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Ty Heckler. Fuckstick.

Is that a fish on your wall...or is your head really shaped that way?

Posted by on Saturday, May 25th, 2013 @ 12:06 am.

...because these are the kinds of fucksticks we have disrespecting the people who everyone makes a PRETENSE of "honoring" Monday:

Ty Heckler. Fuckstick.

Ty Heckler. Fuckstick.

This was the "post" at the "Robinson Insider" Facebook page about the officer down...but not about the officer down...only warning everyone NOT TO SAY ANYTHING. My last comment there didn't make it before Cathy Zeigler, who runs the watered-down "Insider" page, deleted it. Guess some people just can't take delivering REAL news...and shouldn't try.

Is that a fish on your wall...or is your head really shaped that way?

Is that a fish on your wall...or is your head really shaped that way?

...and fuck Facebook, btw. They're a nambypamby pussyass site these days. Time to head to Google+.

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  1. You won’t see this one linked to Facebook, btw…and if you link it, you’re an idiot because they’ll come after YOU, not after US, as we can say what we want on our own website. So if you have shitty comments, feel free to post em here. I can match your shitty alllll day lonnnnng.

  2. Hope she don’t have any kids. Or parents. Or grandparents, or brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, an employer who’s opposed to soft porn, or, worst of all, a preacher.

    But I doubt she has a preacher.

  3. RandalC

    Employers do not have to check references anymore. They just find a candidates Facebook page and figure the candidate out from there.

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