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Posted by on Friday, March 1st, 2013 @ 2:03 pm.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.: We are relieved to say there were NO fatalities in the wreck that occurred outside of Wok & Roll. The passengers of the white pick-up truck were Bill and Trudy Jensik of Carrier Mills. Mr. Jensik is being kept in an area hospital until the doctor's know he's okay and Trudy has been released. Mr Jensik is also a town board member in Carrier Mills. The couple were on their way to the tornado monument memorial when they were struck by the semi. 



SALINE CO.---We've learned of an accident occurring at approximately 1:30 p.m. in Harrisburg this afternoon (Friday, March 1, 2013) right outside of Wok & Roll, the Chinese restaurant located at 803 S. Commercial Street (Highway 45), Harrisburg.

photo (3)

More photos to come


Reports are that a semi hit a white pick-up truck that contained two passengers, a man and a woman. No indication as of yet in how they are doing nor the semi driver.


We are trying to determine the conditions of the passengers.


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  1. ghost221

    Hmmmm looks to me as tho the Semi was already into his turn as the pickup ran into him..wonder why the pickup didnt try to avoid hitting him? Was this person paying attention or in a hurry to get to the tornado memorial. My guess is that the semi had the green arrow the pickup wasnt watching what they were doing and ran thru it..or tried. Thank goodness there board members and know the saline cops by name. Glad no one was hurt.

  2. slamdunc

    ghost221; You are really good at this crash reconstruction stuff. You concluded (sorry, I mean guessed; your words) that the pick-up was at fault. My turn to guess; I’ll bet you drive a semi!?!?! Board member notwithstanding, Bill and Trudy are good people who do things to give back to and help their community. I sincerely hope they (including the trucker) are all o.k.

  3. fromtheshadows

    Actually the pickup was at fault. I was there when it happened and helped the couple stay calm and comfortable till the paramedics arrived. The semi did have the green arrow. Instead of pointing fingers, realize this was just an accident. They happen. The male driver had a hurt knee and the woman had some bumps and bruises. Im told they are shaken up, sore, but doing fine.

  4. ghost221

    You say you were there and the semi had the green arrow and there own son said it was there fault…but yet when asked the cops apparently didnt believe the trucker (surprise there) and wrote him a ticket for the accident..and ended his job because of it..just happy i dont live in the corrupted county any more.

    • Irish

      If this is the case, then i suggest the truck driver hire an attorney, a very good truckers legal service is American Truckers Legal Services {ATLA} they are very effective and very reasonable. They will fight the tickets and if the need arises take it to court. I used to drive cross country and used their services a couple of times and in both cases they beat the tickets. In this age of corruption and fast bucks involving lawsuits, legal representation is a must.

  5. ghost221

    Thx Irish I will be sure to pass that on to him.

  6. Irish

    No problem jack and ghost.

  7. Top Cat

    Who did the Truck Driver drive for?

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