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Pissed off little puppy in Earp-land….

Posted by on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 @ 11:19 am.

RICHLAND CO.---Already the monthly backlash from the latest Earp coverage has hit, this time as of last night.

Here's the call from phone number 618-204-9525. This is Anthony something-or-other (his diction is so Children-of-the-Corn garbled it's hard to ascertain what his last name is). He's supposedly the new bf of one nasty lil Brianna Lally. Regular readers will remember that she was confused with Breanna Earp (of course, they all claim they're related) after Brianna issued her somewhat-incoherent opinion on Earp coverage in the December/January issue, and so we tried to rectify that this month. However, the Burp crew, of which this "Anthony" is apparently a part, doesn't like our assessment of the situation as it appeared in yesterday's Print Headlines online article. Too bad.

NOT the current bf....Brianna has moved on since her alleged fight with this one. This one is Justin Fleming. We're assuming it's Brianna in the pic. All those Earp supporters look alike with their bizarre expressions, nasty clothing and ugly, flat hair.

Here's a suggestion for "Anthony" (who probably can't speak clearly because he has a busted lip; just like it was alleged that Justin Fleming, in the photo here, had after Ms. Lally walloped him back in December, causing him to be an EX-bf)---tell your gf to stop posing for pics like the ones on her FB, and we'll stop opining (something we're entitled to do, btw....we can opine about accused crims all we want).

And in answer to your question: What I "like" or not is immaterial. The difference is, I know better.

Listen to the phone call again, then think about it.

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8 Comments for “Pissed off little puppy in Earp-land….”

  1. Lil Chigger

    Poor Poor Little Baby! 8)

  2. T L

    AAAHHHH, America’s youth and future leaders …. We Are F@cked! What year did Richland County install the lazy, inbred magnet?

  3. ahmgwanakickbootay

    It wouldn’t be so bad of these idjits did not have the ability to procreate. As it is the retired homeowners of this state will bear the cost of feeding these assholes via their property taxes. At some point even the landlords of olney (tannahill, fore, etc) will grow weary of this burden and divest themselves of their property and move out of state. How will these slack jawed booger eaters keep themselves in tattoos and spray tan then? btw jack: I just checked judici for the status of King’s hearing. what the hell does pretrial mean. does this mean that they are giving him and his crew enough time to intimidate the accusers into dropping the charges? I would imagine that he is not sweating it as the judge assigned to the case is Dunn after all. He has been before Dunn so many times I would imagine that they are are on a first name basis. One other question: Flavious D has been busted for no insurance and no license twice in the last 6 months, how is he renewing his registration with no proof of insurance and no valid DL? How do you buy insurance if you have no valid DL?

  4. Russell NY

    …sounds like a sh1t salesman with a mouth full of samples… 8)

    • These people seem to have NO IDEA how ignorant they sound. They all just bull up and think they’re gonna spray testosterone on everything and that’ll just fix it all. No wonder so few of them live to reach the age of 30…although for some of us in Richland forced to pay excessive property taxes, that’s probably a good thing….

  5. krimekat

    gawd . . . breeding stupidity!

  6. Lil Chigger

    I think they ought to make it a law that people that act and talk like this be sterilized….or shot! Whichever fits the bill! In this case there is a fine line as to what should happen to the creep that doesn’t have a functioning braincell in the part of his brain that does any thinking!

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