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Posted by on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 @ 11:05 pm.

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill.---A hostage situation that unfolded at about 10 pm in the old flower shop in Cave-in-Rock has reportedly ended peacefully at around 11:15pm.

While the finalization of it is somewhat sketchy at this moment, here's what we learned from earlier: Raymond ("Little Raymond") Dutton, age approximately 36, was being reported to us by county officials as having holed up at his home (located in the old flower shop building on Route 1) allegedly holding two of his children hostage. Reportedly, the two ranged in age from single digits to teens, but we don't know their exact  ages. We don't know why he was holding them, except that he's kind of a weird guy, with wild mood swings, and with recent problems with his wife (reportedly last week), there might have been something that precipitated it embedded in that.

As of an earlier report, Sheriff Joyce Cullison was on the phone to Dutton. The place was surrounded by deputies. The local ambulance service had staged in the park nearby. There were no reports of injuries or anything untoward, just that every precaution was being taken. Dutton has a history/criminal record of drugs, violent behavior, disorderly conduct, assaulting police officers, and unlawful possession of a firearm. Currently, it's unknown whether Dutton had a weapon or not, however, local law enforcement had spoken with his family and they said he had no weapons in the house because they had possession of the only one there (a .22 pistol). Some reports are trickling out that there was still a .22 there while the situation was unfolding, but that's totally unconfirmed right now.

Years ago (as many as 15), Dutton reportedly held a minor girl (13-14) hostage after a relationship he was having with her went sour. He was reportedly all strung out on dope, and was afraid she was going to run out and tell people about their relationship, so he held her in a camper trailer in the backyard of his parents' property. He took her in his car to a party, removed all the door locks from the inside of the car so she couldn't get out, and locked her in so he could go drinking. Some of the party, reportedly out taking a whizz after drinking, noticed the car moving and upon closer inspection found the girl inside screaming. They got her out, she told them the story, and they proceeded back to the party and inside the house, where they found Dutton, attacked him, dragged him out in front, and beat him badly. His parents found him the next day hanging out of the camper with one of his eyes dislodged from its socket sitting on his cheek. He reportedly had the eye saved at the hospital, only to go on a decade later giving then-sheriff Tommy Seiner shit while he  was sheriff, including assaulting him.

We are hearing that the situation is under control....so when we learn more in the morning, we'll report it.

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  1. Sandy

    This guy has been a real problem in Hardin County for years now. Some dont want to ruffle feathers because of health conditions of his parents. That isnt fair at all. He needs to be put back in prison and forced to seek mental rehab. I hope the new State’s Attorney refuses to plea bargain this one out and sends him where he belongs for safety of his children and his wife. If they dont, the next time could be fatal for someone and I can guarrantee there will be a next time.

  2. sick of corruption 97

    Sandy is right!


    The last paragraph bout him ain’t even true…I was there n that’s not how it happened at all..he didn’t lock her in a car or keep her in a camper…if ppl are gonna tell a story they should know all the facts before they run their mouths :o:

    • Might better look at the 15-year-old police report and court docs again there, bud.

      Just because YOU say it “ain’t true” doesn’t mean it “ain’t.” This guy gained a reputation, and it wasn’t through doing puppy rescue and hugging trees.


        And if u can read, I said the LAST paragraph….the other stuff I know happened but all that shit at the end is a bunch of lies n someone didn’t know what they were talkin about


          N I have read the police report bud

        • Here’s the LAST paragraph, product of the public school system:

          “We are hearing that the situation is under control….so when we learn more in the morning, we’ll report it.”

          Whatever issue you have with that, take it up with someone who cares…because I DON’T.


            Well ppl should know what theyre talkin about before u believe a bunch of stupid shit….n it don’t.bother me.if u don’t care…nobody hit ur buzzer for u to say anything 🙂

          • Nah, I just own and operate the site…what the fuck should I have to say about it, right? 😉


    And about his wife…she moved out before cuz of the problem they were having n bout 2-3 weeks later she moved back…so obviously she’s not concerned bout her own safety so why should anyone else be……damn nosey ppl

  5. HCcitizen95

    someone has a hard-on for mr dutton. lol 8)

  6. HCcitizen95

    just an observation. nothing more…lol

  7. Sandy

    I dont have a hard on for Little Raymond but I have known him since he was 12 years old. Anna Bixby has a record on him that can be held by two arms, one case where he beat a young girl so badly she was not recognizable and too scared to testify against him. He has hit his own father in the face; he is addicted to pills and the things he did to his first wife, like killing her cat right in front of her face to keep her from leaving the house and holding their daughter hostage in Ridgway Housing….this guy is a real sicko and needs to be kept in prison. He has real issues with lying, fighting people, hurting woman and using children for protection. His anger issues are to the extreme and I am hearing he is about to be released on bond and you bet your bottom dollar I fear for my family if he is released. My husband just had an op against him run out of time in Nov. 2011. I have had an op against him in the passed as well. His wife took a lot of crap from him and unless you have been a battered wife, I dont expect you to understand why they put up with so much. Little Raymond’s mother plays a big part in why anything happens with her son. And the only part of the story I disagree with is that it ended at her house, not his where it all started. Little Raymond’s parents have lied for him so many times that I wouldn’t believe them if they said it was daylight outside. And it is a shame, but thats how it is. I hope he is sent off soon and the key to his cell is lost forever. Nobody is safe in Cave in Rock with Little Raymond running loose.


    I have to believe that every word of this story is true, and I as well, believe that he should be locked up for the rest of his life. I also know this guy and it did not end well, he beat the crap out of me and threatened to kill me. But I dont give second chances so of course I pressed charges, so why in the world would you want to release someone like this? KEEP HIM LOCKED UP

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