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Posted by on Monday, June 10th, 2013 @ 9:01 am.

HARRISBURG---Sources in Harrisburg have advised just what happened at EL Shagwell's bar late Saturday night.

As per city ordinance, fights at bars in Harrisburg are frowned upon and could result in fines, temporary closure, or worse, as was evidenced earlier this year in the case of Poor Boys.

However, Shagwell's seems to avoid the problem, as their fights usually either start inside and immediately spill outside, or start on the premises and move to another location.

The on this past Saturday, June 8, was one of the latter.

Our sources indicate the fight was started on the premises (inside or outside remains unknown, but events leading up to it occurred inside), but the actual "fight" took place in front of the Public Aid office.

Kenny Wangler Jr.  and wife Robin Wangler reportedly started fighting over a pack of 'stolen' cigarettes, which were supposedly Robin's. However, "she waited till closing to start crap with the girl who 'stole' them," our source on the scene reported. "Got her butt kicked and Kenny jumped in kicking the girl and then two other girls jumped in to help and he kicked their ass too."

The source reported that it appeared "Kenny body-slammed all three girls."

The source didn't know of the condition of the three 'body-slammed' girls. Wangler Junior, however, is resting comfortably in the Saline County Detention Center along with his wife.

We're checking to see if Wangler is still on parole from the seven-mile car chase he led cops on in Harrisburg a few years back. Check back with us frequently for updates; and let the whining "Eeyut deedunt hayppun thayut way!!!" begin...but it appears Shagwell's once again escaped the fight ordinance, thanks to a nearby property where fights aren't going to cause closure of the bar.


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  1. Geez. The “Eeyut deedunt hayppun thayut way”s were QUICK over on the Facebook page….

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