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Horror in Franklin: Police beating vic could lose eye; officials won’t help

Grimes, eye damage

Grimes, front view

Richie Dale....who has expressed in the past that he hoped a suspect would present him with the opportunity to draw his weapon and shoot the suspect, as he's "never killed anyone" and "would like to."

Posted by on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 @ 10:59 am.



FRANKLIN CO.—A Zeigler man was brutally beaten by police after sources say they stormed into his home where he was playing with his grandson on Saturday, September 30 and beat him in front of the boy.

Richie Dale....who has expressed in the past that he hoped a suspect would present him with the opportunity to draw his weapon and shoot the suspect, as he's "never killed anyone" and "would like to."

Sources close to the case say that Samuel Ray Grimes, 41, of 212 West Maryland St., Zeigler lives at the duplex with his girlfriend.

Her father, who lives at the opposite end, dislikes Grimes, has had several arguments with him and has even called police randomly in what sources say is an attempt to get Grimes in trouble thus forcing him to move out.

The source has told Disclosure the father texted his daughter this past Saturday and asked if she were with Grimes and his grandson at the duplex. She said no and nothing else was thought of it.

Ten minutes later the father’s good friend, police officer Richie Dale, arrived out of the blue, presumably with some of his buddies, who have not been named yet.

Grimes and his 4-year-old grandson were situated on a loveseat watching cartoons when the officers reportedly burst in the door, separated the child from Grimes and began beating Grimes severely in front of the child.

Witnesses who saw the inside of the duplex afterward said there were pools of blood on the kitchen floor from one side of the kitchen to the other with blood splatters all over the walls and doors.

There was also blood reported all over the floor and on the walls of a hallway in the residence.

When Grimes’ girlfriend asked police why they stormed the duplex, she was told that at least one of the officers said they looked through a vent fan and saw Grimes holding the child in front of him by his neck and was “beating him like a grown man,”  then “threw him across the room.”

The child was taken to the Herrin Hospital to be checked out for injuries.

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) were called in to investigate.

The only mark of concern on the 4-year-old was what looked like a bruise on his bottom. However, the bruise turned out not to be a bruise but a birthmark. There even exists a baby picture showing the birthmark.

Witnesses say the police claim Grimes, with his eye socket shattered, continued “resisting” them at the police station and while he was on his knees and handcuffed officers sprayed mace in his face twice.

A visit to Grimes Sunday morning in his jail cell following the beating found him not able to see out of his swollen, blood-filled right eye. He appeared to have a broken nose and had a deep gash on both his head and leg.


Grimes, front view


Grimes, eye damage


It is not clear if Grimes ever got medical attention.

It is believed he wasn’t even checked out by an EMT prior to being locked in the county jail.

On Monday, October 1, DCFS informed Grimes’ girlfriend their investigation concluded there was no foundation to the report the child was ever beaten or in any danger and certainly no evidence of the brutal beating the police officers are claiming they saw and was their ultimate “reason” for busting in and beating Grimes in the first place.

Grimes was released from custody Wednesday, Oct. 3, after a $1,000 cash bond was posted by none other than the girlfriend’s father who allegedly instigated it all in the first place.

When Grimes and his sister asked authorities for a copy of the police report they were shown a five-page report but told Chief of Police Tim Scuras they would have to get a subpoena if he wanted to see it. He ultimately walked away with one photocopied page of the report.

When he said he wanted the entire report he was told he couldn’t have it.

Still dealing with intense pain, Grimes went to the local emergency room.

Doctors there found his eye so badly damaged they called an ambulance to transport him to St. Louis University Hospital.

Medical personnel said Grimes did not have a broken nose but did say the damage to his right eye is so serious and proper treatment had been so neglect that he may lose not just the sight in the eye but the eye itself.

A call we made to the Zeigler Police Department was met with a recording: “We are unavailable to take your call, please leave a message.”

Anyone wishing to help or who may be able to get a response out of Chief of Police Tim Scuras by calling 618/596-2351 is welcome to pass his comments on to Disclosure staffers at disclosurenewsonline@yahoo.com.

(Jack note: There's a reason why we don't routinely cover Franklin County, and this is it. This kind of police brutality bullshit has gone on unchecked for YEARS....and people just LET it. They don't change their elected people. They let people like Tom Dinn, who's now a Franklin County judge, ascend from prosecutor to that position, when he would never prosecute anything like this...so how's he going to treat it if someone [God forbid little Evan Owens, who's the appointed SA right now] actually WOULD charge it? They're set to elect another legal dufus, Eric Dirnbeck, as county judge, when it's clear that there may yet be a case of absentee ballot fraud that lead up to Dirnbeck's nomination in the Primary. The place is SICK, and the people are the only ones who can remedy it...and they can't or worse, won't...so it's often a waste of our time to cover matters there; however, this one is so egregious, we believed bringing it to you here at the site will let the world know how horrible and corrupt Franklin County really is.)

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13 Comments for “Horror in Franklin: Police beating vic could lose eye; officials won’t help”


    Zeigler…..Now that is one nasty little dump that needs some good reporting. But I think West Frankfort is the crown jewel of Franky County for rural ghetto cesspools. did anybody else notice how Christopher Rollins ended up in the WF?……Disclosure could really sell some print in that town

    • Nobody would sell it. We’ve checked. It’d be a waste of time. Ang can barely sell books there, and fuggin West Frankfort was HIT by that goddamned tornado. They’re all scared shitless we’ll uncover something…and we would. But they’re doing their damnedest to make sure it stays covered up.

  2. Irish

    He will want to get regular eye check ups that can lead to high eye pressure which leads to glaucoma.

  3. Irish

    Get a attorney and get the Feds involved.

  4. Arronsgranny

    Southern Illinois is known for this shit. A few years ago I was told this guy in saline county said the same thing happened to him. But he said he was turned lose and all charges dropped for him keeping his mouth shut….

  5. buckwheat

    Amen about Saline Co. Ray Ray was not as smart a george Henley. His own son will tell you how he parlayed drugs for dad. How daddy would pocket some of the drug money on busts. That’s how he could afford to buy houses. cabins boats etc. on a measly sheriffs salary! I for one was threatened by him in 1979. He said I was a smart ass and would make me unrecognizable. Hell if you ever notice his fat ass only showed up for his pic to get in the newspaper! His fat ass ain;t going to do any actual physical leg work; but hey in saline county the still suck his dick and beg for more, The crooked gov here thinks he is a saint

  6. Irish

    Not sure how crooked things are in Franklin County but i can guarantee Saline County is corrupt. I have been to many places and have lived in a few places but never seen anything like Saline County Illinois USA.

    • Smokey Bear

      I’ll tell ya how lame Franklin County is ….. I know of an incident that occurred in the Christopher police department that occurred of a suspect named Overton was arrested, while handcuffedand leg shackled in the police department to a bench the suspect was tased by Ben Burkhamer (then a Zeigler cop,now a Christopher cop) to the point that he defecated on himself, all because he was mouthing. Officer Trogolo gave Overton a trash bag to wear and he was transported to jail that way. Isn’t that cute ?

  7. Russell NY

    …gonna have to agree with Irish…Richie seems to be a Dick… 8)

  8. spike92

    For what I can tell. since the cop had no right too bust in like that. This is Home Invasion, Aggravated Battery/Great Bodily Harm, and at least 3 or 4 other charges. Evan Owens won’t be able to prosecute this almost bet cause of “conflict of interest”. Someone should call in Justin Hood to prosecute this as role of Special Prosecutor. Even the special prosecutors office (rollover rands) won’t get the job done. Also Grimes should sue the living shit out of this cop for this. I hate when cops think they are “above the law” and can do whatever the hell they want. It makes the cops that actualy do their job right look bad too. Prayers for a good recovery for Grimes. But Jack and Ang strong reccommendation you contact Justin Hood too take a look at this. He might be one of the few states attorney’s I know that is actually doing their damn job.

    • He does do a good job, doesn’t he?

      Unfortunately, he has to be appointed, & we have no influence over that…but here’s hoping he IS.

      • spike92

        He needs too be appointed for this. He’ll send this dirty cop to prison for awhile. Even first time felony offenders have gotten prison sentences in Ham Co recently. We used too have a bad meth problem in this county….not so much anymore. Him and Judge Barry Vaughan make a good combination.

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