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Posted by on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 @ 10:07 am.

HARRISBURG---Folks going to MediCap Pharmacy on East Sloan Street in Harrisburg this morning noticed an unusual sight: the store not only closed for business, but the place surrounded by "official" vehicles from three states: Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri.

What's going on, specifically, is a matter of speculation...but we've been being told "stuff" about this place by readers and those living in the vicinity of it since before we even landed in Saline to cover the news (2009) and we're pretty sure we know what's happening.

We HAVE been able to reach an official working the case, as of about 10:45 a.m. All he can say right now is "no comment"...but at least these officials are allowing us to ask, which, as you probably know, is unusual in this type of situation.

When we can fill you in on the specifics, we will. Keep checking back.

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  1. momof3teens

    Well Jack, If it is what I believe it is…. then it’s been a long time coming….

  2. eileen ovaclosa no

    If I’m guessing correctly, I’m guessing that we’re going to see a C and a uhh G ly involved in this. 8) …BTW, how the heck is everyone ?

  3. momof3teens

    I agree with you Eileen, And if it ALL COMES OUT, we will see even more, as in the one who introduced the C to the pharmacist.

    • laura vickers

      If we are talking about the same CG , and I’m sure we are ! Someone is going to put a stop to her ! She helps the cops make bust to cover her own meth problems , she’s ugly as sin . but I am sure we all know how SP is and it wouldn’t take her long to have her way right into his arms and his pocket book ! He’s the biggest player there is ! I have seen him leave bars with some of the nastiest girls you can imagine , promising them the moon for a piece os ass ! Oh well time will tell >

      • eileen ovaclosa no

        It’s THE Carolyn we all know and loathe, I mean love, and she’s been ” doing ” Steve for over 5 yrs. It’s not gossip or hearsay. I know it to be a fact. As far as any other unattractive females go, I couldn’t say. I do know he’s a pompous donkey’s behind and that’s what irks me. His freaky business is his freaky business but then he acts like he’s sooo above everyone else. I quit taking my business to him years ago for this very reason. It will be interesting, to say the least , to see how this all plays out.

    • eileen ovaclosa no

      I’m not certain, but almost pretty sure who the ” Matchmaker ” was.

  4. cristy

    This is the scoop strait out of little miss SNITCH CAROLYN GLORE! She got caught selling her lortabs and when she went up to the jail to bail her son out they took her upstairs told her they had get selling to a guy twice. So to save her own ass instead of doing her time for her crime she chose ONCE AGAIN. to get someone else in trouble and let them go her time! She is a no good coward! So she made a deal to set 3 people up and Steve being one of them! She does not care who’s lives she ruins to cover her ass! :[

  5. Russell NY

    …there is bound to be a song or “pome” in her somewhere (as soon as we learn more specifics)… 8) feel in’ creative… :p

  6. JustaLilCrazy12

    Well Well Well…Let me break it down for all of you that dont know~ Yes, it was CG. She told me personally that she was asked to set him up. She claimed that she had been set up by her 21yr old “bed buddy” for distributing pills. Therefore she just “had” to do it…BULLSHIT! I told her she would be very wrong for doing such a thing to someone that took very good care of her for so many years! If she ever gets caught up on all her “wrong doings”, She’ll be going to the joint for a VERY Long time. Not that she won’t fit right in though, considering she’d sleep with a dog if it’d stand still long enough! But I don’t think even a starving dog would sleep with her, after you wrapped her nasty self up in GradeA steak! CG is a piece of dirt beneath our shoes! She’d hurt whoever it takes to get what she wants or for the “people” to cover up her “problem”. Im Just Sayin…THE FACTS!

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