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Posted by on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 @ 5:28 pm.

MT. CARMEL---The police chief of Mt. Carmel has been placed on administrative leave, but officials have confirmed that the issue has nothing to do with E911.

Jeff Besing, who has been with the Mt. Carmel Police Department for a number of years as either an officer, detective or in most recent years police chief, was placed on administrative leave on October 30, according to Mayor Bill Hudson.

Hudson said that the leave has "nothing to do" with E911, the troubled agency in Wabash County where Besing sits on the board, this despite pervasive rumors that the agency's former director, Colby Rigg, might be "rolling" on people now that he's been charged with multiple felonies dating back to when he was in charge of the agency.

However, Hudson couldn't go into anything further on the matter; not even to confirm or deny if it were a paid or unpaid administrative leave. All Hudson would enlighten on was the fact that the matter was to have been handled prior to today, and he and the city council believed it would be, but due to circumstances beyond their control, handling it was delayed until next Monday, Nov. 5.

Disclosure has been advised by other sources close to the case that it has nothing to do with job-related issues; that has yet to be confirmed by official sources, however. Attempts to reach Besing were unsuccessful.

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  1. Russell NY

    …Well Jack, here in New York, New York (so nice they named it twice)…you can watch first hand the moronic 911, 311, FEMA, Emergency Service Coordinators etc. falling all over their self important selves in attempts to accomplish anything…not to worry though…the mayor has extended his personall invitation to all the homeless, powerless, “gasless,” food and waterless, to come on down and watch the marathon…(after all, what else do they have to do?) Idiots…. 8)

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