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It WAS Bowlby’s bro the other night at the alleged meth bust in ‘rado

Posted by on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 @ 11:51 am.

ELDORADO---We received confirmation from official sources yesterday that there was indeed a meth bust in Eldorado Monday night, and a man involved just happens to be the brother of newly-convicted sex offender Brian Bowlby.

(George) Jeff Bowlby

George Jeffery Bowlby, 39, was arrested Monday night on a report of alleged meth manufacturing. That's about as far as we know about it right now; there have been no formal charges filed that we can ascertain.

A source close to the investigation reports that a substance found in the location is being tested to determine whether there is meth in it (there are quite a few lookalike substances, and in fact, we've only just recently learned that you can "cook" steroids just like you can "cook" meth...although to what end, we're still trying to determine.)

Nevertheless, we've confirmed that Bowlby is being held at the Saline County Detention Center. We're not sure of the bond; however, no one has been able to post it for him, so either it might be quite high, or those around him just aren't of the fiscal means to be able to front it. Formal charges will likely be filed today.

Jeff Bowlby's brother, Brian, is being held in the same facility; he'll be sentenced on his multiple-count child sex abuse conviction, issued last week, in April.


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3 Comments for “It WAS Bowlby’s bro the other night at the alleged meth bust in ‘rado”

  1. Top Cat

    Maybe they will have a Family Reunion where in there and they can go to Prison on the Buddy Plan like the Military had.

  2. T L

    Isn’t it amazing that the vast majority of these Dumbass Meth-heads couldn’t pass Freshman Biology but they have figured out how to mix chemicals to get a buzz. If it isn’t the Meth-heads it’s the Roid-heads, By the Way how are the Roid users getting possession of the drugs anyway. Speaks volumes about priorities …. but what it’s saying I’m not sure other than we are completely surrounded by Dip-shits.

  3. Top Cat

    Exactly T L ! I was just saying that if they used thier brain for something productive and legal they wouldn’t be in jail,we wouldn’t have prison overcrowding and they could be supporting themselves and the Gov. load could be lightened again that way.
    I am behind in the Drug Wars. What is Roids and how do they use it?

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