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Meth bust? at Saline County housing: UPDATE

Posted by on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 @ 10:34 pm.

Aw, too bad...this was such a good graphic...

Our scanner listeners have told us that what was going down last night was going down at 927 W. Barnett Street, Apt. 3F...and we have confirmed through official sources that there was no meth involvement whatsoever. We learned this morning that residents all over that part of town were reporting hearing fire sirens racing to the location. It was just fire. No big thang, except to the people who had the fire, of course.

According to our sources, at about ten til ten, all responders---city, county, state and fire---were at the apartment. Still don't know why the hell all the law enforcement were there. Sounds fishy to us, but, whatev.

We have a name, but we'll hold it until confirmation.

When we get more, we'll post it...but it may be even later now, as some of this stuff stays somewhat closed-off, especially if the city gets to handle the case (thanks, Bob Smith...you jackass), should "something" emerge. So keep checking back.

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11 Comments for “Meth bust? at Saline County housing: UPDATE”

  1. Top Cat

    I bet it is dem dam white folk a cooking that Meth!

  2. Teldatruf

    don’t think dis shuld b a racial thing bcuz we’ve all got issues white or black and I just happen to be of both races, and it anger’s me when we just can’t ALL get along!!!! :o:

  3. Old Fart

    We should be able to get along and it is a proven fact that all races have some among them that do dope. Its a shame for anyone to mess with dope and it is not a racist thing to say. I think dis comment dat Top Cat said wuz a little bitz sarcastic but youz canz figurez that out forz yurself. 🙂

  4. Top Cat

    I wasn’t slamming the White Folk Teldatruf.
    Fact is more White People are into Meth and any other Race.I don’t know of any black ,yellow or red folk that make this product.But i don’t know everything.

  5. The fire was in an upstairs closet and is under investication.Only clothing was on fire.

  6. Elwood

    Bob Smith a Jack-Ass, ??????? He told me He Holds a Tight Ship in his Dept….. Yeah Right…. Jack ASS


    • Teldatruf

      I c so da white folk duz da mef da black folk do da crack & cocain wat do da rest of em do??? Ma b ur not racist ma b ur mor racist than u think IDK & DC but blacks are mor into it than u think my piont being evrbody got der fingers in all of it! Wish ther wasnt a thing cald street drugs but der is & best it not b signafied wit color! Our children r dieing no matter what color da r! How bout not betting on color & just bet it is a HUGE problem! I’ll save me & mine & anyone elses I can! I’m not proud of what Imma sa here but I’m a recovering addict of about 10 yr. I got out of it on my own wit no help but it isnt always that easy!!!!!!

      • GOOD FOR YOU, Teldatruf!! We welcome all recovering addicts here….it helps to have positive reinforcement. Congrats to you for staying clean for so long.

      • Old Fart

        @ Teldatruf: I just saw this and Definately Congratulations on your recovery. I have had many friends and unfortunately some family that wasn’t so successful. It really doesn’t matter about color. It is a huge problem and perhaps it should have been addressed that way. Some of us here even have a weird sense of humor and a bad choice of words from time to time (myself included). I would like to say that you may not be proud of your addiction but you can surely be proud you have conquered it for 10yrs. I hope you continue down the road of recovery and help others fighting the same battles. It took a lot of guts for you to admit that on here and I admire you for that. Thanks for responding and welcome aboard any time as we would like to have your input on this and other issues.

  7. Teldatruf

    TYVM I am proud of my recovery & I been reading alot of u alls comments & I enjoy them specially when u get Whipper going thats really funny & no I dont always have best choice of words either but enjoy the truth & yeah sumtimes truth hurts tx for welcoming me with open arms! Much luv to all of u!

    • Old Fart

      Well by all means get on here and join in with us and help us out. It is fun to get people going be it Whipper or Sweets or Hannah. Ya sometimes we even get that guy named Jack Howser to goin. Its fun to do and sharing the truth and having some fun is what its all about. Well and to gain knowledge about the happenings in our neighborhood and Southern IL area.

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