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Ostensibly a shot of the 'drug bridge'

I don't know about you, but this...horrifies me. Read the article; you'll see why.

I mean, why pop a soma when you can have acid, right?

Posted by on Friday, August 9th, 2013 @ 6:34 pm.

HARDIN CO.---Officials have reported that the "drug bridge" on the premises of the Hog Rock Campgrounds, where attendees of The Gathering of the Juggalos north of Cave-in-Rock can freely buy all manner of illicit substances, has been shut down following the death of an ostensible Juggalo.

A male Gathering attendee was found in a tent this afternoon at some point in time before 3 p.m., dead of an apparent overdose, this being the official word at this time. Sources are advising that those around the man, estimated to be in his late 20s/early 30s, told them he supposedly went into someone's tent, shot up something with a needle/syringe...and fell over dead, according to accounts we are receiving from the scene.

At 3:13, the "drug bridge" was officially shut down; police authorities arrived at 4:27 p.m. Coroner Jessica Cullum was en route at that time.

The drug bridge is the most caustic aspect of the entire Gathering.

Ostensibly a shot of the 'drug bridge'

Ostensibly a shot of the 'drug bridge'

All it is is a regular box-culvert type bridge over a creek on the grounds, with railings on the side, just like any other creek crossing in Southern Illinois. However, when it comes time for the Gathering, the JuggaDrug dealers take to it, setting up tents and tables to hawk their wares to anyone at all on the grounds...young or old, no matter their health condition, and including pregnant woman, probably like this one featured here at this article, who is reported to have doped so much when she was carrying her baby daughter in utero that the baby died, and the parents had a spectacular Juggalo funeral for her.

I don't know about you, but this...horrifies me. Read the article; you'll see why.

I don't know about you, but this...horrifies me. Read the article; you'll see why.

Anyway, back to the drug bridge.


You can pretty much get anything there, and supposedly for a very good price. I haven't ever purchased dope, so I have no idea what constitutes a "good price," but that's what's said down in Hardin County.


I do recognize that, however; thanks to the research we've done into medical marijuana, I know bud when I see it. I wouldn't buy it from THIS guy if I were you, though.

It's our understanding---as it was related to us a couple of years ago by concerned parents---that young Hardin County kids allowed out on the grounds have gotten into raiding their parents' and grandparents' medicine cabinets, and take the pills (Lortabs, 'somas, Xanax, etc) to the drug bridge for trade for other dope, or sell it up in Harrisburg and surrounds for cold cash so they can go to the grounds and get their dope of choice...since not every 14-year-old wants to take their grandpa's pain meds.

I mean, why pop a soma when you can have acid, right?

I mean, why pop a soma when you can have acid, right?

Like I said, this is the most repulsive and controversial aspect of the entire Gathering. Yes, it's freedom of assembly; yes, it's private property rights; yes, an adult person can destroy their body with multiple substances on private property if they so choose, millions of people rot their liver every day with the perfectly legal drug, alcohol.

But when someone ODs right in front of everybody, after buying something that when he shot himself up with it, it overtook his system and killed him, and there are youngsters running around the place (the pornographic displays, lascivious conduct and other nastiness notwithstanding)...enough's enough.

We'll let you know if the show goes on tonight. The now obsolete Insane Clown Posse is usually scheduled to play on Fridays, with nothing more harmless going on than Faygo...right?

jugg faygo wet t shirt

You decide.

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  1. Irish

    Must be a “bridge” to Harrisburg the dope capitol.

  2. Chris A

    Wow, you guys seriously blow this shit way out of proportion.
    Just because a person goes to the Gathering does not automatically mean they are druggies. But yes, a lot of druggies go to the Gathering because of the loose restrictions on drugs, as with most festivals which last for days.
    I see you said something about “youngsters”. This is an adult event. The list of do’s and don’t for the Gathering says you can bring your children, but it is not recommended.
    The whole Annabelle Lotus thing is tragic, and her mother was a pill popping alcoholic, both Xanax and Beer are legal substances which the government pushes at people. The shit that is going on at the gathering has a lot to do with NBomb and other synthetic drugs, drugs which prove to be extremely harmful but are still legal by the federal government and by most states.
    I do not agree with the drug use which is going on. If Cannabis were cheaper and legal, i’m sure it would be the drug of choice for almost everyone. Noone is getting killed because of weed. The juggalo’s who are strictly baked from weed are chillin’ in a chair talking with new friends, out exploring while smoking a blunt, or they are at the concerts having a blast.

    Druggies do drugs, not matter where they are, and they will always find it. At the Gathering you just have the difference between going to the hometown store, or going to the big supermarket, the supermarket always has those “killer” deals.

    • Tell ya what, Chris Ass.

      You come on down here and FOIA all the agencies that are having to respond to this mess and find out what budgets they’re busting trying to pay overtime and other extras included in the response.

      Then you look carefully at our website.

      Because during the 361 OTHER days of the year, we’re onto how our tax dollars are being spent in our part of the state…and god knows we have enough corruption involving WASTE of public money, so to add the expense we’re seeing here is just egregious and uncalled for, if only people would act their age, not their IQ.

      We’re not blowing ANYTHING out of proportion. We’re reporting on how the taxpayers’ dollars are spent. That’s what we do. And when excesses in expenditures come up, we’re going to tell about it, regardless of what a couple of fucked-up Juggalos whine about.

  3. ben martz

    I guess you will be whining next year at this time to about tax
    Dollars bein wasted lol.

    • No. I whine EVERY DAY. And occasionally, we’re able to do something about it, like get people arrested and charged.

      If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you’re apparently not familiar enough with our publication…I suggest you get an online membership and get to reading.

  4. mike tasker

    It doesn’t matter if he’s a juggalo or not like the other guy said “druggies do drugs” have you written a report about how 62% of the governments food stamp benefits go to minorities in the US? no because talking like a racist is bad for news website? don’t segregate the gathering just because of the people. tax dollars are wasted every second of every day by law officials that leave their cars running all afternoon while they sit inside a gas station. the disclosure is not underground news like you say you just pick and choose the juicy stuff. everyones already heard about it. so reporting about ‘ the news that mainstream media will not report about” is bullshit take some time and take a look at your lives because if slandering groups of thousands of people is the way you pass your day I feel sorry for your children and anyone that knows you

    • Take some time to look at the website and you’ll see how wrong you are. Take some time to go back and look at ten YEARS’ worth of newspapers and you’ll see that you’re an utter and abject fool to make the statements that you are. The website does indeed hit highlights (“juicy stuff”); the paper goes in depth (but then, if you’ve read our “about” page, you’d know that. Have the person helping you type your missives navigate you there and read it to you; it’ll enlighten you). And as regards “slander,” that’s SPOKEN untruth. I believe the word you’re rubbing your two active brain cells together for is “libel,” which is printed untruth. We do neither one here…so move along, little Jugg. We have a newspaper to put out.

  5. Allahu Akbar

    He doesn’t bother telling anyone that Psychopathic Records, and the camp owner “Hog Daddy” gave a LARGE undisclosed sum to the local force which by the sheriffs own admission will allow them to buy plenty of new equipment. He doesn’t bother to tell you how much money we bring in to that shit town buying anything and everything they have available. He never bothers to tell anyone about the hundreds of tickets we pay IN CASH ON THE SPOT. We’re just those horrible drug addicts that come suck up all kinds of resources and destroy the privately owned campground.

    This place is worse than faux news. Luckily nobody actually comes here to get their news. You’ve had more hits this week by the Juggalos than your entire career.

    • “He” doesn’t tell you because no one but some fuckup with a towelhead username is the one passing along the info. If Tim York would come to me and tell me about this, I’d do a HUGE story. In the meantime, shove the rest of it up your ass, Allahu.

  6. Allahu Akbar

    So you’re not a reporter? You wait for the “news” to come to you. We have shown your degenerate locals a peak behind your pointed hat more and more this week. If I can find the information why is it so hard for you? You’re just an angry ex-junkie.

  7. Krazee Criss

    I don’t see how this revised edition of an old article is very different from the original… Only thing that’s changed about the 2 is you’re doing more juggalo bashing than anything to be quite honest. But ya said it best, there’ll always be a few people trying to ruin something good for everyone(loosely), but ya said just that alone pretty much and carried on with the hate parade as if us juggalo are immune to that fact of life. Certainly our shitty news story outweigh the more brighter and good news stories, solely cause people thrive on the negative side of things. Nice “journalism” skills, maybe you should start writing for a tabloid then you could become a professional troll.

    • Tabloid’s just a size. If you had two active brain cells to rub together, you’d already know that our news product, which is in its 11th year now, is tabloid size. But I don’t expect someone like you to even be able to piece that together. Stay oblivious, my jugg.

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