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The Minton crew: Unidentified female, Richard "Flip" Minton, and Richie Minton, in whose apartment Molly's body was found.

Posted by on Monday, August 5th, 2013 @ 12:10 pm.

ILLINOIS---A dedicated group is growing by leaps and bounds, and they're asking you to join the cause.

As many of you know, we've been covering the shooting death of Molly Young in Carbondale since almost the day it happened. We've attended the coroner's inquest and have fought right alongside other media, as well as the family, to uncover truths in the case.

Now, the momentum has grown and the situation of getting justice for Molly is no longer limited to just the downstate counties of Illinois around Jackson, where the incident happened March 24, 2012.

Through online social networking, the Justice for Molly coalition is turning into a very real, very physical entity, whose members are highly organized and are getting the word out to mainstream media on a nationwide scale, not just the independent locals like us and like WGGH. They're asking you now, across the nation, to join in the effort. Notable television shows that expose injustices such as this case---like Nancy Grace's, Steve Wilkos', and others---have been inundated with calls to help. You can get involved with this effort by joining the Facebook page Justice for Molly and finding links to these sites, complete with text for letters you may physically or electronically mail to them.

Here's a brief synopsis, for those who are learning of the situation for the first time:

As many of you know, our beloved Molly Marie Young was stolen from us on Saturday, March 24 2012. Molly was called to the Carbondale apartment of a former boyfriend around 3:00 A.M. that morning with a plea of "Help me". He had been drinking the night before but Molly had no alcohol in her system. She was killed by a gunshot wound to the top left side of her head shortly afterwards. 

Molly was right handed, the gunshot was on the left side of her head at a downward angle, and the handgun (a .45 semiautomatic model 1911) used to end her life belonged to her former boyfriend. Molly was not familiar with guns, and had a dislike of them. The 911 call was made by her former boyfriend's roommate at 9:02 A.M., at least 4 to 5 hours after the time of death. It was reported as a drug overdose on the 911 call. Molly's body had been moved before the first responders arrived. She had fresh bruises all over her body, her former boyfriend had fresh scratches on his side, his DNA was under her fingernails. Her former boyfriend, an employee of the Carbondale Police Department, had blood on his clothing. Molly had no powder residue on her hands and her fingerprints were not on the gun. Her former boyfriend's father and lawyer were at the scene before Illinois State Police were able to arrive on scene, and the Carbondale Police allowed her former boyfriend to wash his hands and change his clothing before evidence was gathered.

Since Molly's passing her former boyfriend refuses to cooperate with the Illinois State Police Investigators. According to Illinois State Police reports her ex-boyfriend would NOT consent to DNA testing, blood samples, urine samples, or fingernail clippings. Also, he would NOT consent to a search of his apartment, his cell phone, or his vehicle. Molly was left to lay in his bedroom floor for 7 hours after the 911 call until search warrants were signed. He has refused even to be interviewed! When authorities were able to obtain and examine both his cell phone and Molly's both showed signs of tampering, and nothing was recoverable. The Illinois State Police were forced to waste time and resources to get a warrant for every part of the investigation, nothing was volunteered, no cooperation was ever extended. Her former boyfriend did, and has done, everything possible to hinder and slow the investigation. Despite this no progress has been made, no charges have been filed, and no justice has been served.

We ask that you all stand with us so that we may present a unified voice to demand justice for Molly!

Here's a meme created by the group you can use to display your awareness of the case:

Justice for molly

Of course, there's a movement, albeit with ones of people, going on at the other side, as well. And since we've been covering it, this "group" of about four or five people have been staying in the shadows, trying not to draw too much attention to themselves....

Here are the ostensible members:

The Minton crew: Unidentified female, Richard "Flip" Minton, and Richie Minton, in whose apartment Molly's body was found.

The Minton crew: Unidentified female, Richard "Flip" Minton, and Richie Minton, in whose apartment Molly's body was found.

And here's their "effort":

minton justus

The obscenity of this, of course, is that Richie Minton, the foul-mouthed, seemingly-twisted, violence-loving young Carbondale dispatcher, doesn't need "justice"...so to create a symbol in support of him is the height of hubris. Which is what that family is all about. As the root cause of NO justice for Molly yet may lie in the form of Flip Minton, who operates some specialized computer software that aids the local, state and federal law enforcement in capturing and prosecuting child pornography, among other crimes, there's a level of fear associated with coming right out and pressuring local law enforcement to do something with Flip's kid Richie. Add to that the fact that people who have been questioning this case openly (including us here at Disclosure) have been having problems with email, websites, and more...and some of that fear may very well be grounded.

But here's the deal. Flip Minton, his wife Kathy, and Richie Minton are all public officials, as are all those who have investigated the case. As public officials, paid by the taxpayer, their very existence is subject to opinion and scrutiny, as we have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent. Anyone afraid to speak out against them, and who is worried about the words "slander" or "libel" being thrown around, doesn't understand that the First Amendment allows and encourages opinion (as protected speech) about public officials...and it is very difficult, nearly impossible, in fact, for a public official to prevail in any kind of civil case against a person exercising his First Amendment rights (and bear in mind, it's only civil; "slander" [spoken untruth] and "libel" [printed untruth] are not crimes.) So any threats leveled by anyone as regards this are empty at best. Disregard them. The only way Justice for Molly will prevail is to ignore the fearmongering and push forward.

Join the group. Get the interest going. The truth will win out. In the end, it always does.

Short URL: https://www.disclosurenewsonline.com/?p=25819

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  1. gernika9

    Looks like the Richie meme might seek to portray the “Blue Wall” he seeks to hide behind.

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