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Jack & Ang 3/1/2013 Vidcast [VIDEO]: Terry Payton trial wrapup

Terry Payton going to the elevator after the verdict was over.

Terry Payton's grandmother Maureen, center, talks to his attorney, Bob McIntire, at left.

Posted by on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 @ 6:07 pm.


Here's the follow up to the Terry Payton trial, including a recap of the events leading up to the conviction of Second Degree Murder, as well as what we learned about the jury's decision and how they came to it, and a host of four-letter words to go along with it.





Terry Payton going to the elevator after the verdict was over.

Terry Payton going to the elevator after the verdict was over.


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7 Comments for “Jack & Ang 3/1/2013 Vidcast [VIDEO]: Terry Payton trial wrapup”

  1. darkmirage

    Thank you for everything that you have done for us Jack and Ang. I have enjoyed watching your podcasts and reading your updates about Terry’s case and I want to add, only the truth WAS mentioned. I would like to have the names of the jurors that put my nephew away and ruined the rest of his life. I want to make sure that I do NOT have them as a friend on my Facebook page if they are there. There is NO way that I will ever accept them now after destroying our family and the life of Terry. Again, thank you for everything that you have done for us.

  2. Kaam

    You have got to be kidding me!!! Lazy spineless, gutless, people.. Get your head out of your butt and stand up for someone’s life!! This is a miss carriage of justice.. The judge has to know there were some who didn’t do their job.. How can he feel good about this sentencing knowing the jury was so divided.. Terry is being violated all over again.. The state did NOT meet the burden of proof.. All they did is give this kid a snow job .. You jurors are about as worthless I have ever seen!! You are WRONG and will burn in hell for what you have done.. Where were you when this boy was being abused and now you judge this child as a murderer!!! All of the people failed this child no one would step up and do the right thing.. You all should be held accountable for this.. Put your asses in jail for your negligence !! Terry is welcome to live with me.. It would be a privilege to have him and help him get his life back!! Pray to GOD the judge does the best he can to undo what these people have done.. I want that list of jurors I grew up there and I am not scared or ashamed to do what’s right…

    • We’ve both said he’s welcome to come live with us too…we would be so happy to have such an intelligent, brave boy as a foster kid. He’s going to make something of himself despite all of this, we have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT.

  3. SharonE

    When you publish the list of jurors, can you please post the link on the “Support Terry Payton” facebook page? I don’t live in Paris anymore but I still have family there and I’m very interested in finding out who these “gutless” wonders were!

    • Yes, we’ll include all the applicable links.

      And yes, we’re publishing their names, which up to this point we’ve never done because it’s kind of considered uncool, but right now I think it’s necessary. Maybe people will think twice about giving up the presumption of innocence on the next jury that comes up. It’s no big secret anyway: there are two places in the courthouse their names can be found—the guilty verdict sheet, wherein you will also find the foreman’s name (which we never learned, because Garst didn’t ask who the foreman was nor did he ask the jury to announce it, as most judges in trials do), and the treasurer’s office, where the checks for their service are cut. Neither place has to be FOIA’d; you just walk in and view the file for the verdict sheet, and walk into the treasurer’s and ask to see all disbursements out of the county’s checkbook for the past 30 days or whenever. I know we’ll catch shit for it, but I don’t care at this point. It’s time for some accountability.

  4. Kaam

    I do not understand why this went to trial.. And now I want to find a way to hold all of them accountable… If this trial met the states burden of proof, it has also met the burden of proof for some heads to roll in the departments that did nothing!! The school, Dcfs, and the police department who became so ” this is just Kathy..” Should be answering to this.. Who is going to take this further and do something about this system that allowed this to progress to this point..? I know I am ranting but being on of these kids that were overlooked by these departments as a child myself this could have me..!!

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