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Ol Hootie One-Eye

From Jaycee Smock's Facebook page

Edgar Co. deputy Terry Rogers

Posted by on Monday, June 11th, 2012 @ 7:43 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the current print edition, on stands beginning today, June 11, and continuing through tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Each print headline is preceded by the dateline (location where the subject of the article occurred) and then a brief synopsis of what the article is about.

Deliveries for this print version will begin in South Counties today, and continue in Central and North counties (both east and west) tomorrow.

HARDIN CO.---Sheriff more worried about media than inmate misdeeds: Sheriff Joyce is certainly making a name for herself in her first couple of months on the job. ISP thinks so, too.

BILLETT---Cop nearly kills another driver: Billy "PeeWee" Darnell, proving what the Bard meant when he wrote "Methinks he doth protest too much."

NEWTON---Biofuel plant in trouble?:  Some problems emerge with Newton's new venture from Blue Northern Energy; plant officials are saying everything's under control, however.

XENIA---Arrogant trustee will not resign: Anyone who thought Daniel Edgington wasn't offensive enough before this article will certainly have a change of heart AFTER they read it.

Edgar Co. deputy Terry Rogers

EDGAR CO.---Deputies lose civil strip search case: More repugnant behavior on the part of law enforcement officers. This time, two were told by a jury to pay up for it.

HARRISBURG---'Losing' coach still employed at school: Jay Thompson. He's got problems, that's for sure.

CARBONDALE---Authorities closer to charges in killing; shot in dispatcher's home while he slept: The sad story of Molly Young...and if you thought the story was outrageous so far, wait til you read THIS.

Ol Hootie One-Eye

LAWRENCE CO.---Hootie the One-Eye pimp in DOC til 2017: Finally. Derek "Hootie" Wells sent away to do a meaningful sentence. We think, anyway.

JASPER CO.---Offensive smell lands one man behind bars: We don't know what old dude had in the big garbage bags, but the police department didn't care for it very much.

SALINE CO.---Marion men busted with cutting torch: Well...and some cut steel, too. Right out of a field.

CLAY CO.---Child porn details shock rural community: Warning to alleged child porn collectors: whatever you do, don't get into "work rage" and threaded your family to the point that your wife takes out an OP on you....because if you have porn on your computer, someone's bound to find it at that point.

HARRISBURG---Cocaine dealer could possibly spend the rest of his life behind bars: Coverage of the latest Moss to be caught being bad.

CRAWFORD CO.---Nearly sent to prison for shooting the sofa: I would say this guy has snagged the "stupid criminal" award this month....but there are oh so many others contending for the title.

SALINE CO.---Fort tries to "put the pieces together" over why he was even charged: The Todd Fort jailhouse phone calls continue, this month with Fort whining over how "the state police has taken over the sheriff's department."

SALINE CO.---Suspect: 'K2 is legal,' Officer to suspect, 'No, actually it's not': with a headline like that, do we really need any further elaboration?

HAMILTON CO.---Heils featured in recent Hart heist, dope haul: There are two Heils; don't know if they're related, but they're both in trouble.

SALINE CO.---Meth lab and unidentified bones found in housing: We were tipped to this story about Rachel Celestino when it happened; here it is.

SALINE CO.---Busted at construction site with guns & welding equipment: What's with all the people helping themselves to what amounts to trash these days?

RICHLAND CO.---Threatened to cut out 3-month-old daughter's heart: This and more charming stories about our Richland area crims.

WHITE CO.---White sex crimes focus of police blotter: Files we were actually able to view, thanks to the chief judge's edict two years ago that states they HAVE to show them to us.

GALLATIN CO.---All-on-the-same-day plea deal for former prosecutor's brother spurious at best: Nathan Dobbs got in trouble last year. Then suddenly, he's in DOC....kinda like it's an afterthought.

SALINE CO.---Three-year-old lets cops in while junkie is passed out at kitchen table with infant on the floor: Lotta this going around; this is a compilation article about doping in Saline County.

From Jaycee Smock's Facebook page

HARDIN CO.---Accused of drugging sex abuse victim: A combined story about a young gal from Hardin who allegedly gave dope to a 15-year-old, then had sex with him or her (it's not made clear, and as you know, anything goes these days) and a young guy who's really into his alkyhol...and neither one of them blocked us from their Facebook pages after they were charged.

OLNEY---Saddle Club showdown at city council meeting: Coverage of Olney's May meetings, wherein people are starting to get mad and take names. Too bad they're not holding the mayor and police chief accountable for the egregious waste of money that was the Brandon Jenkins trial.

EDWARDS CO.---Busted for growing weed at him; flood to a trickle: Mike Valentine doing a fine job curbing the drug epidemic in Edwards.

LAWRENCE CO.---Meth appears to be exploding all over Lawrence County: Whereas it appeared some of it was getting under control, now it's seemingly back OUT of control...with not explanation as to why.

RICHLAND CO.---Jenkins witness busted days after murder trial: TWO days, actually...and just barely that. What a loser Chris Arteberry is!

SURLY & UNCOOPERATIVE: I seem to be on top of the Murphy's Law hit list
ICY: It's that time of year again: DON'T give in to ACS!!
PROSE & CONS: The cruel breed; Constitution be damned
KEEPIN IT KLEEN: Here are five reasons to dump the sales tax
ASK MIKE: First reader question: Ghosthunting in daylight

Is pleased over Jenkins trial coverage; Would like input on bike patrol in 'rado; Wants proof about charges against son; To readers and to ATV people; IYC warden is a....grandpa?; Wants us in JeffCo; Doesn't like bug killer company; 'Superman' on unFairfield again; Stolen credit card causes grief for reader; Miz Crothers, finally busted in White; Addressing a sex case in Crawford; We have the answer, but you may not like it.

BACK OVER YOUR TALES (from the June 2007 issue of Disclosure):
Olney mayor Tommie Fehrenbacher sees his "AmVets Club" closed; sex offenses barely get charged in Lawrence County, including Connor Kirkwood; sex offender Jerry Miller moves back to Flora from DOC and his presence worries parents of children; Henry Kijonka wins a bitter election battle for mayor in Grayville over challenger Andy Tate; David Rands threatens to run for an upcoming judicial vacancy; Jason R. Francis has resigned from Carmi-White County Schools in wake of sex charges against him; Luke Gosnell dies mere weeks after being shocked several times with a TASER at the Lawrence County courthouse; Wayne County sex offender Jason Harris of Sims can't stay away from the kids; Lawrence County dispatcher JoAnn Boren has been made a road deputy despite not being able to pass a physical agility test; St. F city worker Danny Bearden's truck is immolated; Relay for Life totals continue to fall as the truth about the American Cancer Society is being spread far and wide; Crawford County refuses to fund any portion of the Southeastern Illinois Tourism Bureau; Homeland Security is very very good to Jess Angle in the Sumner-Chauncey fire department; Lawrence County deputy Danny Ash loses his home to mortgage foreclosure; Dieterich High School Principal Danny Sarver is not a convicted sex offender; ISP's Dick Fulkerson has an embarrassing Memorial Day holiday when troopers are discovered in Crossville knocking back a few cold ones at the four-way stop; Sergeant George Papantonopoulos is walked off the premises of the Robinson Correctional Center for his part in a chop shop operation; a private prison in Ullin is taken over by inmates when they set fire to mattresses and barricade themselves in; the truth about ethanol is revealed in this issue, sure to enrage area farmers whose subsidies rely on turning food into fuel.




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