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BIZARRE situation with sex offense victim

Posted by on Monday, February 27th, 2012 @ 9:02 pm.

SALINE CO.---This post is going to piss off a certain segment of our readers, and for that I apologize.

But I can't help it....because we've come across this before, and it gets more disturbing every time we hear it.

Maria Rector, doing the stupid "duck lips" thing in the bathroom mirror

While courthouse crawling today, we encountered the charges against one Maria Rector, 24, who is accused of having intercourse as well as several other sex acts with her own stepson, RAR, from November 2009 to April 2010. RAR's date of birth is listed as 07.30.95. Charges don't indicate where the alleged sexual acts took place.

But as soon as we read the material, we recognized the initials of the "victim" as well as the date of birth. These also belong to the "victim" in the case of Shannon Burton, convicted sex offender from Carrier Mills who entered a plea of guilty in August 2010 to a July 2009 incident of sex with RAR, d.o.b. 07.30.95. Burton, then in her late 30s, was caught having sex with RAR by a male friend, back when RAR was but 14 years old. And in fact, we know, through contact with the family, that this is the SAME RAR.

Burton mug

Tammi "Syrup Girl" Collins' 2010 ISP Sex Offender Registry photo

Now. What gives here? Is it that we have a 14-year-old boy who is just being victimized willy-nilly by older, horny women? Or do we have a 14-year-old boy who is oversexualized for his age---probably, judging by some of the company he kept when he visited Carrier Mills (which included another "victim" of another horny woman, the woman being Tammi "Syrup Girl" Collins, another convicted Saline County sex offender), just going along with the crowd---and is acting out with whomever would be willing? Is he sending out hints that he wants such activity? is he being overt and coming on to the ladies? Or, as charges seem to indicate, is he just the naive little waif who is put-upon by sex-starved women, now, one of them being his own daddy's young wife?

Whatever the case, there's been precedent set in southern Illinois.

Just a few years ago, we came across three sex offenders in Jasper County who, over a year's time, had offended with the SAME 13-year-old girl. The first story was plausible: the girl was indeed victim of abuse at the hands of her mom's boyfriend, an older gent who had been practicing his brand of perversion since he himself was a young kid, this per one of his childhood victims who sat down with us and told us the horror story about it. We thought that was going to be the end of it, when the dude was sent to prison. However, as the months unfolded, it turned out that yet another man, whose relationship with the girl was unclear (turned out he lived down the road from her and her family, but, he wasn't Mom's or anyone else's bf), was arrested and charged with sexual activity with the  girl...and then a third man, who also lived in the neighborhood, was arrested and charged within a couple of months after that. We got hold of the original source on the story and asked her to confirm that this was indeed the same girl in all three cases. She confirmed that it was, but would not confirm that there was something bizarre going on, like maybe the three dirty old guys were passing this 13-year-old kid around against her will.

And then, we learned the horrid truth: it turned out that the 13-year-old girl just liked dirty old guys...and when her mom found out each time, she'd march the girl off to the authorities, and the dirty old guys would go off to DOC.

Now, I'm not gonna pass judgment here. And I'm not going to take up for ANYONE who has sexual contact, or even ATTEMPTS to have sexual contact, with a child of any age. Contrary to what Arthur Knackmus believes, THAT is the definition of "pervert," and a woman the age of any of these shown here should know that, regardless of how strong a hot little teenage boy comes on to them....they just need to have some backbone, tell the kid "get away from me," and if he doesn't, make sure THEY DO. It should be easy for people, men AND women, to "just say no" to that kind of thing. But unfortunately, so many don't.

But what about these little kids (and make no mistake...we've seen the pics of RAR on his Facebook, and even though he's lying about his age saying he's two years older than he is, he still LOOKS LIKE and IS a LITTLE KID) is making them think that sex at that age, with people considerably older than they, is acceptable?

The short answer would be 'society.' A couple of years ago, every time we turned around, there were TV shows on innocuous stations like The Disney Channel glorifying sexualized CHILDREN, in sexual situations that they were nowhere near the ages they should be when engaging in such things. We began using parental controls on the TV to lock out certain stations every time we saw something objectionable. When it got to the point where all that was left were the news channels (and even then it was questionable), we just dumped satellite altogether and a few months later, TV as well. On TV, one of the most destructive forces ever to invade Western (or any) society, it's everywhere: "16 & Pregnant" is probably the most repugnant thing I've ever heard of. I mean, why NOT "14 & Horny," right? Because there are plenty of PERVERTS of both sexes very willing.

So. Sorry to RAR's family. But someone needs to get control of that boy, because there's obviously a problem there. Don't be surprised if, like the kid in Jasper County, a third "sex offender" pops up. And maybe a fourth. I'm not justifying them. But there are others involved in this, like RAR's siblings...and his father, who's in prison...and this may not be the end of the families being torn apart by something that's obviously all too rampant in this part of our little corner of the world.

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13 Comments for “BIZARRE situation with sex offense victim”

  1. Russell NY

    …we had a name for guys like this back when I was 14-16 yrs old…we called ’em “Lucky Bastards.” 8)

  2. Elwood

    TV is all about Faggets, Lezbos, Perverts and Blood an Guts…. I dont like it, dont think its funny an Russell NY,,,,,
    U may think they were Lucky Bastards, Turning a Blind Eye to that type of actions is why Morality has been thrown out the window… Sad, very Sad


  3. truthinamerica

    well they ought to dish out the same punishment for those 2 “kids” as what was dished out for the “adults” that they were with. I still say there is NO DAMN way that people who are now dead, who passed laws could ever know what the heck is going on in the minds of every person in the state at the same time. They want this sort of crap to stop, well heres what ya do when the kids are at that age of learning the difference between sexes, you DRILL IT INTO THEIR DAMNED HEADS that if they are caught doing it BEFORE the AOC(Age Of Consent) which i believe is 17 in Illinois, that THEY too will also be charged, sentenced, and labeled the same way these others are. There is NO way to know how mature a person is from another so there is no way to fashion the law to work for one and not another. Its just damn wrong that in the case of the mother in jasper county, where she shoulda had her ass in a sling right along with those men. They did it in wabash county to a couple who while at work, was accused and convicted of letting some idiot take their kid to the local park, and had his way with her on several occasions, which resulted in a pregnancy, the perp got a slap on the wrist with a 2-4 sentence in DOC and the parents got a label thats with them the rest of their lives. If they are doing the crying wolf game, i say lock their asses up and get them the help they need

  4. slamdunc

    Elwood made a valid point about television as it relates to the sad state of morality in America today. The only thing I can rebut on that is the parental control feature. The parents can restrict what their kids see on television. They cannot restrict what they gather from socializing with their peers at school.

    truthinamerica, am I to understand that you want the victims punished too? IMHO, the parents of the victims share some of the blame, but not the victims themselves. If the parent doesn’t know where their kid is, what they are doing, and most importantly, who they are with, the parents are neglecting their kids.

    Age of consent is a whole other animal. There are some thirteen year olds that function at a higher level and possess maturity that is well beyond their years. I also know twenty year olds that are too backwards to be out in public. We cannot just give them some kind of test and say ‘yep, you’re ready for sex’.

    This case was not someone crying wolf, it was a criminal offense. It started with a predatory female (Burton), and a child that was not adequately supervised.
    The apples to oranges comparisons you made here do not apply.

    On the other hand, any parent that allows someone to harm their children should be punished more severely than than the one doing the harm.

    • Let’s get this clear: the mom in Jasper County didn’t KNOW her kid was sneaking out seeing these old guys (or in the case of the man in the home, allowing him to have his way with her there). It’s just that when she found out the girl was behaving this way with these old guys—after the first one, who was mom’s boyfriend, and was consequently kicked out—mom didn’t hesitate and took the girl to the authorities. It wasn’t that she was giving the child her consent; she wasn’t. She just didn’t know what else to do with her. I know what I would want do with her if that were my blood kid: wale her ass until she couldn’t sit. But even THAT’S not acceptable in this day and age, and definitely to our detriment. If more parents could administer the kind of ass-whoopings kids NEED these days, we wouldn’t have these little slutty kids (boys AND girls) birthing/fathering babies at 13. Speaking of which….we were advised on Facebook last night that this boy’s “little brother” might very well actually be his SON. Lovely.

      As for the Windles in Mt Carmel…that’s not exactly what was happening, truthinamerica. Those people were allowing Lustfeldt to stay in their trailer with the entire family and he was openly sleeping with the 12/13-year-old girl. They knew it was happening. They all sat down at the kitchen table and discussed, the first time she thought she was pregnant, what their options were. When she really did become pregnant, they carried out the plans that they’d put into place the FIRST time they thought she was pregnant. This information came directly from the investigation and the cops who interviewed them. They ALLOWED it to happen, hence, they’re registered sex offenders for life because they can’t be trusted around kids. Sad, but true.

  5. Russell NY

    @Elwood:…didn’t say it was moral, simply implied that no 15/16 yr old boy turns down gettin’ laid…pretty sure that statement holds up for a couple hundred years at least… 8)

  6. Russell NY

    @Jack…whew! for a minute there I was thinking’ that me and RAR were the only two young bucks that had ever been “molested.”… do you think it’s too late for us to have those gals arrested? lol 8)

  7. silentkiller90

    she deserves wat the fuck she is getting. Austin is the first little boy she has been with, ask around rado and the burg. find austin wolf and kurtis sager. talk to them about her. bet you’ll get some more good dirty :o:

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