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Posted by on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 @ 5:52 pm.

SALINE CO.---The Southern Illinois Drug Task Force has made a big bust across five locations in Saline county.

Our sources closest to the investigation are only able to say at this point what limited amount is being disseminated right now: That the SIDTF has seized $367,000 worth of items, including 161 marijuana plants and seven firearms, in three locations in the county, which includes two sites in Carrier Mills.

We have people working this one and will bring you more, including names of those involved, just as soon as we get it; keep checking back.

pot handcuffed

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  1. Top Cat

    Lots of shaky people in Saline County about now.

  2. spike92

    Not sure if this is worth the tax payers money or not…..I think Jack would understand where I’m getting at here. lol

  3. spike92

    explosive situation? dang….lol

  4. Top Cat

    Can we be told who got busted yet? How is this going to be an explosive situation?

  5. spike92

    Still think it’s a waste of the tax players money to go after a plant that has been proven NUMEROUS times to have medical benefits….damn government.

  6. slamdunc

    I wonder who did the calculations and determined that 161 pot plants and 7 guns would have that much value on the street; exponents are fun to play with LOL. I am thankful that the task force got the guns and drugs off the streets but in reality (the world I live in), the actual street value would be less than 1/4 of that amount on a really good day.

    The ‘potential’ value of those plants was calculated by politicians disguised as cops. I wonder what formula they used to determine the actual yield of the plants, should they have lived to maturity. Figuring out how much methamphetamine a set amount of Pseudoephedrine is relatively easy and there are a few variables, but these numbers come from ‘junk science’ and are misleading.

    If the truth were known, the man-hours invested in this investigation cost far more than the actual dollar value of the pot taken off the street. The only thing that makes this o.k. is that small investigations lead to larger producers and it can snowball.

  7. spike92

    they can just store them plants in the medical department for once new IL laws go into effect lol

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