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Amber Martin. What the hell is WRONG with this chick?

Flav Earp. Loser.

Aaron Rector from a couple of years ago

Stephanie Wishnia. Yuk.

Posted by on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 @ 9:09 pm.

Here are your print headlines for the new print version of Disclosure, April-May 2012  (Volume 10 issue 2) on stands right now with deliveries expected to be complete tonight, 04.10.12!

Headlines are preceded by the dateline and a brief synopsis of the article, and, in a little twist-up this month, we're doing them in, not sequential order of front-to-back, but front pagers, then back pagers (which are considered a "second front page"), then jumping back to page 2 and following through the rest of the paper. This one is a 28-pager and has four full-color pages, something it's our intention to bring you from now on, since we get an awesome processed-color job from our print shop.

LAWRENCEVILLE---Cops say elderly man killed for car and cash---The full story of the death of Robert "Bob" Westall...and the very interesting incidents that preceded it and caused suspicion to come to be upon another Lawrence County man.

SALINE CO.---Murder-for-hire plot charged---Another full story, with many details not published, about the incidents surrounding the alleged murder-for-hire plot devised by Roger D. Young of Eldorado....and what subsequently occurred with his wife, Linda.

Flav Earp. Loser.

RICHLAND CO.---Witness intimidation charged just weeks before murder trial begins---Brandon Jenkins' trial is literally DAYS away from starting....and, true to form, the Earp clan can't keep to themselves, or keep from showing their true colors.

ELIZABETHTOWN---Assault alleged on school grounds---Clarification of the incident that happened in late March; it's not QUITE as bad as we were initially lead to believe....but people are still up in arms about it. Also, the rest of the lengthy article pertains to the ongoing inner conflicts going on within the village of E-town, and how officials are grappling with dealing with it.

HARRISBURG---Analysis: State, gov. Quinn shuffling money for Harrisburg tornado relief---A run-down of all that almost-$14 million our governor "found" for Harrisburg "relief." And what the scrambling was that he was going through BEFORE he miraculously "found" this money, as well as where it's REALLY going to go (hint: it's not going to tornado survivors. Directly, anyway).

Dee Burgin...whiner. AND loser.

EDGAR CO.---Federal civil rights lawsuit filed against Deputy Dee Burgin; attempts to plant dope on Disclosure vendor---Oh Deeboy. Dee, Dee, Dee. You are dumb, dumb, dumb. You are going to be topic No. 1 on the podcast Wednesday. You are probably going to be facing ANOTHER lawsuit very soon. One out of which your 'connections' up there will NOT be able to extract you very easily. You have now been placed on warning. Just like all those signs on Kevin Farris' property do.

Aaron Rector...punk.

ELDORADO---Juvenile charged in car theft---Bad kid Aaron Rector on a car-stealing spree in 'rado? Everybody else knew it before Freeman STD told em at the city council meeting......

RICHLAND CO.---Deadline Dec. 31: Committee meets to discuss unfunded mandate; expensive radio upgrade---After all the expense of the new jail, Richland County stands to spend tens of thousands of dollars on radios to get themselves into the 21st century. And we're apparently the only media telling you about it.

Amber Martin. What the hell is WRONG with this chick?

SALINE CO.---Whiny weekender busted for 'sneaking' drugs in to jail cell---Amber Dawn Burnett. Being bad bad bad.

SO. ILL.---Primary wrap-up March 2012: Dismal voter turnout shows direction the country is headed---A very detailed wrap-up of the readership area, county-by-county, and how people voted...the ones who did, anyway.....

PSA---A word or two about jury nullification---A jury has the ultimate authority in a court case, including deciding whether a law a person is charged with should even exist. And we bring this up in advance of the Brandon Jenkins trial, in order to tell the prospective jurors: stay strong. You don't have to give in to the tactics of the state. Some laws are just no good, and people shouldn't be charged with them.

OLNEY---Late-month meeting sees city moving through budget talks, park improvements---Olney City Council...getting harassed by O'Neill.

SALINE CO.---Post-first appearance seemed traumatic for Fort family and followers July 2010---Fort phone calls from jail in 2010 continue....and oh my are they interesting....

LAWRENCE CO.---Drug traffic light as one-eyed pimp, dealer awaits sentencing---Ol Hootie One-Eye, back in the headlines.

CRAWFORD CO.---Pair of teens charged with stolen cars---More car theft in and around Robinson.

HAMILTON CO.---'Angry Bird' hat lands one man behind bars---That and other slightly bemusing anecdotal tales from HamCo.

WHITE CO.---Judicial shoe-in keeps prosecutorial pace---T. Scott Webb, judicial pick for the Republicans in White Co, continues to do his job.

RICHLAND CO.---Drugs barely a blip on judicial radar despite sheriff's tax-supported dope operation---WHY is Mike Bertin running around in a squad car that's NOT displaying police plates?

JASPER CO.---Theft and violence top Jasper police blotter---And among them is child sex offender Homer Newkirk.

SALINE CO.---Authorities say old texts and Facebook messages lead to 'mob action' beatdown---One of the strangest stories we've run in awhile....with the whiny Rachel Capuzzo in the midst of it.

WABASH CO.---Judge grants teen chance to clean up her life; prosecutor files vague formal charges---The dope rundown in WabCo....with proof positive that Cassandra Goldman's just doing the barest minimum she can to get by.

RICHLAND CO.---Doper sympathizer busted for lead foot---Jay Sechrest. Loves the dope, loved by dopers. Probably used by lawmen and others who appreciate his 'talents.'

HAMILTON CO.---Questions surface over additional felony charged---Here's a really strange one out of HamCo...you have to read it carefully to understand.

CLAY CO.---White residents charged with possession of meth---No, it's not got anything to do with the color of their skin. They're about two counties from home: White County. Why, we don't know.

SALINE CO.---TASERed after trying to run over trooper---This is the story of the guy who argued with the trooper over whether he should be in the storm zone, helping without a residence pass or volunteer arm badge.

WABASH CO.---Area crim family spawns another pair of felony charges---The bad bad bad Eckiss boyz. Back in the headlines again.

SALINE CO.---Rapist threatened to kill mother and son---This is a very disturbing tale out of Saline.

Stephanie Wishnia. Yuk.

SALINE CO.---Accused of impersonating nurse to get tabs---Them damn Lortabs. I don't even take em when I'm prescribed em. They're wicked. Oh, and this is also the story that has coverage of the arrest of the infamous Stephanie Wishnia. If you don't know who she is, you soon will....because a couple of prominent Hardin County men know her REAL well.

OLNEY---ParaCon to beheld at Olney VFW April 28---If you like the ghost-y things, and the investigation into what causes them or etcetera, you'll want to go to ParaCon in Olney at the VFW from noon until 4...our own Michael Kleen will be there, as will we, until Ang has to leave for a book signing in Griffin. So come on out to tha V!

Surly & Uncooperative: Old guy begins seasonal keeping-in-shape routine
Icy: Watch out for who  is violating YOUR rights!!
Prose & Cons: Grown men sniveling over sex abuse cases
Keepin it Kleen: Post-Primary: Can our Republic survive?
Guest Column (Illinois Fathers): Illinois legislature recognizing alienation

Also: Lots of letters; and two full pages of Back Over Your Tales---read these to see from five years ago what we've been right about all along!!



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