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The push to stifle media continues: Free Ademo!

Posted by on Monday, July 30th, 2012 @ 1:20 pm.

MANCHESTER, N.H.---Here's a horror story right out of an Orwellian nightmare...only it's real.


According to court documents, Adam “Ademo” Mueller, journalist and co-host of nationally syndicated radio talk show Free Talk Live, has been indicted on three counts of felony wiretapping. The charges are a result of a vlog Mueller posted on CopBlock.org about an incident involving alleged police misconduct, which featured recorded interviews of on-duty public officials. Mueller’s report focused on video recorded by a student’s cell phone at Manchester’s West High School, which depicted Officer Darren Murphy slamming a 17-year-old boy into a cafeteria table in October of 2011. Although public officials told the student to delete the video, it ended up in Adam Mueller’s hands instead.

The case states that after viewing the footage, Muller called the Manchester Police Department and West High School seeking comment. Muller recorded his interviews with the on-duty public officials, and then included them in a video report on CopBlock.org that publicized the allegedly excessive use of police force at the high school. The story went viral. Several months later, the indictments came: three felony counts of wiretapping.


Note the "V" logo on the shirt....

Now, you and I know that this kind of thing goes on all the time. Somewhere across this great country, in every hour of every day, the ever-increasing number of bad cops (because there are still a lot of GOOD ones, make no mistake; we know several) are taking an opportunity to throw their weight around and body slam a person (kid or adult) into something in order to make a point over a perceived "wrong." Perhaps this cop was picked on in high school. Perhaps he just got his ass chewed by his boss that morning, or his wife or girlfriend wouldn't put out last night. But the problem comes in when someone with a hand-held video device captures it. THEN, gasp, the "crime" isn't the body-slam or what the suspect did in the first place that provoked it...the crime then becomes the "eavesdropping," "wiretapping," "invasion of privacy" or whatever the weenie cop wants to call it...and the one who recorded it is hemmed up and is financially destroyed fighting it.

Folks, a public official (a person who makes his/her living in whole or in part by an income or gift of funds from a public [taxpayer-supported] body) DOES NOT HAVE A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HIS OR HER DUTIES. PERIOD. In fact, the courts have ruled again and again that a public person is a public person even when he/she is in the course of conducting his/her private life. Why? Because yours, mine and our tax dollars are funding that person's life, no matter what he or she is doing in it. We have a reasonable expectation to KNOW what that person is doing and hold him or her to a higher standard of accountability...both on-duty, and off...which is why we at Disclosure cover it when a public official welches on a credit card, or gets foreclosed upon or a car repo'd, has a divorce issue, etc. They cost us enough already. When they get to costing us in a second setting (civil or criminal court), you need to know, and we need to cover it.

Therefore, these idiots who are whining about "losing their privacy" while on the job are, succinctly put, NUTS.

And they are dangerous to the future of all media, even happydappysappy ones like what GateHouse continues to produce.

Folks, if you don't have independent media, and citizen journalists, getting to the bottom of things, or even covering things that would simply be swept under the rug, like Ademo, YOU'RE lost. Don't you get it? When they get US out of the way, they can do what they want. And next, they'll be doing it to YOU.

Do what you can, people. Support Ademo. Be a citizen journalist yourself (a real one, not someone driven by his own selfish agenda or vendetta, like some in our area). Read up on the First Amendment and what it means for journalism to be the "fourth leg" of government. Link this article, sign up for our online version of the paper, get a subscription...the "free press" isn't "free" in a monetary sense. It's "free" because we can speak out about our public officials without fear of retribution...for now. If that ever changes, we're screwed. So please do your part.

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2 Comments for “The push to stifle media continues: Free Ademo!”

  1. Oh it’s MUCH WORSE, as close as Chicago: TSA setup at Union Station brown shirting and intimidating journalists…US journalist getting shot at by police…this IS reality in America now…facts. So question is: If Disclosure News is willing to take a bullet or go to jail to bring you what little coverage the handfull of us can, What is it worth to you or readers/subscribers? Cause once they take us (independent media) out folks, that’s it. You’re next. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRWVCQgnOY0&feature=player_embedded#!

    • I wish more people would realize that. They think there’s some kind of buffer between them and the media and consequently, the goings-on in the world…I know so many people who “don’t pay attention to the news” thinking that it’s going to save them a stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, whatever. So when something like this is unfolding, they completely miss it and just go blithely along, lalalalaaa, everything’s great…til they wake up one day and the stormtroopers (local cops dressed in military garb) are at their door TELLING them to turn over their weapons, sign up for this thing so the kids can be vaccinated/monitored/indoctrinated at school or have their garden pulled up and their minimal livestock killed. And they’re going “wtf?? how did THIS happen??” Idiots. The widespread apathy is going to be what kills those of us who DO pay attention…and we’ll be the ones going first. 🙁

      Irresponsible media is largely responsible FOR this. And I don’t give a shit what anyone wants to call US…WE’RE the ones bringing it to everyone’s attention, every month, every week here at the site. Pansyass papers and radio stations and meat puppet TV and idiots who start a ‘citizens’ blog’ website for their own vindictive purposes are the reason this country is going to shit…not papers that tell the truth and get skewered every time they do. People…..! If we’re not a threat to the powers-that-be, why are we getting skewered?? Why don’t they just IGNORE us? They can’t because we ARE a threat! But if you don’t shut the fuck up every time your (pick one) baby girl, your daddy, your grandchild, your dearest brother, gets busted for a legitimate crime and we write about it (out of court files; we don’t make this shit up), stop your useless whining and start whining about things that MATTER, get off your asses and support us and the other few and far between independent media sources out there, YOU are the ones who are screwed, NOT US. Because like Chris said….YOU’RE NEXT.

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