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Posted by on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 @ 9:25 pm.

Dee Burgin...deputy no more. We told ya it would happen, Dee. You shouldn't have screwed with our vendors.

EDGAR CO ---(From Edgar County Watchdogs) We have just received information that Dee Burgin is no longer a Deputy in the Edgar County Sheriff Department.

This comes after the 30 day appeal period for the guilty verdict from the Civil Rights Lawsuit he and Terry Rogers lost expired.

We do not know the reason for his release at this time, but we will provide a more detailed synopsis as soon as we can gather more information.

(From us)---Regular readers will remember that Burgin lost a civil suit filed by a woman who was strip searched at the Edgar County jail after an illegal stop. The jury in the case ordered Burgin and Rogers to pay nearly $20,000 each. The county wasn't required to pay it because the judge ruled civil immunity didn't apply in this situation, and that the two did NOT act under color of law.

Let this be a lesson for you out there, good folks and bad alike: if there's a bad cop (mayor, state's attorney, city councilman, etc) who violates the rights of a citizen he or she is supposed to serve and protect, they can be sued. And they can lose. And if something is taken to a jury trial, and the jury decides in favor of the complainant, that jury can award money---LOTS OF IT---and that public person can be forced to pay.

This equally applies to violations of First Amendment rights as it pertains to attempts to get rightfully-operated media shut down...including denial of distribution, taking a print product out of a store under threat, or threatening a vendor for carrying a certain print product. It's called "intimidation"...look it up. And hope that you have deep pockets if a court finds that you've violated it. That's just a heads-up.

Congrats, Edgar County...just don't send his sorry ass back down here to Richland.

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  1. T L

    Jack, don’t wanna jinx you, but where else does Burgin have to go but back to Richland County to be reunited with his former Brother In-Law Captain Hout. Together they will be known as the Dynamic Dip-Shits, the pride of Andy Hires.

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