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Denny Blanchard

Charlie Wilkin

Jeremy Stephens

Paul Hodson. AGAIN

The former sheriff's son, messing up.

Ashlee Stanley

Shane Garrard

Posted by on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 @ 11:25 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the issue currently on stands as of this week, the April-May 2013 issue. Each print headline is preceded by the dateline (the city, county or area where the article took place) and followed by a brief synopsis. Each headline has a direct link to the e-Edition article; if you don't have the e-Edition, you can subscribe by clicking the sigh-up button provided when you get to the linked page.


Denny Blanchard

Denny Blanchard

CLAY CO.---MURDER CHARGED: The sad circumstance surrounding the death of a Clay County baby last year, and the murder charges Clay's prosecutor decided to file against the baby's father. However, DCFS has been involved in this case, and it's unclear just how much influence their reports had in the matter...or whether their reports were accurate, or just their 'impressions" of the case.

GALLATIN CO.---Police chief loses FOID over OP: Anyone who had any doubts about Creal Springs' police chief's mental state probably needs to go to Gallatin County and view the screenshots of his texts on file. And for all the bragging this guy has done about how this case was going to be "dropped" this past Monday...it doesn't look like that did much good.

SALINE CO.---Life sentence sought for child murderer: The wrapup to the Ricky Turner murder trial, with information you didn't get during the actual trial, and a follow up that has to be seen to be appreciated.

EDGAR CO.---Motion for new trial, or acquittal, filed: Ongoing moves in the case of Terry Payton, still awaiting sentencing on his Second-Degree Murder conviction from February. Much more detail than what we gave here at the end of March; if you're following this case, you need to read this story.

SO. ILL.---Post-election wrap: Some surprising results: Despite the headline typo in the print version of this article (that's right, we bust ourselves out), this is the most comprehensive wrapup of an election you'll find anywhere.

ALBION---Firefighters resign; contract validity, not expense, at issue: The situation with the building of the new Albion Fire Department structure only came to light because of expense, but the serious problem with it isn't the money that was being spent, but instead, the possibility that the contract the construction company was working under was improperly signed. Mainstram media covering this case has been lying about it since it broke, and they continue to do so. We have the facts here.

LAWRENCE CO.---Deputy on paid leave after alleged assault on county prosecutor: More information about the story that broke at the end of March, about Dennis York allegedly assaulting Lawrence County's new prosecutor, Chris Quick.


WHITE CO.---COSTON JRUY TRIAL DATE SET; is insanity plea planned?: More information on the coverage from Coston's March 27 appearance, including the arrest of his brother on unrelated charges.

LAWRENCE CO.---Shaken baby; woman charged: One of those stories that received little media coverage in the area, mainly because of who all is involved.

SALINE CO.---Child sex offenses charged: Full coverage of the James G. Barnett case, including the update that he's out on bond. Two of them.

Charlie Wilkin

Charlie Wilkin

MARION CO.---Daughter's shooting death intentional, or unintentional?: A very strange story about a family "discussion" that ended up with a 21-year-old woman dead. What's even stranger is the set of charges filed: One charge says it was an intentional shooting; the other says it's unintentional; so which one is it?


The former sheriff's son, messing up.

The former sheriff's son, messing up.

GALLATIN CO.---Former sheriff's son busted; currently on probation in Jackson County case: Poor Cody Martin. His life seems to be sinking slowly, even after he redeemed himself at his father's federal trial.

SALINE CO.---Trio facing 20-plus for armed robbery: The full story of the three punks who are alleged to have committed a brazen broad daylight armed robbery. The question is, who is the guy the robbed, why did he have that amount of money, and how the hell did they know he would have it at the time and place that he did?

GALLATIN CO.---Report of yet another GalCo officer in trouble not quite accurate: Sorting out the rampant rumors that surrounded a Shawneetown cop in early March.

GALLATIN/U.S. DISTRICT COURT, BENTON---Former sheriff's pot mover goes fed over guns: What really happened with Buzz Zirkelbach; guess it wasn't just the issue over the raccoon that got him hemmed up after all.

HAMILTON CO.---Trio sentenced in Frontier copper heist; violence charged; 2013 Malibu damaged: Helluva headline, bad crap going on in HamCo.

SALINE CO.---Stolen vehicle leads to scuffle with police: Typical crim case in Saline Co....just with quite a young guy as the lead alleged crim.

WHITE CO.---Serial drunk driver; stabber in bar fight, both get prison: Print coverage of the online article we brought you about Adam Brown being sent BACK to prison after he stabbed a man outside Chappy's ,as well as another White Co. man who'll be on the way to DOC too.

SALINE CO.---Strangulation and drugs top police blotter: A horrible story about an alleged home invasion that lead to a woman nearly being strangled to death. Lots of bad shit going on in the Mills.

GALLATIN CO.---Charged with burglary and property damage: General crim roundup for GallCo, beginning with an Omaha man being arrested.

Ashlee Stanley

Ashlee Stanley

SALINE CO.---Court system tires of her: Stanley to DOC: The big story coming out of Saline, this involving a Gallatin County girl, Ashlee Stanley, and how her ass is finally in DOC when it should've been there three years ago this summer.

WHITE CO.---Charged with choking juvenile; drugs; damage: White County crim roundup, beginning with a dude from Maunie.

GALLATIN CO.---Ridgway man charged in multi-county shopping trip for precursors: The story about Larry Deen Thrasher. You know, the one that the Ridgway chief of police wouldn't tell us about because it didn't happen in Ridgway. Turns out it did.


RICHLAND CO.---Olney man tries his own jury case: You want to read up on what NOT to do, in Richland or any county, this would be it.

CLAY CO.---Fireman's sex abuse trial set for May: Ongoing coverage of the situation in Flora with Lance Collins.

BRIDGEPORT/US DISTRICT COURT, BENTON---Co-defendant's case settled with guilty plea; Schauf issue heating up in federal court: Paul Kramer has entered a guilty plea. And so we say---stick a fork in Max. He's done.

WABASH CO.---Drugs and theft loom large in Wabash: Crim roundup in WabCo. None of it includes Kevin Williams or Colby Cheeseboy, dangit.

MARION CO.---Chief of police busted over alleged cash filching: Former Patoka chief has a lot of 'splainin to do. And he says he's gonna do it, just as soon as he gets his day in court. Our money says he'll plead.

Topper Eastin

Topper Eastin

CLAY CO.---Son of irate momma who threatened to sue Disclosure over news report busted again: Topper Eastin. He just can't stay out of trouble. Oh if only his momma could've sued us. That might've made it alllll better.

WAYNE CO.---Convicted sex offending drunk driving doper faces felony weapons charge: Trust Wayne County to have the headline that includes IT ALL this month.

RICHLAND CO.---County pest almost doesn't make it to meeting; expenses are mounting for sheriff, courthouse: This one is worth the read just to see the idiotic pose O'Neill struck for Jade; but Andy Hires' budget is also worth checking out, especially since he isn't a patrolling sheriff.

RICHLAND CO.---Cannabis market taking early hit this year as burglary maintains its appeal for some: We were given a heads-up about the burglary going on in Olney, and that's bad enough; but the pot story is only the surface of what we're learning about one of those involved....and it's one of David Hyde's protected bo-ays.

LAWRENCE CO.---Bridgeport man dragged out of neighbor's attic by cops; previous burglary, theft of high-powered weapon: What happened to Darvin Hagen? This story explains it all, with more infor than what we had in the online version.

LAWRENCE CO.---More financial woes plague local notables: A brief story on the latest small claims cases filed in Lawrence County, involving some well-known names.

LAWRENCE CO.---Meth still drug of choice in Lawrence County: Crim roundup in Lawrence, featuring predominantly---yep, you guessed it---METH.


Shane Garrard

Shane Garrard

CRAWFORD CO.---Authorities mum: Family still looking for answers in year-old death investigation: Dead men don't snore. But that's what this man's girlfriend claimed was going on, hours after Shane Garrard died and hours before an ambulance was called for him, a call that came too late. The family has been asking "why" for the past year now and no one seems to know.

COLES CO.---Cop charged with sexual assault and child porn: This repulsive story is made all the more repulsive by the fact that dude worked as a cop for the city of Charleston. All we'd like to know at this point is: What the hell kind of name is Iwaniw??

CLARK/EDGAR COs.---Historic water district vote: Coverage of the changes made to the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District, and how the powers-that-be are fighting still the battle of going from appointed to elected public officials even after a ballot referendum changed it.

CRAWFORD CO.---Public outrage forces prosecution to reopen violence case in Crawford: A concentrated effort to contact the Appellate Prosecutor's office in Springfield and tell them Rollover Rands' dismissal of Jody Stifle's charge involving what happened to Harley Walters-Johnson was unacceptable brought Ed Parkinson to the case...and charges reinstated against the repulsive Stifle.

CUMBERLAND CO.---More than 60 felonies filed in Cumberland arson case: These two guys in Cumberland County were the subject of press releases by ISP a few weeks ago. Their cases should be interesting should they go to trial.

JASPER CO.---Richland punk finds his way to being busted in Jasper: The notorious Christian Baca, who's a felon from way back (at age 20), has now been busted in Jasper County. Let the squirming begin, as he's one of Hyde's bo-ays in Richland and is used to wriggling out of everything there; Jasper might not be so understanding.

Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens

CRAWFORD CO.---Former murder suspect gets time for violence: We thought Jeremy Stephens might have learned his lesson and skipped out of the area...or at the very least might've stopped his life of crime, but noooooo.

Paul Hodson. AGAIN

Paul Hodson. AGAIN

CRAWFORD CO.---Pair charged with production: Paul Hodson AGAIN?? Yes. Paul Hodson again. Jeez. Would someone PLEASE put this man away for the safety of all of Crawford County??

EDGAR CO.---Springfield: Appointment of special prosecutor followed appropriate procedural guidelines; was very revealing about attitude toward murder case: We were able to get the form that appointed special prosecutor Ed Parkinson to assist the inept Mark Isaf in the Terry Payton. Everything looks to be in order. However, the form itself is very telling...and Isaf has really sloppy handwriting.

CLARK CO.---Sex charges mount against high school teacher accused of molesting multiple male students: Here's a sick story (if the allegations prove to be true, of course): An industrial arts teacher is accused of activity with not one, but TWO males students in his class. We don't understand why there's not more media coverage of this one.


SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE: Jack, What happens when your life becomes a book?
ICY: Ang, At a loss for words over corruption...or am I?
PROSE & CONS: Brian Ellis, Is the road to insanity paved with terrorism fear?
GUEST COLUMN: Kale Meggs, Secession from StinkyTown: GOOD IDEA


VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Letters about smart meters; Ricky Turner; March mailing trouble; Hardin County schools; letter from inmate originating out of Edgar County; compares Albion firefighters to air traffic controllers.

BACK OVER YOUR TALES: A fire in Lawrenceville kills a family despite a city officer having declared the residence "cleared"; a Fairfield-based state trooper is accused of molesting his son; a man living at Louisville's sheltered care home is charged with aggravated battery; a Maryland man was found hanging from a tree at Skeeter Mountain south of Grayville, but mainstream media ignores his background; former Lawrence County deputy Tony Roche sues the county in federal court for civil rights violations; a fight breaks out in Richland County jail over bad hygiene habits of inmates; Edwards County's two-term sheriff Scott Meserole resigns; a surgeon who has treated patines at Fairfield and Lawrenceville's hospitals has been sued in the courts of both counties; the city of Bridgeport has voted to make reporter Dave Dooley a cop; a Carmi woman immolates herself outside her apartment on "Drunk Alley"; ISP has issued a second round of liquor establishment citations in Olney in an effort to force David Hyde to prosecute offenders; Kevin Fearheiley, after suffering exposure of sexual harassment of women working for Dr. Frank Fornoff, is getting a divorce; the offspring of PeeWee Darnell, Travis "Lil Pee" Darnell, has made the pages of Disclosure for underage drinking, fighting and being a braggart; Andrew Howser, son of Jack Howser, has been convicted of Aggravated Abuse of a Child in Richland County and faces several years in prison; Kyra Rigg, one of the Fab Five of partying females who attacked Richland County deputies in front of the Fireside, has been discovered to be a cocaine convict out of Indiana; an April 4 announcement that Grayville Mayor Henry Kijonka was caucused to run against John O. Jones in the 54th Senate District has caused quite a stir in downstate; the case of Jeramy Moore beating Mike Gourley has been settled in Wabash County; and the aggravated battery case involving Shawn Kessler in Clay County has been set for a jury trial.

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