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Scum is as scum does: Low-life crim, scam artist attempt to defraud lottery (at least on Facebook)

Posted by on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 @ 4:18 pm.

Scampbell and Frye, posing on a Facebook page

LAWRENCE CO.---Never let it be said that we don't call a spade a spade around here.

It was brought to our attention that a local site---Hometown News, who was unaware of the reputation of the two--has covered a "Facebook joke" that was pulled by "two Lawrencevillle men," which they called "the greatest prank ever."

However, the "two men" in question---Louis Campbell, known locally as "Scampbell", and Frankie Frye, known locally as a whacked-out low-level crim who has just barely squeaked by without a meth arrest in recent years---are anything but a coupla innocuous guys looking to pull a stunt. With their history, it's more like "a coupla guys looking to try to defraud the state if they could make someone believe they won a million dollar Powerball."

Judging by the details, it doesn't look like they were going to try to cash in the Powerball ticket they posed with on a Facebook page (proclaiming that it WAS the winning ticket)...but what they did was bad enough. They posed with a photoshopped ticket, putting it on Scampbell's Facebook page and letting it get viral before they "came clean" and apologized for making people believe they'd won. Geesh.

Campbell is part of the losing team at the now-defunct Lawrenceville Business Center that took Disclosure for more than a thousand dollars in 2008 to design a website that was functional for the paper...then, five months later (well after the two weeks they said it would take), finally produced something that was neither user-friendly, nor accessible by Disclosure admin. His company, Lawrenceville Business Center, was the target of several people in 2008 looking to form a class action lawsuit against them for misrepresentation (not finishing jobs they took money for, etc). We were contacted by a group of people out of Crawford County at that time who were seeking to find an attorney and file such a case; however, an investigation showed that it would not be fruitful as the money had long been spent and the place was going under. (He was eventually sued by a couple of individuals, which cases you can see here). Campbell also has a history of bilking people out of money in order to sell them "satellite cards" several years back, to the tune of $38,000...and providing them, not with cards, but with paper business cards which were useless; many in and around Lawrenceville remember this well and have told the tale to Disclosure in full detail. And these are just the known cases; we're still gathering info on something Scampbell did back when the funeral of Spc. Trevor Pinnick was going on in Lawrenceville.

Frye has had a long history of running with the meth crowd in the Lawrence County area, and was the destination of one Jody Brown on the night of November 3, 2010, who happened to have our own Jade with her when they were busted just outside of Frye's place in Lawrenceville. We covered a story he concocted in 2003 about how he claimed dope was "planted" on his car by deputy Dennis York and that he was innocent of any dope accusation.... only to find out that Frye continued to run with the meth crowd in Lawrence and somehow manages to skirt out of dope (but not violence) charges every time (can you say nark...?)

While everyone outside the area may think this is a funny little jibe, we who know better DO NOT think it's funny, little, nor a jibe. We think it's an atrocity. And it's just like the internet to make heroes out of people who have made others' lives hell.

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