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Posted by on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 @ 11:08 am.

McLEANSBORO---More information is becoming available about the shooting death of the town's assistant fire chief yesterday (Wednesday, July 31, 2013).

Sources associated with the city's fire department advised Disclosure yesterday that a series of events, which began in the early morning hours (about 2 a.m.), may or may not have lead to Assistant Fire Chief Bob Bryson's alleged suicide....but the sequence of events nonetheless preceded the incident that ended with Bryson shooting himself.

The 2 a.m. incident was described as a hit-and-run involving Matthew Bryson, who is alleged to have run into a building at Lamplight Apartments. Bryson, we're being told, is an Iraq War vet. At some point in time after the collision, Bob Bryson took Matthew to a VA Hospital, ostensibly in Marion although that location hasn't been 100 percent confirmed; it might've been another VA facility int he area.

A man, Keith Redmond, was reportedly injured slightly in the collision, with sources indicating he was inside the building when the crash occurred, and not in the Bryson vehicle as originally believed.

Later in the day, Bryson and a friend (whose name is being withheld for now) were working on a fire truck at the station. The friend left to go to lunch, advising that when he left Bryson at the department, "everything was fine." He had even asked Bryson if he wanted to go to lunch with him, but Bryson declined the offer.

When the friend returned, he saw legs sticking out on the floor in back of a counter. His first thought was that Bryson had had a heart attack, but upon closer inspection, he was ascertained to have suffered a gunshot wound.

As well as Assistant Fire Chief, Bob Bryson was also a deputy coroner in Hamilton County and was a former chief deputy of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department. He was a well-liked and highly respected man. The tragic events, say his friends and family, are inexplicable, and they are searching for answers as the case continues to be under investigation.


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  1. ridiculousness

    To insinuate that a car accident led to a man killing himself is far-fetched and infuriating. This is too much.

    • If that’s what you read into it, then you need a remedial course. That’s not the “insinuation,” inference, overt or covert intent. What we’re saying is that this was a long day for the Brysons, and it was a series that culminated in the shooting…not that one lead to another. You watch too much TV.

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