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Posted by on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 @ 1:55 pm.

Roger Young's mugshot

Roger Young's mugshot


We've learned that the bail was reduced to $25,000, or $2,500 cash bond. The bond was posted by his Roger Young's brother Larry Young, of Beecher (or Beecher City, we haven't had that confirmed yet and will correct when we do), Illinois.

Below is the original post.


SALINE CO.---We've been hearing for days that Roger Young, the man who last year was accused of attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife, had bonded out of jail at the Saline County Detention Center.

We could find no evidence of it, only that his attorney, Morgan Scroggins of Granite City, had filed for a bond reduction.

As of today, however, it looks like the bond has posted.

The original bond amount, if memory serves us, was a million dollars; we've not been advised of what the bond was lowered to or when this occurred; however, the posting was apparently made today, Thursday, February 28, 2013.

Regular readers will remember that Young, 62, of Eldorado, was taken into custody last April after a scheme he was allegedly involved in to kill his wife and collect insurance money was revealed to an undercover cop. A couple of days after Young's arrest, however, his wife, Linda, committed suicide, right before our April 2012 edition went to press with Roger on the front page. The couple had been having problems, but apparently the thought that he actually wanted someone to kill her was a little overwhelming; she was found in the cab of a truck, having ingested enough substances to cause her to succumb, a tragic ending to a terrible story.

Roger Young is currently set for jury trial in July of this year. We're not sure who posted the bond, where he's gone or if he had anyone/anyplace to go to. We'll likely have the updated information in the print version, on stands March 13; be sure to get your renews in by clicking the handy PayPal link if you haven't already renewed for the March 2013 edition, or sign up for an online membership and get the e-Edition right here on your computer.


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  1. spike92

    I don’t know how anyone could come up with $100,000 like that….holy smoking batman

  2. spike92

    If only Saline County did their “history” thing on judici like other counties do. Then you would know….you would think they would since their county has a huge population.

  3. spike92

    Just make sure you don’t end up banned on there like I have before……LOL shit sucks….because I like to keep track on certain cases so this is a major blow 🙁

  4. spike92

    Ever find out what his bond got reduced down too? I keep forgetting he has scroogins now instead of rowland. lol

  5. spike92

    I wonder why they let it be lowered that low. It might be just me but I smell a plea agreement to a lesser charge possible. Tina Martin all over againnnn. I almost bet Olson was pissed because of lower bail though…if he is the one prosecuting it.

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