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Big meth bust in Eldorado Monday!

Posted by on Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 @ 9:33 am.

ELDORADO---Even with Freeman Shannon Todd Deuel leading them, there are still some competent cops in the city of Eldorado around to do their jobs, and yesterday's meth bust was an example of that.

Various items used in the manufacture of meth. We don't know if any of these were found at the scene. We just needed some art for the post.

And while we haven't found out exactly WHICH Eldorado officers were present, they were instrumental, along with county deputies, with taking down an alleged meth lab in town yesterday (Monday 12.19.11) and sending four people to the saline County Detention Center on various charges.

Arrested at 2417 Locust Street were: Terry Lee Dobyns, 36, 500 Hall Loop Road, Eldorado, on charges of aggravated methamphetamine manufacture, possession of meth manufacturing materials and aggravated meth-related child endangerment;

Matthew Michael Shaffer, 25, 2417 Locust Street, Eldorado, on charges of aggravated methamphetamine manufacture, possession of meth manufacturing materials and aggravated meth-related child endangerment;

Jerri Lynn Pennington, 47, 2417 Locust Street, Eldorado, on a charge of meth-related child endangerment; and

Tiffany June Schnake, 22, 2417 Locust Street, Eldorado, on a charge of meth-related child endangerment.

We've been advised that children present in the residence were taken into protective custody, but we're unsure of the status of that as of this morning.

Good work on the part of officers involved....especially for the lack of STD in the mix.


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11 Comments for “Big meth bust in Eldorado Monday!”

  1. Lil Chigger

    So uh nowz dat muh mef wab fwinds wif all duh dope are in duh pokey. Wherez I posed to getz sum hollerday cheer?

  2. eileen ovaclosa no

    PLEASE tell me they don’t put Drano into that stuff !

    • Lil Chigger

      Eileen, They put Drano or other drain opening chemicals in the stuff, the put stuff out of batteries in it also. Then they add all the other stuff you see pictured along with Anhydrous Ammonia or Freon to their batch. Then they make what they make and shoot, smoke, snort or eat it! Sad but so very true!

  3. Top Cat

    Eileen ,most of what they put in that junk can kill you.Long term ?Well we’ll see but I think it must damage every vital organ.

    • Hannah

      And then we wonder why these idiots are allowed to breed and produce children that have to grow up in that crap, more than likely badly affected themselves in one way or another. And too, we wonder why southern Illinois takes a black eye for the culture in this area. Need I say more?

  4. Sundance

    The Nursing Homes will be full of these users in the future. Plumb pitiful as Jed Clampett would say, just plumb pitiful.

    • Dennis J. Bridwell

      Say Sundance, I am also an admirer of Jed Clampett’s saying. I think he ranks up there with Will Rogers as far as wise sayings.
      Plus look at the way people have stolen his fashions over the years. Who was Don Johnson trying to look like with the sportcoat over a insulated undershirt? Ol’ Jed of course!
      Jed had that three day stubble going on many years before it became fashionable.
      One of his saying that I still use is: “He was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rockin’ chairs”
      Back on the topic, cudos to any cops busting meth labs! Meth labs are the major cause of lowering IQs in Southern Illinois.

  5. Top Cat

    No telling how many have already died.I read all of the time where someone died under 50 at home.I never know why but some must be due to drugs.
    I’d say there is a lot in Nurseing Homes if we checked.

  6. eileen ovaclosa no

    That boggles the mind. I’m an old hippie freak from wayyyy back and even we wouldn’t have been stupid enough to do that stuff ! :oups:

  7. Whipper

    In addition to Maestro Deuel orchestrating this lab take-down from start to finish, a special “attaboy” goes out to two dispatchers (I better not mention their names) that were behind the scenes and facilitated extra care for the children involved. These two gals organized the delivery of clean diapers, formula and juicy juice. How do I know?… I was the wheel man. Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone I left city limits.

    Thanks & Merry Christmas

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