, jugghead…reread the comment. I SAID “email username.” Zing. Right over your head.

          Who gives me the right? ME. Remember, the OWNER OF THE MOTHERFUCKING WEBSITE? YOU should have a news organization as widespread and longstanding as ours. Maybe you’d preach to someone who gives a shit.

          Right now, you’re not.

  6. Coleen Nichols

    OMG ,,, My daughter went with a few friends she is 22 yrs old I’m in shock about the things that are going on there !!!! I have no way to get a hold of her & Now I’m afraid for her life !!! I Pray to god that there will not be anymore of this but I won’t hold my breath !! 😥 FEAR,, as I sit here with no way to get to her to find anything out ,,, What to do ??? I will be Praying for everyone that has any of there kids there that they come home safe just the way they left !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenn A

      Unless your daughter is into doing random drugs from random people then she should be just fine. These type of things are actually pretty isolated incidences to be completely honest. MOST of the people there are NOT drug users or violent in any way. Look up the dozens of articles online from other news sites. People at the Gathering are actually friendly and go out of their way to help each other out and take care of each other. Don’t worry. She will be just fine.

  7. ben martz

    You people are dumb. Every year people get arrested for drugs
    Or lewdness. And I think 1person died of heat related illness
    Its not like its ultra violent. Geesh. And to the juggalos reading
    Whoop whoop see you next year missed this year couldn’t
    Get time off.

    • I do believe that “dumb” could be characterized as: a person who doesn’t understand that any time there’s an overwhelming response such as an overwhelming presence of law enforcement, emergency medical services and other taxpayer-supported entities having to respond to a PRIVATE gathering and not getting a PRIVATE dime back, it’s going to result in the taxpayers having to foot the bill via their property taxes and other types of rates/fees increases…and all the dumb person can think of is “every year people get arrested for drugs or lewdness” REGARDLESS of whether it’s “ultra violent.” Violence doesn’t constitute “bad.” Open sexual behavior in front of juveniles, selling harmful dope to underage (or stupid) people who’ll shoot it up then die, and causing strain on the local law enforcement and other offices is BAD.

      But hey, whoop whoop, you know. That’s all that matters, right? I’ll just go back to work to support your useless asses.

  8. ben martz

    Thanks But I have job that pays well and as far as juveniles bein there thats kinda on their parents wouldn’t ya think? This gathering has been happening since 2000 It’s not goin anywhere anytime soon.

  9. demetri black

    @ Jack Howser : Jack , you should know that I am absolutely appalled at the way you view juggalos not all of us are drug addict losers for instance im a successful science fiction writer and I have worked for a few small publications in my many years as a writer, and I pay my taxes every year and work hard for all the money i earn and ive been a juggalo for close to 15 years. so maybe before you judge all juggalos you should go out of your way and get to know us for who we are as people before you judge us all so harshly. I personally know many juggalos who are successful business owners and musicians and they all pay there taxes just like me every year. after all does it say in the bible “judge not unless you be judged”. and no i am not a christen im a proud pagan but before you judge me for my religion you should know that i have studied just about every religion there is. as the saying goes “closed minds should come with closed mouths” that’s the nicest way i could think of to tell you to shut the fuck up you judgmental prick. Southern Psychopaths Juggalos for life

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